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Hello again, cosmic starchildren aboard Spaceship Earth! Penguin Pete back again with another PharmaCBD product to review. Last time we covered the edibles. This time we'll cover their 3.5 gram bag of delta 8 flower. I did rank PharmaCBD tops...
Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts are worth the slightly expensive price for their exceptional appearance, excellent potency, strong medicinal effects, and smooth flavor.
Industrial Hemp Farms is a company based out of Colorado, offering a variety of hemp-based products including delta 8, CBD, THC-O, and other alt-cannabinoid consumables in forms such as pre-rolls, edibles, dabs, and dry herb flower. They were good...
Smoke River HHC Flower by SmilynHemp provides a relaxing chill at a reasonable price.
Greeting, my precious cosmic blueberries! Who's ready for some mind expansion as we plunge into the unknown depths of psychedelic experience and tasty smokin'? Join me, Penguin Pete, your Jester of Joints! Penguin Pete's Pop Hits of Pot is your...
Exhale Wellness Delta-8 flower eighths is recommended for its mild potency, solid effects, and fair prices
I would recommend Fleetwood flower eighths for its surprisingly great quality with strong potency and solid flavor.
As Champagne to the French, as coffee is to Columbia, so is cannabis to the state of California. Not only is it a pioneering state in fully legalizing cannabis, but its history with the emerald leaf extends farther back....
Russian Assassin Boyz has some of the best mid-range flower eighths available in the recreational market
Utopia Cannabis flowers are recommended for their fresh quality, strong potency, and long-lasting medicinal effects for an agreeable price.
As I've iterated in previous flower reviews, the Midwest is still in its pioneer days when it comes to cannabis legalization. The Western deserts and Eastern seaboard both have solid cannabis availability, where the Midwest is a crazy quilt...
We would recommend Cannatique pre-rolls for their quality, potency, and price.
Oklahoma Smokes hemp flower cigarettes are tasty, smooth, and look like real cigarettes but they are a bit pricey.
Greetings from the remote wilds of the Midwest, far behind the rows of corn and aroma of hog farms. When it comes to legalization, Iowa is one of the bottom ten states for cannabis legalization progress. Even though we...
Trulieve Paradise Waits hybrid flower is recommended for its affordable price, good smell, and decent quality.
Canlock system is a "jar" meant for preserving your dried herbs in a fresh state for an extended period of time.
We traveled around Nevada to sample the best flower dispensaries have to offer. Here's our ratings on nearly a dozen strains of Silver State weed.
Our picks for the best weed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covering the top flower brands with pictures.