Welcome back again my beautiful cosmic blueberries to another year around the sun on Spaceship Earth, and thank you for joining us on our continued adventures in psychedelic headspace. We’re back to the company that says it’s nice to be nice, Minnesota Nice Botanicals, to review their mushroom-infused chocolate bars. These are made with a potent dose of either Amanita Muscaria or Amanita Pantherina, in full size ($26) and fun size ($12.50). I’ve sampled more than a few of these over several days, and can vouch that they’re excellent!

View my whole Pantherina chocolate video review here. Since then I’ve tinkered around with some more doses, so this review is inclusive.


  • Delicious! no shroomy undertaste
  • Convenient dosing
  • Potent
  • Super-smooth effects


  • They don’t last forever

Recommendations: I know it’s an introductory market, but I think there’s room to go even more potent with these in the future. Amanitas are almost baby-food gentle compared to other psychedelics.


Gourmet Quality Chocolate, Magical Effects!

As soon as you have your first infused shroom chocolate bar, you start wondering what took civilization so long to reach this point. A candy bar that is not only delicious, but has mood-boosting effects and a fun headspace too? Why haven’t we been doing it this way all along? This is something straight out of Willy Wonka and people have barely noticed.

Each bar is equivalent to 4.2 grams of mushroom body. Since a true trip starts kicking in at the 12-gram range, three of these bars at once can make for a very psychedelic day and night, or you can break one square off per day for a convenient microdose size. You also have a choice between Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina, which is said to be five times stronger than the Muscaria. I’m still on the fence about that factor, but when taking a total of about 7K grams of Pantherina, I could definitely notice a bump in effects.

The bars come in the varieties milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. All of them are equally good and effective.


A Trip Report on Amanita Chocolate

Since the above-linked video where I went for a mild Pantherina session, I dove back into the Amanita Muscaria chocolates. This time, instead of going for a full head trip, I went for an extended session by consuming only so much at a time and waiting a couple hours before re-dosing. While this does nothing to make you trip, it does extend the window of being wide-awake considerably. Especially with the Pantherina, which I do not note as being more potent in the psychedelic sense, but definitely find it longer-lasting in effects.

So this time, I just went for productivity. In fact, I do find that lower, non-trippy doses of Amanita seem to enhance my focus, concentration, and creativity. I finished a large video project, attended to other tasks, and was still wide awake almost until dawn, which is the time it occurred to me that shrooming has other hazards besides just hallucinating.

Of course, Amanitas both Muscaria and Pantherina are very unpredictable in effects, or as my motto goes, “Every trip is different.” This time it was very intellectual, deep, and reflective. Yet I was also affected enough in executive function to make absent-minded errors; as in computing my dosage in hand-written math on paper I’d done silly things like carry the one twice and was getting ridiculously high numbers. Another feature which others report and I finally had a turn with are vivid dreams. Now, I am a creative type, so I can be having all kinds of raging nightmares and I’ll just be mentally taking notes for an idea for my next spook story. Freddy Kruger would be frustrated with me; he’d be trying to scare me and I’d be “Oh good line, I’m stealing that!”

Bad mix

I am going to mention one other discovery as an example of what not to do: Amanitas and alcohol are a bad mix. This being after the holidays, I had a bottle of run left over with a couple shots in the bottom, so I downed it thinking it would help on the come-down so I’d get drowsy faster. Wrong, sir! Instead that glass of rum crashed through my delicately constructed Zen garden of a headspace like a Kool-Aid man busting through a brick wall. I had a legendary hangover the next day. This was interesting because on LSD I can put away booze like a bottomless pit and barely feel anything.

Natch, YMMV, because we all have our respective tolerances. It’s worth pointing out that Amanitas warrant so much further study because of their range of effects, giving them the potential of a nootropic boost, a mild stimulant, or a full party trip. This is a versatile, multi-talented mushroom presented in the best possible format of a chocolate bar.

Minnesota Nice Botanicals Has a Huge Selection – More To Come!

We have Amanita shroom extract in other forms coming up, including sprays, capsules, and another round of gummies. Readers, find the full-size Amanita chocolate bars here and the fun size bars here. Share your psychedelic experiences here in the comments or in our very shroomy forum.



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