For at least the hundredth time we’re asking “Isn’t the cannabis gummy market over-saturated?” Which tells us that yes, verily, the cannabis gummy market is over-saturated. But here we have Zen Cannabis, makers of an array of cannabinoid-infused edible products in four states and counting, with infused gummies. They’re good, they’re effective, and they’re at the cutting edge of the competitive gummy market.


  • Full spectrum
  • Fast-acting
  • Individually wrapped
  • Tasty


  • Lacks CBD

Recommendations: Just keep existing, which is apparently all it takes to be a gummy company now.

Zen Cannabis gummies

The Zen of Gummies?

It’s a little late in the game to claim the gaudy title of “Zen,” when half the cannabis product packaging out there makes it sound like weed is a step to Buddha’s own enlightenment. Regardless, Zen Gummies are exquisite in quality. The individual wrapping is their chief feature, ensuring that each gummy stays fresh until the moment of consumption. For those taking a supplemental dose, this is ideal.

For those of *us*, the hardcore stoner heads, it’s less optimal as the gummies won’t stick around long enough for the packaging to matter. These days for edibles I take 50mg all at once as a base starting point, so this bag of ten 10mg gummies is gone in a couple days at my typical use rate.

Somehow, they managed to make a full spectrum gummy that eliminates CBD, as the packaging even lets you know that less than 2mg CBD will be in each gummy. That’s an odd feature. But for those of you who dislike having CBD with THC, here’s a chance to ditch the CBD.

The packaging also has a prominent stamp with the batch number and date of packaging. That’s a cool feature I want to see everyone adopt, as freshness really matters in terms of potency and effectiveness.

Zen Cannabis Gummies are near perfect

By now, we’ve reviewed so many cannabis gummy brands that anything less than immaculate execution earns our scorn, while the perfect is merely “good enough.” Seriously, I think we’ve explored every possible permutation of the cannabis gummy. There’s really no more improvement to be made, except to offer larger doses for higher-end tolerances – which many companies also do.

Zen Cannabis has a wide selection of edibles, including chocolate, drinks, tinctures, and more. They’re available in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma, plus “coming soon” to Arizona and New Mexico.


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