While the legalization of cannabis marches on across the USA, it’s still hard to find a state as happening as Nevada. The state’s status as a tourist mecca and entertainment capitol gave it the opportunity to realize a legal cannabis market that few other states enjoy.

We’re in the process of covering other states too, but we’ve made the most coverage in the Silver State. We’ve also turned our first-hand expertise with Nevada dispensaries into a vision of an automated system to find the best dispensary deals in Nevada, a work in progress over at DankOil Las vegas Dispensary Deals.

For now, enjoy our video tour of the Nevada dispensary scene, with focus on Las Vegas. We may add more reviews here as we get to them.

What Can You Get For A Little Over $200 In A Nevada Dispensary?

We start with an average picture of a Nevada dispensary. We hopped over to Eli, Nevada, to avoid the “tourist tax” effect on Las Vegas and Reno dispensaries. Our mission was to squeeze as much value as possible out of $200 (circa spring 2019). We actually got quite a lot! A half-G Cannavative, half-G Envy, 2 W-vapes CO2 oil syringes, and 3 grams of flower.

That dispensary was Tsaa Nesunkwa (“Sah Neh-SOONK-wah”?) dispensary, which we later gave a separate review.

Northeastern Nevada Dispensaries – A Brief Review of All 4

For the little-explored northeastern Nevada corner, we decided to give a round-up of the four dispensaries operating in that region. They are Deep Roots Harvest, CuraLeaf, NuWe, and Tsaa Nesunkwa. Nothing fancy this time, just a little overview of the area and the relative pros and cons of each dispensary.

Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas NV – Here’s Our Top Picks Based On Prices and Selection

In January 2021, we’d narrowed Las Vegas dispensary scene down to a short list of favorites. We have a fair words for Acres Cannabis, for whom we haven’t gotten around to a separate review yet. We give our seal of approval for Oasis, and a nod to Planet 13 – but only if you look for the right price at the right time. The Dispensary NV (+Henderson, +Reno) is a regular stop for us, and we also have to give a shout-out for Essence Tropicana West.

NuWu Dispensary Review: One of Las Vegas’ Best Dispensaries

NuWu Las Vegas impressed us with great selection and deals, but benchmark the prices by 2018 standards. We show off our haul and toot their name a couple times.

Essence Tropicana West: Best Dispensary In Las Vegas

It’s a toss-up among the titans of the Las Vegas cannabis scene, but as of January 2019 we’d given Essence the honor of best dispensary. Essence was very kind to our budget, with a “buy one get one” special and a rewards savings feature.

Mynt Reno Dispensary Review: One of Nevada’s Worst?

We of course have to report our disappointments too. In spring of 2019, Mynt in Reno was just a bad experience, with them only stocking house brands and the staff giving us a hard time besides. Since then, The Dispensary (which had our vote for best Reno dispensary as well) bought out Mynt (gee, wonder why?) so they might have their act together now. We also like Kanna in Reno.

Deep Roots Harvest Wendover Review: Price Gouging Rural Nevada

One of the problems we find with the more rural outlets in Nevada is price-gouging. While we can appreciate that a remote location is more expensive to maintain and can’t count on the volume that a big city dispensary gets, there’s still high prices beyond all excuse at some of these rural locations. So we had to express disappointment with Wendover’s Deep Roots location. We gave them a drive-by review in the Dabber Dasher, and kept right on trucking by. This was at the beginning of 2020, so maybe they’ve settled down, but with a remote location on a highway, there’s little reason for them to do so.

NuLeaf Las Vegas Review: Are You Kidding Me With These Prices Brah?

NuLeaf is right in Las Vegas, so they have no excuse! Even though they are practically on the strip, and a straight shot from the Venetian at that, they’re still in the tourist-trap mentality. As we have covered here, there’s few better dispensary shopping elsewhere in Las Vegas for your cannabis dollar.

So that’s it! We will toss some more reviews in here gradually as we continue to cover Nevada and all it has to offer.

Readers, it’s your turn! What dispensaries do you find to be your choice kush locations, and which leave you let down? Where should we review next? Share your experience in the comments below or in our quaint little forum.



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