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Presenting our first foray into a Honey Vape cartridge and it’s the Green Crack as the featured product. After vaping up a complete .5-gram cartridge, there’s only one word that comes to mind: Decent! At least if decent qualifies as being a little better than mediocre. There’s a lot to report about the Green Crack as well as the build of the Honey Vape cartridge in general. Let’s dig right in!

Honey Vape Green Crack Packaging
The Green Crack Cartridge In Packaging By Honey Vape


  • Lab Tested / Pure Concentrate
  • Excellent Taste / True To Strain
  • Vibrant, Uplifting Effect


  • Hardened / Crystallized Concentrate
  • Sub-Average Efficiency
  • Hi Price Tag
  • Not Very Strong

Recommendations: Make stronger oil and put it in a more efficient cartridge.

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The Honey Vape cartridge scores slightly better than average, at least with the Green Crack strain

Honey Vape Oil Crystallization
Notice The Crystallization Of The Oil In The Honey Vape Cart

If not for the savory taste and nice uplifting effect of the concentrate, I would score the Honey Vape cartridge very low. Why is that, you ask? Mainly because of the cartridge design itself. When you pay $40.00 plus taxes for a half gram cartridge, it should have an efficient design.

The cartridge allows big puffs but only with really long extended inhales. Even when taking semi-long puffs, the Honey Vape cartridge uses oil fast. The fact that the one in my trial had become solidified wasn’t too big a deal besides the unclaimed residue. It liquefied with the warmth of the battery and my hand.

Fortunately, the concentrate is pure as per the labeled lab test results. Honey Vape Green Crack is also surprisingly potent for only a 70% THC composition. Flavor of the Green Crack concentrate is another high note in the review. That sweet yet spicy taste, along with sour citrus, comes through boldly on the palate.

See our video review below, and keep reading on for the more in depth review:

The Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge flavor is right in tune with the strain

So many of the cartridges I vape fail in this area. It’s as if something happens during the distillation process that cuts out certain flavor profiles. Most often I find that one flavor stands out much too prominently against the others.

With the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge, this isn’t the case at all. Upon exhalation of the vapor, the Green Crack flavor profile comes through with great balance. You’ll taste a mix of spicy sweet citrus that lingers on the tongue.

Honey Vape Green Crack is strong for only having 70% THC

Is it Heavy Hitters or Brass Knuckles strong? Not by a long shot. Looking at the tag on the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge, it doesn’t tell you the THC percentage. It does, however, provide the amount of THC in milligrams as well as the CBD. Do the division and 350mg into 500mg is 70%. A CBD content of 6.79mg comes out to 1.36%.

Despite having a significantly lower percentage of THC than many brand name cartridges, Honey Vape Green Crack delivers a good uplifting punch. This is actually a point that surprises me, and quite positively so. If you need some energy during the course of your day, this cart will do the trick.

Honey Vape cartridges are durable but don’t use an efficient design

Honey Vape Cartridge Instructions
Honey Vape Carts Come With Instructions For Use

Read more about the design in the cartridge breakdown section below. The Honey Vape .5-gram cartridge starts at the top with a metal reed style mouthpiece and sturdy glass tube. It ends with a steel base and 510 threading for your standard size battery.

Honey Vape carts, or at least this .5-gram one, are very similar in design we found on our THClear cart review. You can see the design in the breakdown video as well, but the result is less than optimal. I prefer carts that use a small ceramic coil for the heating element.

It seems that the carts using the coils vape the oil faster than ones with the cloth absorption design. The thing is, you can take a small hit on the coil and still get a nice cloud. The ones with the cloth near the element don’t hit as well and they still vape up just as fast.

A THC level of 350 mg and 6.79 mg of CBD on the Green Crack cartridge. Plus a test & batch number.

Honey Vape Cartridge Information
A Sticker On The Packaging Shows The Levels Of THC, CBD, Batch Number, & Test Lab

You can see in the image how Honey Vape provides the info on a sticker placed on the package. It has the levels of THC and CBD as well as the batch number. Also visible is the lab Honey Vapes uses, pH Solutions. One of the benefits of going to a legitimate California dispensary like MedMen is pure lab-tested concentrate.

For a .5-gram cartridge, Honey Vapes costs too much at $40.00

One of the biggest knocks off the overall value of a Honey Vape cartridge is the price. Realizing there are likely additional costs due to lab testing and growing pesticide-free crops, the carts are still expensive. $30.00 would be more enticing, or at least a better cartridge design.

Honey Vape cartridge breakdown & disassembly

Honey Vape Cartridge Breakdown
The Glass Breaks Trying To Remove It. Notice The Unraveled Cloth From Inside The Element Housing

After tearing apart a few different cartridges, you get a feel for why they vape the way they do. For instance, the THClear has the same kind of design and it sputters when you hit it. This lack of a fluid draw doesn’t occur with the Honey Vape cart, but the puff size is the same.

You have a more durable metal mouthpiece and a glass tube is better than plastic. This beats the THClear. Inside the Honey Vape cart, the metal drawtube has a more efficient base. It leaves room for the oil to seep through the holes. At the very bottom, it has the 510 threads that fit your standard battery.

Here is a full breakdown of the cartridge:

Inside the housing of the heating element provided some inefficiency but it was likely due to the battery used. I much prefer a rod and coil to this type of design which may be due to the battery used. I’ll be trying this type of cartridge again with a new battery soon.

Efficiency is a concern with Honey Vape carts

I seem to find poor efficiency with most cartridges that use the same design. For whatever reason, the system with a cloth wrap that soaks up the oil before heating doesn’t perform well. It takes a lot of effort to puff a big cloud of vapor, and even then it’s nothing like vaping a coil.

To be fair, some people prefer to keep their hits on the lighter side. Some of the cheaper rod and coils can leave a bad aftertaste, especially near the end of the cartridge. A good ceramic rod and titanium coil, however, gives you the option of big or small vapes. The Honey Vape cart doesn’t allow for this and the oil still disappears quite fast.

Large vape clouds aren’t easy to achieve

If you give the Honey Vape cartridge a strong 5-second draw, it produces a light cloud of vapor. Part of this could be the crystallization of the oil in my cartridge in particular. Once the cartridge heats up from a couple hits or a very long one, it’ll give off a big cloud. It’ll also seem like a quarter of your oil goes down with it.

Last drops on the Honey Vape cartridge

Overall, the Honey Vape Green Crack cartridge just falls short of our recommendation. At a cheaper price, it would make the cut. Either that or a better cartridge design and consistency of oil. I’d much rather go with a full gram of Heavy Hitters or Brass Knuckles. They deliver such a better vaping experience and don’t cost that much more for double the amount of concentrate. More information can be found on HoneyVape here.

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