Today’s CBD gummy review comes to us courtesy of distributor The Healthy Place, to whom we owe our thanks. We’re trying out Wild Theory gummies in three varieties. All of them come packed with a full-spectrum dose of CBD, but the chief distinguishing feature between the three is the amount of THC: one has 2.5mg, one 5mg, and one 10mg per gummy respectively. Someday, we might have a ready-mix system that can add just the right amount of THC per customer, but until then, Wild Theory has the buffet approach.


  • Excellent effects
  • Varied flavors and varieties
  • Pick your THC level with 0.5mg precision


  • The high end of the price range for a jar of 30 gummies

Recommendations: We would be delighted to see gummies with more THC proportion, but that’s just us hardcores.


All were equally enjoyable

These samples were all fresh, tasty, and sweet without over-sugaring. They were all in 30-count jars. In ascending potency:

  • Wild Theory Strata Mango – 25mg CBD / 2.5mg delta-9 THC
  • Wild Theory Cosmos Strawberry – 25mg CBD / 5mg delta-9 THC
  • Wild Theory Outer Limits Strawberry¬† – 25mg CBD / 10mg delta-9 THC

Even though I, myself, am a heavyweight who can easily wolf down 5 of the Outer limits with my breakfast coffee and enjoy every minute of it – even then, I can appreciate smaller dosage options. I happen to be married to a partner whose tolerance is tiny, so she appreciates the mouse-sized tiny control quantities.

Full spectrum effects are a welcome addition too! Whether you take CBD therapeutically or you just want a nice well-rounded head and body high, Wild Theory has the choice selection.


Wild Theory has a wide selection of hemp-based products. Check them out here.

You can get Wild Theory Strata, Cosmos, and Outer Limits here.



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