It’s amazing to me that we took so long to reach this point. We’re back again with NextEvo Naturals and some new CBD edible powders with zero calories. Last time with NextEvo, we reviewed their gummies line, but hinted at new innovations yet to explore. That’s the new thing I’m seeing for the first time on the market: zero-calorie, individually labeled CBD powders! These come in two varieties: “Swiftsticks” are flavored powder packets you can pour right on your tongue, similar to a pixie straw. There’s also a dissolvable CBD powder which you can mix into drinks.


  • Super convenient dosing
  • Individually wrapped packets with dosage marked
  • Effective
  • Zero calories
  • fast-acting


  • Bit pricey individually, but cheaper with subscription

Recommendations: Again, I’d love to see other cannabinoids get this treatment!

Finally, a Zero-Calorie CBD Supplement!

All this time, your humble reviewer was content to wolf down handfuls of gummies. Not only heavy on the calories, but rolled in sugar and corn syrup goop. It’s hard enough watching my weight in my mid-50s without eating handfuls of sugar gelatin every day.

NextEvo offers gummies too, but here we have the alternative to gummy dosing. These edible powders are light, tasty, and super convenient to pop on the go. They are 100% made with the therapeutic or medical user in mind.

Swiftsticks – Dissolve 20mg CBD on the Tongue

Since my wife is more of a CBD customer than I (I’m over here covering the harder stuff), I share these products with her to get her perspective. Mrs. Penguin has taken to the Swiftsticks, as a lighter, more convenient way to a fast-acting dose. Last review we talked about the patented absorption technology NextEvo has cooked up.- which makes the CBD easier for your system to process. Indeed, you can feel the difference with these, a nice, gentle sensation that kicks in at about half the time that other supplements take.

Caliper Dissolvable CBD Powder – Goes in any drink or food

The other powder is also edible, but unflavored and meant to be mixed with beverages or foods. Good mixer foods include things like yogurt, pudding, butter, nut butters, or honey. Of course, these also mix perfectly in coffee, tea, or just about any beverage.

Here also, we have a zero-calorie dosage in an individually marked packet, for a fast-acting dose of 20mg CBD supplement anywhere at all. I’ve tried a few in coffee, and can barely detect any alteration of taste – I take my coffee stark black espresso, too, so if you take sugar and cream you’d never be able to find the flavor of the CBD powder under that.

Both Highly Recommended For Steady CBD Supplementation

For their line of products to their packaging to their fresh and effective ingredients, I can see NextEvo Naturals is a company that really cares about their customer experience. Gentle powders with zero calories or sugar seem addressed to those of us interested in healthier overall lifestyles.


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