Our highest appreciation to Ethereal Gold Dispensary, who kindly sent this sample for our review.

This has to be the first glowing review I’ve ever done especially for edibles. Hometown Hero has several edibles, but the one I got to try was the Kava + THC Dark Chocolate. I’ve had a few chocolate edibles before but the overall effects and flavor from Hometown Hero have trumped whatever I had in the past.


  • Dark-rich flavor
  • Floating like a cloud
  • Fast-acting, Longer-lasting


  • The box is Kira-proof

Recommendations: Slightly easier box to open

hometown hero chocolate top

The best-tasting weed chocolate

I’m going to start by raving about how delicious this chocolate bar tastes. I’m always hesitant when it comes to edibles because I REALLY cannot stand the medicinal aftertaste. Hometown Hero has come up with the perfect blend of Kava, THC, and dark chocolate. The chocolate consists of 67% cocoa, so it has that good deep cocoa flavor, then there are hints of the Kava which has earthy notes. Overall, it tastes like a dark hot chocolate bar and I am all for it! The only thing ‘weird’ I noticed was that the back of my tongue became tingly and portions of it numbed; I’m assuming this is my personal reaction to Kava, but be careful when consuming just in case. 

hometown hero chocolate details

The effects: Fast activation and longer-lasting

I had to research what Kava was because I’ve never tried it or even heard of it. For those who also do not know, Kava is extracted from a root that originates from the South Pacific and has been known to help with neurological issues and relieve physical pain. Kava alone is supposed to create a euphoric and relaxing high, and mixed with THC the chocolate will create an all-embracing high. I struggle with some physical pain and have severe anxiety, so when I was having one of those really bad days I thought to give this a try and test it out. Within 30 minutes the effects of the chocolate were in full swing as I sunk into my couch and became one with it. Relaxation swept over me and my body went soft; like, the sore muscles disappeared and everything felt floaty. Also, my mood changed to extremely calm and happy. The whole experience lasted for 3 ½ – 4 hours long and the coming down part was smooth. 

hometown hero chocolate box

Packaging Might Need Work

I’ve said it once and I will say it every time, my wrists are damaged from an accident, so opening some containers of child-proof weed can prove to be difficult. This box was kicking my butt as I tried to find the ‘right’ way to open it. After spraining my wrist 2x I gave up and became a barbarian. I ripped the top part of the box open so I could get the goodies inside. Others might not have as much difficulty, but if you are on the physical struggle bus, just get the scissors out…

stock photo

Is this recommended?

YES ~ I can’t express how much I love the taste and effects of this chocolate bar. It is $30 for 8 servings, but I would say it is worth it just for the taste alone, but the effects were a nice experience. I recommend trying them yourself to see if they are worth the money, but I certainly will be getting more. 

You can find out more about Hometown Hero Kava THC Chocolate here.

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