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Nuvata vape pens are recyclable dose pens that are filled with a THC distillate. The Nuvata vapes are famous for their unique body and quirky color scheme designed to help the new cannabis consumer. Their oils are extracted from pesticide-free cannabis cultivated throughout California. They are mindful of creating specific flavor and high profiles for each of their flavors.

Nuvata vape pens are widely available in Southern California.


  • The color coordinated packaging really helps keep buying quick and easy
  • Varying, delicious flavors
  • Very cool design
  • The high is a force of nature


  • Some of the pens have a less than robust flavor
  • Only available in California

Recommendations: Flatter bottom so I can store it upright.

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Nuvata is the best experience I have had in a while

This vape pen is exceptional. I am currently testing out three different flavors and each flavor has a unique high. I have the Lime which feels like a true hybrid, Tropical is a sativa-leaning hybrid and finally, Strawberry flavor which is a full sativa.

These three flavors are only a fraction of Nuvata’s vape pens and I really enjoy them. I only made a video with one pen because they’re all similar and superb. Watch the video for a quick general review or continue reading for a more in-depth review.

These pens are superb in quality overall

Nuvata pen showcase
They look like Teletubbies

Everything Nuvata vape pens offers the highest quality. Their oil is the smoothest and tastiest I have had to date. The pen design compliments it all perfectly. The cherry on top would be their amazing flavors. This pen has secured a spot in my stash as an all-time favorite.

Nuvata vape pens use state of the art technology in their builds

These premium vape pens are more than just another dose pen. Each pen has anti-clogging technology to keep it efficient. The mouthpieces on the Nuvata vape pens have dual air-flow technology to keep the hits smooth. It is all topped off with precision heating with a ceramic coil to keep the heating even.

The build on the Nuvata is in a league of its own and mostly plastic

Nuvata fits all the innovative features on a vape pen that is about the length of a stick of gum. The body and mouthpiece have smooth rounded edges and is made almost entirely out of plastic. The body is soft with a matte color and subtle markings for grip. The plastic tank is tucked nicely within the body just underneath the mouthpiece. There is a thin horizontal light underneath the tank that lights up when you take a hit.

The Nuvata vape pen has an anti-clogging design that actually works

The pens I use the most tend to get a clog in the mouthpiece after a few sessions. I store it away and keep it upright. After a while of storing, my Nuvata vape pen regains its smooth hits. As long as I take easy hits the mouthpiece remains clear.

Sleek fun and discreet, Nuvata vapes have a design I can’t stop admiring

The colors are bold and bright on the Nuvata pens and the subtle design feels nice on the fingertips. The pen is lightweight and despite being so brightly colored, super discreet. The simplicity of the design doesn’t warrant unwanted attention to the public imbiber.

Nuvata takes special care of their distillates

They tailor the experience of each vape pen by infusing a 9:1 blend of THC and CBD with natural terpenes. Nuvata vape pens have unique experiences because they meticulously mix specific terpenes and cannabinoids to create an “entourage effect”.

These pens have fantastic oil quality

I have to reiterate that I am not a big fan of distillates, I can usually tolerate them. However everything about the oil in Nuvata vape pens is terrific. The Nuvata vape pen has the best oil. So far they are the smoothest and most enjoyable pen I have had the pleasure of vaping.

Each flavor has its own experience and they all hit real hard

nuvata vape carts
Nuvata’s packaging is slim and compliant.

Every Nuvata vape pen I tried gave me an amazing high. The high starts to creep up nicely after a couple of doses. Within 15 minutes the high peaks and lasts for a solid couple of hours. Each high is phenomenal in different ways. I really like the effects of the Tropical as well as the flavor. These vape pens very similar to Roots.

Fun and functional: Packaging is an important part of the Nuvata experience

nuvata vape disposable carts
Each flavor has its own distinct color

Accurate and color-coordinated packaging for each flavor isn’t new, but Nuvata has a fun look. Each vape pen has a distillate made to have specific effects and give the same high every time. This means each pen pairs well with different things. So I will give my experience with each flavor and compare it to the information on the box.

Nuvata Tropical
Tropical has a great high with 72% THC

Of the three Nuvata vape pens I tested, the tropical flavor pen is my favorite. I really enjoy this flavor for general use throughout the week. The high is more sativa-leaning. It made me super focused but didn’t give me tunnel vision. This flavor made the day go by super quick By making everything a lot more enjoyable.

Nuvata Lime
The Lime had 68% THC content and a great high

The lime flavor Nuvata vape pen was my go-to for winding down at the end of the day. It feels more like an indica-leaning high and makes me feel very relaxed and cheerful. This flavor is perfect for sitting back after a long day and unwinding however you like. Nuvata’s lime flavored vape pen made me less focused and more relaxed.

Nuvata Strawberry
Lowest THC at 67% but still a great high

Nuvata’s strawberry flavor pen is definitely the best for outdoor activities. Although this flavor was not the boldest, the high was strong. This vape pen has a high like a pure sativa. It’s perfect for daydreaming while on a hike or a long commute. This flavor is perfect for my weekend activities.

Nuvata vape pens have the most fantastic tasting oil ever

disposable vape carts

Each puff was a shot of flavor with no negative after tastes. The flavor of each oil is a delicious candy flavor. The Lime pen was like puffing on off-brand Sprite. Strawberry tasted almost exactly like pink candy from a PEZ dispenser. Tropical (my favorite flavor) tastes like a cocktail of skittles without the sour sugary aftertaste of the skittles. I vaped an Old Pal afterward and the Pal tasted very musty by comparison to the Nuvata vape pen.

Some vape pens are not as flavorful as others

All of the Nuvata pens were superb when it came to flavors. But for me, the strawberry flavor pen had a much milder flavor. I can taste the strawberry and it is delicious, but it didn’t come through as strongly as the others.

Efficiency on the Nuvata is standard for the all-in-one style of pen

As a recyclable dose pen these are fairly efficient. One of the pen’s tanks is just about empty and I can still take full doses with good-sized hits. The battery is still heating the oil well on all the pens even after a week of steady vaping.

Nuvata vape pens have 200 doses per pen but I was having too much fun to keep count

Whatever the average life of a 200 dose recyclable pen is, my Nuvata vape pen is lasting me well into a week of continuous smoking. To keep me at a good level, I will usually take about 9 doses throughout the day. The oil will last me for about 2 weeks before I finish it and that’s not bad at all.

The price per flavor is standard for pens, but it comes in cheaper than brands similar to Nuvata

Comparable brands, such as Dosist, come in at a standard 100$ per 200 dose pen. Nuvata offers their 200 dose pen for 50$. For a half-gram of premium quality distillate the Nuvata comes at a slightly higher than average price. Dom pens are also dosed with comparable flavor at a 30$ price tag. An Aces Extracts vape pen will run you $42.

Nuvata made our list of best California cartridges

See the whole list of best CA cart recommendations here.

Concluding our Nuvata vape pen review…

Nuvata vape pens are definitely a perfect experience for me. Even with the clogging mouthpieces. The pen comes at a standard price in California, but the oil is definitely the best that I have had. The Nuvata has delicious taste and strong high that can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest brands. As of finishing this article, this distillate has the best high and accompanying flavor I have experienced. You can use their website to find products and learn more about where to buy here


Have you tried Nuvata premium pens before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!




  1. I really love these pens! I rate these
    100% !
    I have a question. I’ve heard so much about vape cigarettes, how bad they are for the lungs. I was wondering if these are safe to inhale?
    I am really hooked on these! But I can’t use them if they’re bad like the cigarette vapes. Can you let me know?😁

  2. Hello my name is Brian Labor. I have purchase your product often and just recently purchased a pen from Harbor Collective (Store in San Diego) and it was defective. Their wasn’t much smoke coming out of the pen and the pen was just an unpleasant experience compared to prior experience. The pen has stopped working while their is still some juice in the pen.
    Please contact me!

    • OK, again, WE SELL NOTHING HERE. We are a review site only, just another blog about cannabis products and use. You need to take this up with the dispensary or company, we can’t help you with product complaints.

  3. Definitely not a paid promotion. We promise, when we do have a link to a product for which we are getting a fee, we will let you know. Currently, the only product we endorse on our site is the vessel vape pen. We LOVE this vape pen. Read our review :-).


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