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NuWu dispensary, also called NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, in Las Vegas, proved to be a gem hidden in the north. It offers a great selection of high-end concentrates, cartridges, and flower. Overall their prices were lower for a lot of items than the rest of town.

NuWu is in the northern end of town. If you are more south in Las Vegas, check out Essence Tropicana West.

NuWu might be the best dispensary in Las Vegas, well technically North Las Vegas

For the nonlocals, Las Vegas is actually three cities and a few little unincorporated areas. The three cities are Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. NuWu is located in North Las Vegas, on the south end of the city boundary. The closest tourist spot to NuWu is downtown Las Vegas. The closest casino is Jerry’s Nugget.

Selection is stellar at NuWu dispensary

NuWu has most of Nevada’s top brands. Cannabiotix, Virtue, AMA extracts, are all here. I did not see The Grower Circle, which is some of the best flower out now.

Due to its hood-er location, the prices are lower

At least that is my theory. Everything here is pretty much cheaper than the other dispensaries in Las Vegas. More expensive than California, but it is all tested clean. NuWu is also near Las Vegas’ skid row and Jerry’s Nugget.

The staff is knowledgeable, check in a little salty

The check-in guy seemed like they were having a long day, but it is a 24 hour place (at least for pickup). The people in the back were very knowledgeable and friendly. The staff had some great picks and knew the products well.

Easy parking, easy to get to, easy online ordering.

You can see their menu order online from NuWu and make it fast and easy. I like that they keep their menu updated and it’s not reliant on WeedMaps, which is in desperate need of a redo.

In conclusion, I will definitely be hitting up NuWu Cannabis Marketplace when I visit Las Vegas again. Everything is ~$5-10 cheaper and the products are the same due to everything in Nevada being branded and to a certain quality standard. You can learn more about NuWu dispensary here.


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