We’re back to another yummy gummy review. This time, we have NextEvo Naturals, and we’re reviewing both the Wellness and Sleep Support gummies. We will have several more NextEvo products to share next time, including some new ideas beyond gummies.

On the whole, I must say that NextEvo impresses me as a supplement-grade producer. Everything here is top-notch quality. Furthermore, my partner of 31 years Mrs. Penguin is more of a CBD customer than I, and she’s also been sampling around their selection. She, unlike yours truly, has the tolerance of a mouse, so she likes her CBD pure and untainted by the heavier cannabinoids, and she’s also been impressed with NextEvo’s quality.


  • Fresh and delicious!
  • Not sugar-coated, not overwhelmingly sweet
  • Gentle enough for low-tolerance users
  • Potent enough that high-tolerance users can still feel it


  • Bit pricey

Recommendations: Branching out into THC anytime soon?

Sleep Support CBD Complex With Melatonin

This is something you don’t see every day. These supplements come 30 to a jar, 10 mg CBD + 4 mg melatonin per serving. Melatonin, as we all know, is that hormone related to sleep, especially pertaining to the Circadian rhythm of your sleep cycle. I’ve popped one of these an hour before bed and slept like the proverbial kitten.

I see this product is made with “SmartSorb” technology, which it says helps your system absorb it more effectively. That’s just how it seems, too, which is why I describe these as gentle. There was no feeling of a bump where they abruptly kick in, if that makes sense to say.

Wellness CBD Gummies

These are also excellent, extra strength potency at 20mg in a 30-count jar. You have certainly seen CBD gummies before, except again the SmartSorb makes them kick in faster and yet smooth the experience. As is standard, I find it helps with aches and joint pain, plus helping with a calm and tranquil mood.

Both taste great with less sugar!

One more remarkable thing about NextEvo is that the gummies, which are fresh and moist, skip the usual sugar-coating that many companies deploy. Me, I am a fan of cutting sugar as much as possible. These are both sweet and fruity, with barely a hint of undertaste.

I would definitely recommend NextEvo for people who are looking for a sleep aid. The single-jar price is a bit higher than some brands’, but the quality is worth it, and the rate gets cheaper if you sign up for subscriptions.



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