I recently had the pleasure of trying the Elevate Delta 8 Flower, specifically the Northern Lights Indica strain, and it was nothing short of a delightful experience. The 7 grams of this fresh, sticky flower not only impressed me with its quality but also offered a unique and enjoyable smoking or vaporizing experience.


  • Solid Taste
  • Consistent 


  • Not that strong

Recommendations: None

elevate flower

Fresh lights of the north

First and foremost, the freshness of the Northern Lights indica strain was immediately apparent. The buds were plump, well-preserved, and emitted a rich aroma that hinted at the potency within. The sticky texture was a testament to the careful cultivation and handling of the flower. It’s clear that Elevate takes great care in delivering a product that stands out in terms of quality.

When it comes to the smoking experience, the Northern Lights strain did not disappoint. The indica dominance was evident in the calming and relaxing effects it delivered. The 7 grams provided a substantial amount for multiple sessions, making it a cost-effective choice for those who appreciate a consistent and reliable product.

However, where the Elevate Delta 8 Flower truly shone was when I decided to use it in a vaporizer. The freshness of the bud became even more pronounced, and the vaporizing process seemed to enhance the flavors and effects. The vapor was smooth, flavorful, and offered a more nuanced experience compared to traditional smoking. This versatility makes the Elevate Delta 8 Flower an excellent choice for individuals who prefer vaporizing or want to explore different consumption methods.

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What set the Northern Lights strain apart for me was its ability to provide a balanced high. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sedating, allowing for a pleasant and functional experience. This made it suitable for various occasions – whether I wanted to unwind after a long day or simply enhance a creative endeavor. The strain’s versatility added to its overall appeal.

Having tried several products from Elevate, I can confidently say that the Northern Lights indica strain is a standout. While personal preferences may vary, it easily rank among my top two favorites from the brand. The consistency in quality, coupled with the strain’s unique characteristics, makes it a memorable choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Additionally, Elevate’s commitment to transparency and quality is evident throughout the entire experience. The packaging was secure, and relevant information about the strain, including its indica dominance, was readily available. This attention to detail instilled confidence in the product and the brand as a whole.

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Concluding this review 

In conclusion, the Elevate Delta 8 Flower, particularly the Northern Lights indica strain, exceeded my expectations. The freshness, taste, and versatility of this product make it a standout choice for both novice and experienced users. Whether you prefer smoking or vaporizing, Elevate has crafted a product that delivers a consistently enjoyable and positive cannabis experience. I look forward to exploring more offerings from Elevate and continuing to enjoy the quality they bring to the cannabis market.

You can find out more about ELEVATE products here.

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