Well, here at the mythic halls of our Bud-Topia, we at Dab Connection get all kinds for product reviews. The cannabis industry being what it is, sometimes our information is a bit sketchy. But we dutifully review as best we can with the information we have. In this case, the “Outer Space Distribution” branding seemed fitting, because this product might as well have been beamed down by a UFO for all the answers we could provide. EDITORIAL UPDATE: Happily, the people at Outer Space Distribution reached out to us to help clear up some answers. (we’re updating this piece accordingly)

UPDATE: Long story short, the Moon Man brand name(/s) mentioned in this review are in the process of being phased out and moved over to the Outer Space brand name entirely.

For the record, I received THCA dabbable diamonds in the most anonymous black dab cup you ever saw – looks to be 2 grams. I also received some THCA house flower, 3.5 grams of it, in a labeled dispensary jar which barely tells me more than “this is weed” and “here’s an astronaut.” I read the strain name “RS II,” in marking pen with a charming dispensary-next-door feel.



Outer Space Flower Put Me in Orbit

This is one of those cases where I’ll put “THCA hemp” up against your average classic “THC marijuana” strain. This flower packs a solid punch, so its potency must be pretty good. [..edits..] I’m guessing the THCA flower is around 28% (?). — EDITORIAL UPDATE: Ha ha, myself, you were off by a few points at 25.8% total cannabinoids (THCA mostly). Again, the strain is RS II, Rainbow Sherbert as I’d half-sussed out (I hadn’t ruled out Rick Simpson or Raspberry Strawberry or some such wild stabs).

While the buds are a tad dry (traveling from Los Angeles, California, to Des Moines, Iowa, will do that to a plant), they are rich in trichomes and grinding them seems to produce more keif than usual. The aroma of “RS II” is a robust, piney scent that I swear hints of being raised in the shade of giant California redwoods. The taste is earthy and a bit harsh, but then lots of THCA flower is harsh.

The effects are a long-lasting, thoroughly stony high that manages not to lock you down to the couch. While still being reasonably uplifting and energizing, it still carries the kind of brain fog you only get with high potency buds. It’s a highly satisfying strain.


Outer Space Diamonds Were Among the Best

When it comes to THCA diamonds, it’s hard to stand apart. The main difference between these THCA diamonds and others I’ve had is that they were pulverized down to rice consistency – I’ve had 2-gram diamond cans before that came as just a big rock. The THCA diamonds are potent as any I’ve ever had. Once again, I don’t have a COA, and this can wasn’t even labeled, so we’re completely in the dark as to what potency. EDITORIAL UPDATE: There probably is a COA for the diamonds too somewhere under similar explanation. They smoke exactly like what they say they are, no quibble over the details.

Like typical THCA diamonds, there’s a solid hit of potency without much in the way of spectrum effects – almost like smoking “the crack of weed.” THCA diamonds usually have little to no flavor and odor, save a mild trace of cannabis aroma. Outer Space THCA diamonds follow this playbook exactly, though perhaps I notice that they seem to vaporize slower – and thus provide a couple more puffs – than some diamonds I’ve had. That’s a good thing in my book.


Detour: See also out video review of Moon Man THC shots

Over yonder on YouTube, we cover the THC beverage shots that are also distributed by Outer Space. Moon Man 100MG Delta-9 THC shots are a bargain buzz at $9.99 and so far 2/3 flavors were decent. The effects are a swell concentrated buzz. We just figure “how much can you say about THC infused shots?” So that’s a video, but the flower and diamonds get covered here. We practice balanced reporting this way. The bottle itself is actually labeled “Hemp Moon Man dot com,” which shows several products including delta 8 cartridges, but the Moon Man shots shop link just takes you right back to Outer Space Distribution anyway.


This just in! Flying Saucers kidnap brand name!

EDITORIAL UPDATE again… Outer Space Distributions is in the process of rebranding Moon Man / Moon Whatever in to the “Outer Space” brand. So even if you like the product as much as I honestly do, it’s going to be found under a different name in the future; we know not whist nor whither, but I’m sure Outer Space Distribution will have the answers presently as soon as they get a reorganize shuffled about. Business. It happens.

So we have the Hemp Moon Man site, which redirects to the Outer Space Distributions. And we have Outer Space Distributions hosted at the URL – I have hesitated to mention before lest I confuse you too soon – at “Outer Space CBD dot com.” This site currently only shows one strain of THCA flower and it’s not the strain sent for review, so even if I give it a top rating, I don’t have the link at the moment.

Regardless of branding, in this case, I’m assuming that Outer Space focuses more on being a white label dispensary and the flowers and diamonds I received were simply their “house specialty of the week.” These were great products with great effects, the kind that would make me a repeat customer, but they need much stronger branding if they’re to be set loose upon the 50-state market (being federally Hemp Farm Bill legal and all).


The generic astronaut mascot just is not helping you stand out, you know?

Find Outer Space THCA Diamonds here, for $19.99 /gram, or, better buy, 3.5 grams for $49.99.

Find some Outer Space THCA flower here, supplies are limited by availability. Currently, the only strain showing is “Mochi Gelato x Mochi Runtz,” but whatever it is it’s going for $44.99 for 3.5 grams, not a bad value if their flower is consistent.

Readers, have you met Outer Space in your universal travels? Did I just dream this company after being abducted by aliens? Share your experiences or your conspiracy theories here in the comments or in our X-Files forums.


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