Fake Cereal Carts have become a very popular phenomenon, causing a lot of confusion and disruption to consumers. Because there is no information about this company, many people are wondering if these carts are safe to smoke or even legit.

Although we aren’t sure its legitimacy, we have recently encountered fake Cereal Carts that have been improperly made. We picked up two different flavors, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios, and found right away they were fake. Furthermore, here we’ll explain how to differentiate between unordinary and odd Cereal Carts to (supposedly) real ones.

Counterfeit carts are selling fast through the black market

fake cereal carts
Chinese manufacturers sell fake Cereal Carts with empty cartridges in bulk, making the oil mysterious and untrustworthy.

There’s hundreds of accounts, selling fake Cereal carts through dozens of different platforms, claiming to be real. It’s an industry wide problem. Cereal is not the only brand to be subjected to fake cartridges. Either people selling pre-filled cartridges full of pesticides, or manufacturers selling packaging for people to re-fill. Regardless, all these fake counterfeit cartridges are disrupting the cannabis industry and the consumers experience. This makes it very difficult to trust and smoke Cereal Carts in the first place.

Below is a video with the basics on fake Cereal Carts. Keep reading for more detailed information.

Identifying Fake Cereal Carts

It may be very hard to tell apart, for there really is no information about the company what so ever. Although they do have an Instagram account, it is private, not allowing us to view any of their posts. Some of these identifiers are very little and subtle, sometimes these carts will look identical to the original packaging.

Improper packaging / No holograph on package

fake cereal carts
As shown to the left, there is no sort of holograph on the packaging, making it look bland.

First, the easiest way to tell if they’re fake is if there’s no sort of hologram on the packaging. The same goes with fake Dank Vapes, there should always be some sort of holograph on every strain, logo and overall packaging. If it looks like some simple, plain package that doesn’t seem to shine, than it may be a fake Cereal Carts.

fake cereal carts
The same goes for holograph in the back side, and all throughout fake Cereal Carts.

The taste is odd and atrocious

Another thing to watch for with these carts is the taste of each strain. The real ones should taste exactly like whatever the strain of the package claims to be. These two flavors we have give very light hits and flavor, tasting like artificial cereal and vape juice. There have even been rumors of people claiming their cart to taste like too much chemicals or even metal.

The oil is dark and bad quality

fake cereal carts oil
With the fake Cereal Carts we have, the oil looked identical to the legit ones. Both of these are fakes, and have a normal gold color to it.

Sometimes you won’t be able to tell at all, but other times these counterfeits use terrible oil quality and terpenes. Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes both have moderate looking oil. Not too dark, nor too light, but a strong yellow color. Also, the oil isn’t even that dense with the real ones, they are somewhat light and thin. But if it moves very fast like watered down oil, it might be fake and hazardous to smoke.

Fake Cereal Carts may have inauthentic CCELL cartridges

This is another great way to check if your Cereal cart, or any cartridge that uses CCELL is legit. Remember, even the littlest things can differentiate the differences between each other.

CCELL carts have three different stamps on them

authentic ccell cartridges
Authentic CCELL cartridges should always have these three stamps engraved to them.

Each cartridge has three unique stamps engraved on the bottom of it. A CCELL logo, a K stamp and a CA serial number as well. None of these three should be missing nor misplaced. Furthermore, this engraved stamp should not look oddly huge or have a light color. If you see that your stamp has a different font size or style than the original carts, it might not be authentic. Shown below will tell you the difference between real and fake CCELL’s.

fake dank vapes
Also always check for stamps and other odd features on the bottom.
fake ccell carts
With both of these fakes, they had missing stamps and the white plastic around it.

Cereal Carts Flavors:

  • Apple Jacks
  • Blueberry Pancake Crunch
  • Cupcake Pebbles
  • Count Chocula
  • Cookie Crisp
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Cap’n Crunch
  • Franken Berry
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Froot Loops
  • Luck Charms
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Overall, I recommend to purchase safer cartridges than Cereal Carts

Regardless of how good these may taste to you, they are still unknown and sketchy to trust at this moment. Having no background, we are unsure what exactly is in this distillate. Apart from this, there are no lab results of any sort for this brand out yet.

As usual, we recommend for you to purchase your products safely through licensed dispensaries or a trusted source. There are too many fakes containing dozens of pesticides in each distillate. If you’ve ever encountered these cartridges, post it on the forum and tell us your experience.


  1. Yours Truly , Eli B P.s I also believe that if this company if it really is legit then the person who sold the contents not only sold what looked real but could have taken the real cartridge out of the box and placed it with the fake cartridge and so no 1 was the wiser other than the person who just wanted to make fast cash for their own stash while they continue’d ripping people off, What A Shame that people rip off other people for their own pleasure!… That really Bites!. Your’s Truly, Eli B

  2. What about Gelato Mybrid or is it Gelato Mybid,? But on the box it says Cookies and it most definitely did not taste like cookies and the box was shinning but the contents n the box was dark ( the cartridge another words ) but anyway r they any good or Not?.. Well I’ll tell ya, I had a friend who happen to have bought’n 1 and I tried it and I didn’t exactly get anything from it and I believe he got ripped off and not to mention he was complaining that the stuff n the cartridge was going to fast and thought that the vape pen that he was going to buy from another friend was no good so needless to say they r not and not to mention the company said that whoever buys the cartridge has to buy 10 of them and that the min was 5 and that when u pay for them u would have to send money threw Western Union because the company didn’t want it linking back to them with any traces! So I thought that mite of sound’d alittle fishy .. and there was another friend who happened to bought 1 but it I don’t believe it was from the same company because this here well I only took 1 hit and the setting was all the way up and it was harsh at 1’st and I was like Damm it hit me right away and I said this is harsh so the setting got turned down on the vape pen and I took another hit and I was actually able to taste the flavor but I was like stoned and now I wish I had paid attention to what the name was but next time I talk to my friend il ask what the name was and let ya no! It was great!… But come to think about it I no it’s not from the same company!… Yes there is alot of fakes out there u just got to no who to trust! To b continued. .. Yours Truly , Eli B

    • First off lol I don’t think it said mybrid mybid. Hahaha it @ ELI B- probably said “hybrid” as in part indica and part sativa. Also you made no sense when you said, that whoever bought the cartridge has to buy 10 of them, and the minimum is 5..? Well you said the company said that. Well please read that over and tell me, in what world does that make sense? Also, please learn the difference between the word no and know, and how to use them in a sentence. Lol how old are you?

  3. Please guys be careful!!! I was in denial to and aware the carts I had were authentic. They met all standards so I believed I was fine, but I ended up coming down with a very very bad case of pneumonia because the carts were not what they claimed to be. The doctors in the ER explained that they knew it was from the carts because how my chest x-ray looked. PLEASE BE SAFE!!! This is crazy that now you cannot safety use THC.

  4. Why do people care about flavor??? Idk if supreme carts are all good or not, but the ones I get are hella potent and you know damn well when you take the first hit you bouta be gone for the rest of the day. They got no flavor, but you don’t need it cuz ur preoccupied with the high.

  5. If you are outside of California you are DEFINITELY getting a fake terped out cartridge (especially if it is $40 or under). Do not buy any cartridges with cartoons on them, they do not adhere to the laws of any legal state. Even in Cali almost all of them contain unsafe levels of pesticides, non terpene flavorings and far less THC per unit than they claim. Sure they taste good and get you a little high, however i’ve Seen people go to the hospital with cyanide poisoning. Only buy cartridges from COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE dispensaries. No matter the price. Or just buy flower because it’s cheaper, and it’s easier to tell whether you have tainted product or not.

  6. HEADS UP: Rove products (manufactured after April, 2019) have a QR code now which u can scan using the Rove Rewards app (Android/iOS) -> it will tell u if it’s Genuine or not. Plus by scanning QR code you will earn Rove Points which can be exchanged for cool prizes in return.

  7. I just got an apple jacks cart from my dispensary. Tastes great and is pretty good. I have no complaaints.

  8. Love the uneducated comments ppl post about their opinion. Allows me to have something to laugh at. The truth was just mentioned in that last post. They are adding artificial flavors and shit to achieve the taste ppl are claiming to be so good. I agree, they really do taste good. Bud would love to smoke a strain of flower that comes close to the supposed terps they say are in them, tasting like cereal. Lol who knows, gamble on smoking them now, further testing will prove what harm they may be causing. I mess with carts once in a blue moon. I’m in that population as well. Take care all. Safe smoking.

  9. Love the uneducated comments ppl post about their opinion. Allows me to have something to laugh at. The truth was just mentioned in that last post. They are adding artificial flavors and shit to achieve the taste ppl are claiming to be so good. I agree, they really do taste good. Bud would love to smoke a strain of flower that comes close to the supposed terps they say are in them, tasting like cereal. Lol who knows, gamble on smoking them now, further testing will prove what harm they may be causing. I mess with carts once in a blue moon. I’m in that population as well. Take care all. Safe smoking.

  10. Does anyone know of a cartridge called Standard 710 and the o is like a drop of oil. It’s a brown/gold box. I cant find them anywhere and I heard it maybe a old dank vape but not sure.
    I have a picture if it will help.. thanks

  11. I have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch..paid 40 gor it..Has markings oil looks good, , but no hologram. I’m in Ohio. We only have medicinal legalized

    • It’s not really known yet, but there’s a possibility they may all be a fake brand we are currently tring to figure tht out. It’s also possible your plug uses good oil and it’s fine.

    • I ended up with really really bad pneumonia from smoke Dank carts. The packaging look legit, the numbers on the bottom looked to match the real carts but turns out they were fake. The doctor knew it was from the cartridges because the way the pneumonia formed in my lungs. It’s so sad you can’t even buy THC anymore without worrying about your health..

  12. Does anyone know if the older cereal carts, ccell cartridges, (older style packaging) if they used a white colored gasket on bottom? I know that’s supposed be an indicator or fakery, but just have to ask since was an older cereal cart, before the newer dank vapes types. Also, did older cereal carts have a darker oil? That seems a little too runny, not too bad, but enough to make me question. Has no chemical taste, actually tastes like cereal. Ccell cart passes all the tests except for a white-ish o ring.. I’m leaning towards fake but any input appreciated

  13. For all you morons out there, Danks/Cereal Carts are black market just like Supremes, Mario Carts etc. You have to find the right supplier who is filling it with good product. Serial numbers, etchings, boxes don’t mean shit.

  14. I passed all test on these carts even with the holographic around the whole box, there actually great, I’m not a big fan of any carts but these carts taste just like there name! There potent cuz I usually dab but not today lol. My cart did have the holographic all around the box with all 3 stamps on the cart

  15. The real dank/cereal boxes are smaller and have embossed/engraved fruit, etc. on the box and the label itself is holographic but not a lot. The oil should be bright/clear yellow that’s very thick and the bubble shouldn’t move. It should taste great and have all its serial #’s, stamps, etc. if you don’t live in a legal state I suggest you spend 100-150 on a plane ticket and bring them back as they allow 8 grams of concentrate and an Oz of flower in carry in and aren’t really checking for vape carts or weed. Ijs

  16. Love cereal carts look for the same 3 stamps as DANK brand they taste amazing and so smooth same manufacturing of DANK brand the Real Ones

  17. My new favorites and they are made from DANK brand, ice cream carts next I only tried 1 and it’s AMAZING,I’ve had about 5 different cereal carts and they are smooth tasty and help my chronic pain

  18. All these are fakes. There is no such thing as a real cereal brand cart (thats if by real you mean a licensed company). It is just a chinese packaging manufacturer selling packaging to smaller companies/ or anybody out making carts in their garage. There are no “terpenes” that taste like cereal. So even that is fake (artificial) about them. So the only thing to do is to check each cereal cart you might buy and see if any good (bubble test, clarity, taste and potency). Now if your down with those artificial flavors, just like in nicotine vape industry then cool. But do not buy these ever thinking they are from a reputable company or made with terpenes.

  19. Captain Crunch tasted great Vaped great.

    Stamps legit only had a white gasket, not cheap plastic, but a viable looking white rubber gasket

    • I had the same experience stamps matched viable looking gasket…. oh wait that was my post damn these Vapes are good…….LMAO

  20. Got a legit cereal cart in MI today but no holographic packaging…the cart had proper engravings and the oil is the right color and consistency

  21. Got at least one fake Dank in UT recently. Either my banana or sour patch, not sure which cause I didnt look it up till they were both gone.


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