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As a seasoned cannabis consumer, I’m always looking for a strain that will be able to deliver. So when I came across Circle S Farms Kosher Dawg flower, I was excited to partake. You can check out our video review...
Cannaflower CBD flower is a flavor bomb and has nice effects ( for CBD). Two thumbs up.
I’ll be getting the Curaleaf flower again and again, I got some now. That is as long as they keep the price where it is.
Curaleaf offers quality flower at great prices. They provide a great high that lasts a decent amount of time.
Claybourne Co. Gold Cuts are worth the slightly expensive price for their exceptional appearance, excellent potency, strong medicinal effects, and smooth flavor.
We would recommend Cannatique pre-rolls for their quality, potency, and price.
Canlock system is a "jar" meant for preserving your dried herbs in a fresh state for an extended period of time.