The fascinating thing about mushrooms and the fungi kingdom in general is the astounding variety of species and their effects. Unlike cannabis, not all psychoactive mushrooms have remotely similar effects. Far from taking them just to get high, some species of mushroom have ambient effects which suggest a beneficial use.

We’re looking at a four-pack of The Plant People’s Wonder Variety Bundle, which currently lists on their site for $114.74. The individual varieties are also available separately. They are 60-gummy bags with supplemental gummies aimed, respectively, at being a daily boost (Wonderday), aiding sleep (Wondersleep), fighting stress and anxiety (Wondercalm), and improving mental focus (Wonderfocus). To say the least, I have found some definite boost from using these, enough to warrant nootropic (that means having cognitive benefits, “smart drugs”) study.

To cut to the chase: These impress me as excellent-quality products. I did feel some effects and in fact have had some fun mixing and matching different effects. While I do not sign off on the scientific proof of health benefits or supplemental value for individual ingredients (still under heavy research), nor do I claim my results as a scientific verification of the claimed benefits. But for what it’s worth, I find some incredible potential along the path of these products and will be eager to explore this facet of psychoactive mycology.

See our video – with bonus trippy animated sequence just like all those big corporate drug review channels use – review of The Plant People Wonder variety Bundle here.


  • Noticeable effects
  • Well-balanced potency
  • Health-conscious ingredients
  • Simple gumdrops without excess sweeteners
  • Vegan/Eco friendly


  • Mildly at the high end of price points for casual experimentation
  • Inconclusive research on active ingredients

Recommendations: The Plant People has my top ranking for an innovative company exploring the amazing potential of botanical and mycological supplements. Be not deterred by my pointing out the need for more research, which is unavoidable when exploring cutting-edge psychoactive medicine. As long as the bag contains the ingredients listed in palatable form, The Plant People have done their job; its up to us to decide if we find the results individually helpful.

Einstein approved brain enhancers

Mushroom Supplements Like These Are Why I’m Into Drugs At All

Granted, you guys have seen me giggle it up in enough videos (and rant in 356 blog posts here alone and counting), your chortling ol’ stoner grandpa having the time of his life getting legally and safely high. I can’t deny that the recreational end of cannabinoids and psychedelics are part of the draw for me. In my opinion, simply enjoying a goiod high once in a while has therapeutic and mental health value alone.

But what I’m really looking for, in a Diogenes-length quest, is best described as “better living through chemistry.” Not just recreationally, but to enhance mental performance as well. Including, if you will pardon the expression, “mind expansion.” After all, I write for a living, so anything I can do to improve the performance of my noggin just helps me soar to even loftier heights than the range I have so far been conceited enough to flaunt in front of you all.

Van Gogh shroom hat

Your Results May Vary; I Am Very Impressed!

Please don’t weigh the below review as heavier than scientific, double-blind, placebo-controlled research. This is my subjective report of my experience.

Today, I was conversing with my wife of 30 years, talking about yesterday’s shopping excursion. Within that conversation, I correctly recalled off the top of my head, within the dollar, two receipt totals for two different stores and the totals we had each spent. I also recalled a brief conversation about video games I’d had with one clerk, and another extended conversation I’d had about anime with another clerk which had been triggered by my noticing his Naruto shirt. Despite the fact that I don’t even follow Naruto.

The remarkable thing about this is that normally I don’t have that sharp a recall. My dear spouse even noted that normally, for instance, I might have stumbled in remembering which anime series the clerk had, or been off on a couple numbers. While I have no clinical diagnosis, I am just shy of age 54, which is not “old” by any definition but noted nonetheless as the time when one becomes aware that certain parts are no longer under warranty. But only then, having realized that I was recalling trivia off the top of my head on the first try, with such agile function, did I take into account that I’d snacked on a few Wonderfocus and Wondercalm gummies hours before.

Yeah. That happened. I’m not going to pull a Grandpa Joe and get out of bed dancing around claiming that mushrooms cured me from the head trauma I suffered following riskier careers in my youth, nor am I claiming that a mushroom fights the cognitive decline that is part of the normal aging process. But I have consistently noted a mental boost when I take these, and verified other effects to some degree.

So, to break it all down:

Effects of the Wonder Series

Individually, I have the following subjective observations…

  • WonderDay – Can’t verify much, but does feel like an ambient physical boost
  • WonderSleep – Sure I sleep well on them, but not necessarily like I don’t normally sleep
  • WonderCalm – Soothing and relaxing, but not tiring – conductive to productivity
  • WonderFocus – Definite, irrefutable cognitive benefits + energy

The above results have been my experience from taking anywhere from two to five gummies of one variety at a time. Not always dramatic, just noticeable moments through the day. At one experiment, which I report in the video, I tried 5x of both WonderDay and WonderFocus, and noticed at one point that I felt a little edgy, like I was too amped, like I was a little aggressive. In contrast, WonderCalm plus WonderFocus brings out the tai chi Zen master in me.

Active ingredients for each:

  • Day: Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps
  • Sleep: Reishi, Saffron, GABA, Corydalis, Chamomile
  • Calm: Ashwagandha, Reishi, L-Theanine, Rhodiola
  • Focus: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, B6 & B12, Green Tea

One caveat I would point out, is that the combination of ingredients in each gummy make it difficult to tell what’s doing what. There is no doubt that green tea and B vitamins give you energy and mental stamina – that’s what they put into a red Bull too. Saffron is barely being studied as an aid to fight depression. We’re familiar with Chamomile from having a terpene in common with cannabis, but its benefits are still under research. Finally, when it comes to a 4-mushroom combo, I would like to try each mushroom species individually and then make up my mind if I want all four.

It is unavoidable that we are in “holistic herbal therapy” territory here, but no more so than the cannabis field (though cannabis seems to be far more researched than half the psychedelic mushrooms put together). We should not let that stop us from open-minded experimentation, as long as we stick to scientific rigor and avoid quackery.

With that said – there is at least some consensus on every single active ingredient in these products among the scientific community that there is some potential effect and benefit.

shroomy night

The Plant People are worth checking out!

As always, I present my results in the interest of forwarding objective inquiry into this exciting new field, and the possibility of developing cognitive performance enhancement products with reliable, science-backed results. Again, I remind readers, The Plant People are not responsible for proving the ingredients work; exactly as with alternative cannabinoids, their job is to present the ingredients as listed and let us do the proving.

So, with that being said, maybe you think mushroom magic is all hooey, and you may be right. Like I said, it’s not like I did controlled double-blind studies with a group of participants. YMMV, but at this point I count hunting for nootropics more of a hobby. Find out more about the Wonder gummies series and other Plant People products here.

Readers, we are eager to hear more experiences with these products or any mushroom with claimed cognitive enhancement properties, here in the comments or in our humble little forum.


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