Editorial preamble: Reviewing products in this rapidly evolving industry is a continuous adventure. Every day we encounter a new thing we’ve never seen before. Such is the case with Nowadays On-the-Go THC shots. We’ve seen cannabis-infused beverages before, but never before such a low dose, at 5MG. Obviously, in these crazy days of 350MG gummies on the market, and even cannabis beverages leaning into the 100MG range, this is a very low potency. Which makes it ideal for the low-tolerance, occasional experimenter or therapeutic user.

But for the rest of us, well, we hard-working folk reviewing products for the cannabis industry are used to higher potency, naturally. Which sends our tolerance sky-high, to the point where 5MG barely shows up on the radar. But we know users whose mainstay is CBD/CBN/CBG , who only occasionally want a mouse-size nip of THC. To each their own, or, as our editorial rant on the subject has it, “Cannabis Isn’t Just For Getting Stoned Anymore.”

So now on to our staff reviewer Denise, who kindly offered not just her feedback but a friend’s as well to balance it out:

nowadays shots to go

It is either your jam or it isn’t

Once in a great while, I try a product I just don’t like. I hate that. I want to see hard-working, well-meaning companies thrive. But my job as a reviewer is to be honest.

I did not like the “NOWADAYS” shots that I received from Ethereal Gold Dispensary. Touted as “An uplifting experience for any occasion,” 5mg THC per shot, low dose. I can’t tell you if it was the flavor or texture, but it just wasn’t my jam. I asked my roommate if she would like to try it. She doesn’t do cannabis and was quite afraid of it. “What if I don’t wake up?” 

“It’s a low dose. It’s not that kind of product. You’ll be fine.” I assured her.

nowadays shots

But some really like this kind of music

The next time we passed in the hall, her first words were, “Got any more of those little bottles?” 

“Oh, you liked it?” I inquired. 

“I loved it!” She waited patiently while I searched my room for the other bottles I had set aside. She clutched them like pearls and scurried off. I couldn’t get an eloquent description out of her about her experience, but I witnessed her delight with the product.


I’ve always loved Ethereal Gold’s products. This time I would have to say it was one thumb down and one thumb way up. Apparently, it is either your jam or it isn’t. My friend certainly thought it was worth trying!

You can find out more interesting products like this in Ethereal Gold Dispensary.

Have you tried these NOWADAYS THC Shots? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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