A while back I had done a review on the Rare Cannabinoid Company and their line of gummies featuring mood, calm, relief, and sleep. At the time I only had access to one of the gummies which was the Mood Lime Mint and it was absolutely terrible. This review is a follow-up to see if anything has changed with flavoring and the effects the gummy is supposed to provide.


  • The effects are strong and effective
  • Gummies are palatable


  • Gummies are palatable

Recommendations:   The flavor is still very off with a lingering medicinal taste…

rare cannabinoid

Effects Hit Hard!

Congrats Rare Cannabinoid Company for fixing the effects of the gummies! Before I couldn’t even keep down the gummy and the effects lasted for about 15 minutes, a real letdown. This time around it was a very different experience for each of the gummy variants.

Uplift – Sweet Lemon ( 2.5mg Delta 9 THC + THCv)

Sleep – Huckleberry (5mg Delta 9 THC + 30mg CBN)

Relief – Green Apple (2.5mg Delta 9 THC + 30mg CBG)

I tried every single one and each gummy had its own effects. The Uplift gummy helped a lot with energy throughout the day and kept me focused, while the Relief gummy helped with severe cramps and overall soreness, and the Sleep gummy did just that, put me to sleep and helped me stay asleep! I am quite impressed by the effects this time around and it is a huge improvement.

rare cannabinoid gummy

Flavor Disaster still

I will give Rare Cannabinoid Company this…the flavor has improved enough for me to actually eat the gummy (before the taste was so bad I ended up puking). This time, the taste was tolerable but still has a funky flavor aftertaste that is present in all of the gummies. I’m not sure why this is the case, I even did the roommate check and they also said it tasted weird but way more manageable than last time. 

rare cannabinoid details

Is this recommended?

This is 50/50 for me. The effects are now stronger which is nice, but you need to get past the flavor. Will I eat something that tastes bad if it can benefit me? Yes, but if I can find something that tastes better and has the effects then I’ll be going with that.

You can find out more about Rare Cannabinoid Company Gummies here.

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