Here it is Happy Holiday season, and we’re turning our attention to cannabis edibles that fit the definition of “stocking stuffer” or at least “great refreshments to have on hand for guests.” These are Trojan Horse Cannabis edibles, in two forms, “High Spirits” branded seltzer and live resin gummies. While you’ve seen plenty of edibles here before, Trojan Horse manages to come up with a couple of interesting ideas.

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  • Gummies are easily portioned for microdosing
  • Live resin edibles rock
  • Tastes good
  • Great effects all around


  • Seltzer’s taste is a bit heavy and terpy, but that’s infused drinks in general

Recommendations: Everything looks great so far. Keep tweaking the flavor formula on that seltzer. Troy wasn’t defeated in a night!


Trojan Horse Cannabis Makes Great Holiday Refreshments

Overall, I found the quality top-notch and consistent. Both the gummies and the seltzer have great effects. I don’t know if I’d recommend them together – bit much sugar at one serving – but nobody’s stopping you from trying. You can tell the difference with a brand intended to go on dispensary shelves, as Trojan Horse does in Colorado. Brands that are aimed at the gas station market tend to get the Yumz treatment with their packaging.


Trojan Horse Gummies Are Sectioned For Microdosing

Trojan Horse Live Resin Gummies come in 10 to a bag for $34.99, with each gummy at 30MG THC. You’ll notice the flat, segmented design of the gummies. This makes it easy to cut off a portion, for those dosing for medical / therapeutic reasons or just those tenderfoots with low tolerance. That’s a clever innovation and makes this ideal for lower-dosage users. The gummies come in two flavors, Tropical Blast and Orange Cream. The tropical tastes like your standard pineapple-something, but the orange cream nailed the flavor of an orange cream Popsicle near on the nose.


High Spirits Seltzer is a Refreshing Cold Beverage

Trojan Horse High Spirits Seltzer goes for $14.99/can, but a 4-pack goes for just $44.99, saving $3/can. Surprisingly we don’t get that many infused beverages through here to review. Probably the cost of shipping is a factor, combined with the fact that a review for a drink isn’t going to have much content to it. These are iced-tea/lemonade flavor, exactly like the 50/50 lemonade/iced-tea drinks you find at the store. They’re best served chilled. Each 12oz can is infused with 50MG THC. This is half the strength of some cannabis-infused drinks, but again is right for lightweight tolerances. There is some cannabis undertaste to this, which is common in any infused drink. With that said, it’s 50MG of THC and still tastes better than “hard” lemonade alcoholic drinks.

Keep your holiday spirits high!

All of these products were a delight to sample. I’m saving the last two cans of THC seltzer for my holiday stash box, to be dipped into over the Christmas to New Year’s limbo. I would call the prices fair, maybe not bargains, but reasonable. If Troy had been invaded by Trojan Horse cannabis, they’d welcome Greeks bearing gifts! (*drops quarter in the history-joke jar*)

Find Trojan Horse Cannabis products here.

Readers, share your experience with Trojan Horse Cannabis (and Greek history jokes) in the comments below or in our – to use another Greek word – forum.



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