CCELL cartridges have become the most known and used cartridge that many companies use to fill in their distillate. Because of this, manufacturers replicated this hardware and sell in bulk to people on the streets rather than licensed dispensaries.

Companies, for instance Dank Vapes, Cereal Carts or Roots Extracts use authentic CCELL’s. If you ever encounter any fake CCELL Cartridges, than the oil you are smoking might be unknown and harmful. Not to say that legit companies have not come up dirty in pesticide and solvent tests either. Here, we show how to identify and differentiate between authentic and fake CCELL cartridges.

Where are fake CCELL Cartridges even being sold?

Manufacturers are creating identical duplicates and not only selling them empty, but also with fake branded cartridges. Distributors sell these cartridges anywhere online, allowing people to fill it up with untested and skeptical distillate. Although sometimes it may be hard to tell, some cartridges may look exactly the same as the legit ones.

But don’t be fooled, some of these identifiers are very small and subtle to tell. It took a while to identify, but after countless cartridges, we were finally able to tell them apart. Remember, even the tiniest detail can tell apart from all of these fakes and real carts.

Before we identify these counterfeits, here’s a list of companies that use CCELL Cartridges:

These are just a few companies, as we find more we’ll keep updating this list.

How to identify fake CCELL Cartridges

They should have all three stamps engraved on the bottom of the cartridge

authentic ccell cartridges
Authentic CCELL cartridges should always have these three stamps engraved to them.
ccell cartridges
As for their most recent production line, these CCELL Cartridges that say “Jupiter” also are authentic.

Each cartridge has three unique stamps engraved on the bottom of it. A CCELL logo or Jupiter, a K stamp and a serial number as well. None of these three should be missing nor misplaced. Furthermore, this engraved stamp should not look oddly huge or have a light color. If you see that your stamp has a different font size or style than the original carts, it’s probably a fake CCELL. As with the serial number, it may start with a variety of letters (CA, M,L). This is very important as to authenticate which lot the actual CCELL’s were actually manufactured.

Fonts should not be different size, color or misplaced at all

fake ccell cartrieges
Fonts should not differ in style compared to legit CCELL’s

As mentioned earlier, none of these stamps should look different than the authentic itself. The stamps should never be a sticker, always engraved. Also legit ones should not have a white plastic circle underneath the cartridge.

fake ccell cartridges
@Dankvapesofficialaccount found a fake CCELL cartridge with dramatically bright font colors.

The length of this cartridge should not be to different sized than the original

fake ccell cartridges
If you have a real CCELL cartridge, than just compare it with the length size.

This may be a bit hard to tell if you don’t have an original cartridge side by side. But something I noticed is that with these fake CCELL cartridges, they are either too wide or too thin. Every single authentic CCELL I had lined up were the same length as each other. Whereas, all the fake ones had odd and different size in length.

Fake CCELL Cartridges use weak atomizers

fake ccell cartridges
Although it didn’t drawback any oil, it would still hit light and weak. Also no authentic CCELL has ever done this with the mouthpiece in my experience.

Again, this will be difficult to tell for many people, but these fake cartridges do contain a weak atomizer. I didn’t even realize at first, but every hit I took would always be weak and light. I also noticed that it would collect reclaim inside the mouth piece itself. Which is strange, because every authentic cartridge I would get never did this nor give too light of a hit.

Not only that, but authentic carts have a total of 6 inlet holes on the cartridge itself. This is for the airflow, which is why these carts are unique and used often. Taking a closer look, you can see 4 of them at the base of the airway. The other 2 holes on the bottom of the cartridge on the 510 thread itself.

real ccell cartridges
If there’s 3 or over 4 inlet holes inside the cartridge it’s probably a fake CCELL cart.

Mouth piece is compressed on plastic top carts, screw on with ceramic top carts

Plastic top CCELL cartridges have the mouth piece compressed on. Every time I picked up a Dank Vapes cartridge, they would never have screw on mouth piece, always sealed. I’ve pulled off the mouth piece multiple times with legit ones, and only did so successfully using pliers. There was a time where the mouth piece came off easily, but it turned out to be a fake Dank Vapes. Shown below is a fake disarmed, this is the one where I pulled the mouth piece off with ease.

fake ccell cartridges
Something strange I noticed when disarming this fake is how the metal part detached from the mouth piece. Every authentic CCELL never did that when I disarmed it.

Unique silicone rings inside the cartridge

If the mouth piece is removable, you’ll be able to see 3 silicone rings on the bottom of the mouthpiece, the top of the airway and the bottom of the airway within the cartridge. If you ever see two or more silicones in an area that should only have one, it may be a fake.

As for the mouthpieces that don’t come off, you’ll be able to see a clear silicone ring on the bottom of the cartridge itself. This is shown underneath when you flip the cartridge upside down.

Cartridges should not come damaged or malfunctioning

fake ccell cartridges damaged
This one cartridge I picked up came in cracked, before I even took it out of the package.

It should be noted that this cartridge should never come cracked, leaking or damaged what so ever. It’s one thing if you drop and crack it. But if it already comes like that and has one or more indicators of it being fake, than you should watch for it. Of course this may be an accident on shipping or the companies that use them. Leaking is another sign of a fake CCELL, these cartridges are build to not really be leaking, but occasionally it can happen. Failures are also not common for real CCELL carts. If you have a lot of carts getting failures that look like they are CCELLs, more likely they are fake than real.

ccell cartridge
Always watch if your cart contains this plastic white cover before opening and consuming.

Apart from this, each cartridge should have the bottom plastic cover on it, like the cartridge shown above. Furthermore, this also may be at fault of the companies end again if it’s not on. But in my experience, I’ve never received a CCELL or any cart for that matter without this plastic cover.

Before vaping any cart, refer to this and make sure your cart is legit

There are too many fake CCELL cartridges and overall fake brands selling low quality oil. These fakes, contaminated with dozens of pesticides are having people distrust and sketched out about consuming cartridges. With the way the cannabis industry is moving, cartridges are becoming more and more known and popular. These carts aren’t suppose to be suspicious to smoke like many fear. As always make sure your products are coming from a licensed dispensary or a reliable source.


  1. I have a 24k solutions cart, doesn’t have the white on the bottom, and doesn’t have the metal part at the top, smokes really nice, all flower taste, but there’s no engravings in the bottom of the cart. Is this legit?

  2. Everything passes on my # DopeCarts”ccell” cart except the bottom only has a serial number on it. It doesnt have a K or ccell written on it. Is it fake? Do they HAVE to have all 3 stamps always to be real?

  3. I have this cart from KRTvapes. They have a Instagram which is @KRTvapes and have been bought by many. Is mine fake? Please respond !

  4. Anyone know anything about the m119 jupiter cart with only 4 holes. It says “Smooth” on the cart with smoke o’s but i can’t find any info about it any where

  5. has anyone heard of propen? i have a propen x trick daddy trippy sticks cart just wondering if anyone has tried them and wants to share opinions. the cart checks out according to everything on here just never heard of them

  6. I have a ccell cartridge that passes all the inspections except for the white ring at the bottom. It also does not seem to have any thc in it (or maybe my tolerance is just too high). Could this be fake?

  7. if i try to unscrew the mouth peace & it unscrews it’s self after s while , does that mean it’s fake ? Like my cart seems authentic according to all that^ but it’s only the mouth peace detached

  8. Is a Fr zodiak fake if it filled all the way to the top but it has ccell and Jupiter everything checks out good is it fake or not ?

  9. I have jolly rancher and hollywood haze chronopoly is has CA039 ccell with K seems all good, just want to know if anyone has a picture of what there’s looked like

  10. I gotta gusher cc and wen I screw it on its loose at first but right wen all da way on is dat normal couse all ofdem do it

  11. A new brand called Chronic Carts have been getting really popular where I’m at (northeast Ohio). Are they legit? The @ on the sides is @chroniccartsofficial

  12. Have you heard of Calink carts? The only place I can find them on is Twitter so I was wondering if they’re legit or not. I’m scared to buy a cartridge that can be fake so I only have the pic of the cases. Their Twitter page doesn’t have any photos either and they barely post anything.

  13. Anyone know anything about cobra extracts? I just bought a YODA OG cart and it seems legit. According to your list everything checks out fine on the cartridge. My only concern is the box itself. On the front it is missing the part that says “premium all-natural CO2 cannibis oil.” On their website the box has it but mines does not. This mean it could fake?

    • No I live in Pittsburgh got a prime wellness cart from the dispensary and it’s white it doesn’t have to be clear diff companies use diff things. It’s hard to tell. I’ve had exotic carts and eureka that were fake so to say b7t they were great got me higher then the weed I had. I do that know how this whole underground cart things go it I pay 30 a g on the street or 50 for half at the dispensary it’s much more worth getting the street ones and usually there leg8t.. I’ve gotten Jupiter’s prime fresco moxie standard farms andmich more from the dispensary and street ones are cheaper and as long as you don’t break 5hem you’ll be fine.

  14. My cart isn’t hitting on my pen and when I blow it almost sounds airy, what should I do? Like there’s air compression escaping the cart?

  15. I saw how a guy asked to post his cartridges to tell if they were real or fake. I have a few too I’d like to post but don’t know how. It seems, even the real ones have 4 holes on inside and 2 by the threads as well as the fake. Maybe they are getting better at making them look real. I have one Smart Cart, and plenty of dank vapes ( all empty) I have one Chronic Cart I got lost night called sundae driver. I’m pretty sure this one is real. A guy I know got 2 Krush carts-lime strawberry I believe, which he loves but looks white on the bottom. The other was a Wedding Cake and he said you could smell it and it tasted terrible and he got sick. I just want to know down to a T how to spot a fake as I have read all the ways to tell, but I’d like to send my pictures

  16. I’ve been getting off-white carts at a store and one I just got does not screw into my pen. It makes me suspect its fake but I look at this and it seems legit to me.. not sure. The carts are really good.. I guess there is a certain amount of inconsistency in manufacturing? I have pics would the author be willing to check them out?

  17. the mouthpiece, so ive smoked plenty of ccell carts, and the ones that leak are judt improprerly sealed. ive cracked the end off to find the gasket is not level

  18. Should the consistency of oil be diffrent? I had 2 weeks ago and the oil was nice and dark and thick and this shit i got now is almost like bright gold water…and its giving me ah bad headace…

      • I just got a Dank Vapes cart and checked for the CCELL because I know it’s suppose to have it and it says “WWW.BYP.NET” on the bottom! I can’t find anything online related to having this. Has anyone seen this on theirs? Or know what it means. Thanks.

        • I read the article above and there’s no other signs of it being fake that they list but I just want to know where it came from.

  19. Awesome information. Just look for overall quality even in the screw threading there should be no problems with that if you do its most likely fake

  20. I’ve had many dank vape carts, they all seemed legit. Good high no bad experiences. Mine did get reclaim in the mouth piece but it came with a plastic thing around the bottom of it. The guy who sold it to me always bought tons of them and is a good friend. Never had a problem with his or mine.

  21. So if there are no stamps on the bottom is it fake also i notice the mouth piece seem to be on at an angle and the box doesnt specify the strain


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