stiiizy vape pen review
Stiiizy vape pen review
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Stiiizy is a newly founded vape pen company that was created in 2017. They designed a product that is different than the other commonly found 510 threaded vape pen cartridges. Read our Stiiizy pen review to find out why we recommend it as our favorite THC oil vape cartridge of 2018.

Update 9/24/2018:vape pen pesticides and residual solvents test A Stiiizy pen pod failed for a Benzene test. See our for more information. Most recently Stiiizy’s oil has also felt weaker than it used to. We will be submitting a new test for strength, pesticides, and residual solvents shortly.

The design of the pods are a big improvement from 510 threaded vape cartridges.

stiiizy pen and packaging
The Stiizy vape comes with this jazzy packaging.

Stiiizy created a superior version of the Pax Era. Pax was the first company to introduce pods as the new vape cartridges for vaping concentrate. The pods for both of these vape pens snap on and off magnetically. The great thing about them is you can refill Stiiizy pods too. The Stiiizy pods are made out of plastic and have a ceramic heating device inside. This innovated design prevents wasting THC oil from accidental drops, glass cartridges sometimes can crack when dropped and waste the precious cannabis oil inside. Another improvement is the micro USB connection that can be found at the bottom of the Stiiizy vape, it’s not recommended to use this vape pen while it’s charging though. Most smaller 510 batteries still require a screw on charger.

The Stiiizy pen will give you access to potent THC oil.

The extracted THC oil had an enjoyable flavor when vaped and it was also very potent. The average THC in Stiiizy pods are tested at 85%. The lab test results for each of their cartridges are easily accessible on their website, Vaping this cannabis extracted oil tasted very clean. It reminded me of the oil in the Dosist vape pen, however, much stronger.

Stiiizy pods are stronger then most vape cartridges.

I couldn’t believe the strength of the Stiiizy pods, they hit harder than any other cart I have tried. After a few big clouds, I found myself not wanting to vape anymore for a while. Other vapes I am hitting over and over to keep the high up. This vape pen seems almost as powerful as dabbing from a dab rig. This is the first vape to get hits like you would from loading wax on a wax pen like the Omicron v5.

Some of the tastiest THC oil when vaped.

I tried five different strains from Stiiizy which include Grand Daddy Purp, Gelato, Skywalker OG, and Mango, and Pineapple express. Stiiizy pods have quickly replaced standard prefilled vape cartridges as my choice for vaping. Unfortunately, the Granddaddy Purple didn’t remind of the cannabis strain I am familiar smoking, it tasted more like grape candy. The Skywalker OG was amazing and reminded of the actual cannabis strain. Gelato was dead on the strain, it was a much lighter flavor than the Brass Knuckles Gelato but the same flavor profiles nonetheless. My favorite was the Mango CBD pod, it tasted the best with a lot of mangoness flavor. Pineapple express was my second favorite because of the hint of pineapples it had that was refreshing and not overpowering.

Most affordable prefilled cartridge if you can find it at a good price.

stiiizy pen review
Stiiizy pens come in this fly box.

It’s quite disappointing that the prices of these Stiiizy pods for sale are much higher in some cities than others. I live in the bay area, I am in the east bay to be exact. The prices here for a half gram is from $30-$40.00 before the 15% California cannabis tax. I managed to find them in Modesto, an hour drive away for $20.00 a half gram before taxes. Two half gram Stiiizy pods will last me the same as other more expensive options such as Brass Knuckles or Amber Industries.

This Stiiizy pen review discovers convenience at its finest.

The Stiiizy pen is much more superior than 510 cartridges, the dual airflow mouthpiece allows for more vape faster and easier. My other favorite feature is the efficiently of the battery lasting long with short charge times. I found that I didn’t need to charge the Stiiizy vape pen no longer than an hour for it to last a full day of heavy vape usage.

In conclusion, The Stiiizy pen is top of the line and cheaper than others that do not offer such a great vaping experience. The pods are convenient because you don’t have to worry about your cartridge breaking when dropping it. The Stiiizy pen has earned the highest overall average rating on Weedmaps for their product from people rating it and we now understand why they deserve their high rating. We highly recommend you try this incredible prefilled vape cartridge. How has Stiizy been for you? What other vape carts compare to it? Comment below!

Update: An independent lab test was done on the Stiiizy pod Hardcore OG strain from an Instagram user that goes by the username @datdude41510 that showed only 68% THC found.


  1. Ive been using stiizy for awhile now, i often buy allot at one time, and ive found that my pods have been leaking allot more lately than when i 1st started using stiizy. Some start out sticky and others just start randomly. This is the only downfall to this excellent vape, I love all the diff flavors of pods , I prefer sativa or hybird and can say I don’t have any complaints about the pods other than the leaking , due to some local clinics charging so much for pods makes me not want to keep buying them if they don’t address this frequently leaky problem.

  2. Your reviews are spot on! I would only suggest some how including consistency in product manufacturing and customer support. In my opinion STIIIZY used to be super consistent with their oil quality, but as you said in your review they seem to go up and down in strength. Im in the same boat Gelato is mt favorite accurately representing the strain, and Pineapple express close second. But my last gelato pod tasted SOOO BAD, and for someone who needs their medication refilled every 3 to 4 days I cant afford to have a bad pod. My delivery service was not able to help specifically with stiiizy because they say the company just does not help at all and that the company actually owed them $500 for some reason. they told me to reach out directly, and when I did, via email and IG they were NO HELP AT ALL. I forwarded them my IG and showed them how I promo them all the time and I showed them my roaches, I got literally 70 empty pods on my desk, still they said “taste is subjective” and they will not help… I have since stopped using stiiizy. Even brass knuckles (which i no longer use, tired of oil inconsistency, crystallizing, and carts breaking) helps their customers.

    • David that is awful to hear and this has been my experience with Stiiizy as well lately. I will update this review with some more data as well. Overall the quailty of the oil just seems to be not as good as it used to be. They used to have these really dank light colored oils and they have gotten darker and weaker. I also would mention the latest generation CCELL carts with a decent battery hits harder than Stiiizy. I would say anywhere Stiiizy is available you typically can find Select Oil close by or at the same place, and I would take Select anytime over Stiiizy.

      One more thing I would mention is check out Roots Extracts when you go to Las Vegas. These are the consistently strongest carts I have ever tried.

  3. Do not buy Stizzy cartridges. The cartridges fail at least 50% of the time. We have so many broken cartridges. At first they would take them back if they were pretty full now nobody will take them back not even Stizzy. You will be throwing your money away if you buy Stizzy. I was very disappointing.

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