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Between contributing to good causes and just having all-around high-quality products, 93 Boyz is officially my go-to strain. Everything I tried met or went above my expectations. Check your local dispensary for this brand; you won’t be disappointed!
The KYND flower is smooth, and strong and gets you very high. The taste of the Mr. Nasty flower can be a bit weird for some people.
This is our motto at Dab Connection: complete coverage! From the well-stocked cannabis paradises of Las Vegas (covered by Miles of Paradice in a Pot fame), to a dippy little backwater like Des Moines, Iowa (that be me), we...
The grassroots flower is very affordable (for Illinois) and great tasting.
Road tripper offers flower that hits all the targets. It's fair-priced, super smooth, strong, and very tasty.
High Hopes and Hometown Hero Delta 8 flower are solid and a good way to enjoy alterative cannabis products.
I don’t fall in love easily but Botany Farms captured my heart on the first date. The package of Botany Farms HHC flower I was expecting showed up in a very timely manner. Nice! I’m one of those instant...
Curaleaf offers quality flower at great prices. They provide a great high that lasts a decent amount of time.
Nevada offers high-quality and affordable flower. Because of that many people think its on of the best states to enjoy your Cannabis products. 
Illinois offers high-quality but expensive flowers. You won't have any problems finding something to your liking.
THE BANK flower offers very quality flower. The high and the effects are just awesome and I would recommend it to anyone.
I got the chance to review some different Vivimu products. I tried 3 different concentrates as well as some flower. I have really enjoyed the Vivimu products I have tried in the past so I was excited to try...
Aether Gardens flower is smooth and affordable but it could have a little more THC. This would make it a perfect buying option.
Fleur Flower is fresh and well-curated. It gives you a nice heady high.
Tyson flower is tasty, smells great and offers good effects. If you have the chance, don't hesitate to try it out.
I would definitely recommend trying out Downtown Patient Group and specifically the Wedding Cake from Herbarium.
I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the deals on this flower. I’ll also tell my friends what a fantastic flower this is and how they should try it.
Green Life Productions Flower is beautiful, smooth, and strong but does not last very long which is a shame.