We recently got a comment on our fake Dank Vapes post about dankvapescarts.com. A number of Dank Vapes related websites have popped up recently. Seems no one is even sure on whether the Dank Vapes brand or just printed hardware from China. This site is not even selling fake carts, they are just taking people’s money.

dankvapescarts.com Takes orders, does not deliver

dankvapescarts.com scam
More than one commenter has confirmed they are not delivering.

This particular site offers 1 gram cartridges for $25. They then have the customer submit payment via a not reversible payment method.. The problem is these payment can’t be reversed in most situations. We did not take this accusation lightly and emailed the commentor to confirm.

We now  have some screenshots regarding the transaction. Names have been hidden to protect identifies. We waited to see if anything would be delivered and it was not. Another comment was left on July 23, 2019 that they were scammed out of $15,000, but that has not been verified yet.

Proof of the order from dankvapescarts.com


Above is the order confirmation. Below is the contents of the order. This particular user was scammed out of over $425.

dankvapescarts.com order

Followed up, no response

dank vapes scam
We followed up with the user who never received anything as of July 23, 2019, almost a month later.

Zelle, wires, Bitcoin and Western Union are all read flags

If someone asks for you to pay for something online with one of the above payment method, most likely it is a scam. Unless it is someone you have a business history with we recommend never using these payment methods for anything. Why? You can’t reverse them!

So once you get scammed there is no chance to get the money back. Things paid for online with credit cards or PayPal can be disputed if they do not pay.

At this point there are definitely more fake cartridges out there than real ones. The same can be said for fake TKO carts and fake Brass Knuckles. Here we will break down the transaction and how one customer says they got taken for over $300.

Have you been scammed? Comment below or post in our forum!


  1. Fox 6 Milwaukee just had a report of a dude going into a coma from a Dank Vape cartridge. He’s on life support, doesn’t look good..

  2. sorry…. no legit company has the freaking ‘Apple Jacks’ brand on the packaging. really legit. ha.. thankfully, i live in C.O. and they aren’t ANYWHERE here. wonder why.

  3. Detroit here – many Delivery co.’s but not out of an actual Dispensary sell these.
    Have bought from these services, no issue, but then we noticed…the exact packaging, flavors, boxes, etc., all easily bought on Amazon.
    So locally, they’re probably just filling themselves with correct terpenes and has been OK for us so far.
    Now I can also say, around 1st of the year when the idiots who run this now-legal State chose to pull only certain brands of carts, one was Platinum, few others. And it is the truth that some Dispensaries on 8 Mile were filling the empty containers with their own THC oil concoctions.
    Again, see Amazon and note all items but important ingredients available to buy and says “Dank Vapes”.

  4. Hi anyway I can send a pic and y’all let me know if it’s fake. From what I’m seeing on the packaging it’s fake. The inside looks like vegetable oil, the taste is bad kind of plastic tasting, I don’t get a high at.

  5. Were scammed as well. Have screen shots also from an Aron Jameson $280. Used Venmo. 😡 have screenshots as well. Ordered July 22

  6. I was scammed as well for $300. on July 31st. Texted with Aaron Jameson. I do not want to let this go as they cannot get away with taking my hard earned money.

  7. Yeah I got ripped off for $750. I was iffy using non-refundable payments like that, but it made sense. I noticed that every time I visited the site I was only able to talk to Aaron Jameson. Used Cashapp and the username in the email wasn’t even the one that I was supposed to use. Claimed it swapped daily. I have screenshots for proof if necessary. RIP my bank account xD

  8. Same story here $280 have the email and the like used zelle guess I’ll pay better attention next time.
    They had been responding to text messages

  9. I almost got ripped off for $350. I was emailing with a Frank Chi after placing an order at dankvapescarts.com. My bank didn’t have Zelle and he asked me to use MoneyGram instead. Gave me the most lame instructions from his phone email. I did place the first order and MoneyGram flagged the transaction, declined it and then closed my MoneyGram account altogether.
    The money never went through. THEN, I read these reviews and realized what was going on. It happens all the time and when buying something questionable like weed it’s easy for them to scam because we are not supposed to be purchasing it anyways and people are more reluctant to pursue “a bad drug deal” with the law.

  10. Now am scared of ordering anything online after reading these comments. I had ordered off dankvapedelivery.com and they sent my package. I guess I was lucky though or maybe they’re one of the few good guys.Scum bags out there ripping people off

      • They asked me to pay using either bitcoin Zelle or the gift cards . I was really really skeptical cus it was a one way traffic type of situation. I decided to take my chances with the bitcoin . They told me 2days delivery time . But it came in earlier on the third day. I was sure they had scammed me after the carts didn’t show up on the second day . I guess I was wrong. They’re still some good shops out there that actually ship ,though this scammers make us mad paranoid

  11. Was ripped off on 3 August of 280.00. Tried to call and got nothing. Found out that they got me too. Dang what a shame. Aaron Jamison you’re a piece of shit. Lessons learned

  12. buyvapecartsonline.com……………..FAKE…………Yes its my own dumbass’s fault, but yes, I ordered $208.00 plus $50.00 for overnight…..western union’d the money…….they played me with a shipping service with fake tracking,,,,,,,text messages…..for like 48 hours………

  13. You got your money towel head fags but its ok cuz i have a good job and make enough money to recover from this. You will get your fuckers hahahahha

  14. These people are getting rich by ripping people off! Just remember one thing about Dank Vapes.. Do NOT buy any Dank Vapes online! Only buy if you you have them in hand during transaction and know your source! When Karma comes around the people ripping everyone off is HIT!💯💯 Also never buy anything online if the transaction doesn’t have buyer protection!💯 For example (PayPal) has buyer protection. I hope they get it all coming to them for ripping people off like they have, and put them under the Jail/Prison.


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