Your humble author has taken quite an adventurous approach to investigating the newly legalized mushroom market. Starting from paltry doses of a few hundred MG, I’ve been doubling my dose every time in quest of a true psychedelic trip in a legal gummy bag. It turns out, this is not easy! Several times taking an Amanita product, I felt on the edge of a trip without actually launching one.

Then finally, when I tried Mushroom Lyfe gummies, I had a breakthrough. It was a sorta psychedelic trip, but still very mild. That came from scarfing down the entire bag for a 12,000 MG dose of Amanita mushroom in gummy form. So this time I approached the Smilyn bag with more confidence, since it was nearly identical to the Mushrom Lyfe bag – indeed, same dose and same company.


  • Most intense trip yet
  • Potent!
  • Effective!


  • Cloyingly sweet
  • I barfed (totally my own fault for scarfing a whole bag)

Recommendations: You’re doing fantastic, but perhaps more potency concentration in fewer gummies so we can cut the sugar?


This Trip Was Several Times More Intense!

I speak to you today as a wiser man who once messed around and found out. I’ve been reading in many forums, and have also suspected over several reviews, that controlling potency in Amanita gummies is not an exact science. This time, I really thought I was prepared. Starting from my customary full meal, I chomped the bag down at 2 AM (I’m an early-bed/early-rise country bumpkin).

By sunrise, I knew this time that something was wrong. For the first time since trying Amanitas, I was experiencing heavy nausea. I fought the urge with gulps of fluids, but after a while it was no use, and I chucked a few heaves. I was already peaking, however. Once I threw up, the nausea went away, and the rest of the trip was pleasant.

It was a full head trip this time. I was absolutely jacked up and chattery, energized, bursting with ideas and creativity, and rambling half-coherently to everyone around. As opposed to my previous 12KMG experience, I was not dizzy and wobbly this time. There was also no visual or audio distortion that was noticeable. Just hours upon hours of looking out my third eye in glorious shroomy headspace. My patient wife of 30 years endured listening to me without strapping me into a ball gag.

I felt euphoric and giggly, with it maybe wearing off a bit by the time I was ready for bed. In my copious notes, I detect that I was a bit incoherent and prone to wander across topics. My tweets from this period are laden with typos, which I remember making but was too lazy to fix.

I was awake a total of 26 hours again, and had to sleep another day to recover. As with most intense shroom trips, I was still feeling the effects for a couple days. Shrooms tend to leave my muscle tone a tad weaker for a day, and also leave me felling spent, like I was worn out. Since then I’ve been enjoying the after-effects. Good psychedelic trips like this one leave me feeling like I’ve defragmented my mental hard drive. An oil change for the brain.


A Dosage Puzzle

As always, I must caution you from trying my level of stunts at home. I’ve been on a months-long trek feeling out my tolerance for Amanitas, going from caps to gummies, carefully logging the effects. All this I did before committing to a 12KMG experience.

So, this time I truly saw what 12KMG of Amanitas can do. I am very impressed, but caution that from here forward, I will be treating all Amanita gummies with respect. The only problem is, I can take the identical dosage and get radically different effects. I’ve run into plenty of Amanita gummy brands which were duds.

It’s even possible that I might have experienced the nausea more from the sugar in the gummies than the actual mushroom content. At 3 grams of sugar each for 20 gummies, consuming the whole bag made me more concerned for diabetes than a bad trip. It’s also possible that less of the natural ibotenic acid was converted into muscimol in this batch. Or more. Who knows?

As I say so often, we’re in the early pioneer days of commercial psychedelics, so getting these dosages right may be an enduring challenge. Since mushrooms themselves can vary in potency from one sample to another, there may be some serious kinks to work out of this system.

Smilyn Came Through

We’ve all been reviewing Smilyn Wellness products on and off here at Dab Connection, and I haven’t always had good things to say. But as far as the Happy Mush (and Mushroom Lyfe) gummies, they get A+ marks from me for having some potency, and for achieving the effect we set out to attain. It’s not every day that you can say you bought a psychedelic trip in a bag, and what’s more it was legally mailed to your house. At $49.99 for the 20-count bag, it’s not even the most expensive trip you’ve taken. Check out Smilyn Wellness Happy Mush Mushroom Gummies here.

I charge all of you curious about the potential of Amanita Muscaria to check out this brand. Investigate the effects of amanitas and decide for yourself whether you’re in need of some mushroom therapy. I wouldn’t wolf these down as a party drug, but consider a good intense shroom trip once in a while to be just good brain maintenance.

Readers, share your trips down the rabbit hole here in the comments or in our trippy forum.


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