As a black woman, supporting black-owned businesses is important to me. Especially when it comes to the cannabis industry. Unjust cannabis laws have disproportionately affected the black community, and 93 Boyz donates to the communities affected by these prejudices. 

93 Boyz is the brainchild of rapper Vic Mensa and Chicago’s first black-owned cannabis brand. I’ve bumped into Vic Mensa at a few Chicago social outings, and he’s a cool dude. 

This has been on my bucket list for a long time, so a big thanks to 93 Boyz for reaching out and sending me some of their premium octane gas. They sent me a pretty awesome care package, complete with two 8ths, a preroll, a cartridge to try, and some dank swag to wear. 

This has been the most fun review I’ve had so far, and I got pretty high doing it. A win/win. Follow along as I break down each product, and share my thoughts.


  • Donates to a great cause
  • High quality
  • Tastes great
  • Smooth experiences
  • Bold packaging


  • None

Recommendations: None

93 boyz gear

The 93 Boyz packaging is bright and makes me excited to smoke

More packaging should use bright colors. The bright yellow with the black lettering of the 93 Boyz logo is bold and creates a fuzzy feeling in my brain that makes me excited to smoke or vape the products. I’m sure there’s some psychological reason for the color yellow igniting excitement in me, but whatever it is, 93 Boyz has the right branding formula. Their tagline “Never run out of gas,” also goes pretty hard.

It’s also easily recognizable because I’ve seen quite a few people in the city rocking the shirts or hats. The logo definitely creates buzz (no pun intended).

The packaging for the 3.5s and preroll was easy to open, and so was the cart. The cart even had instructions on the package to help you.

Jealousy Thin Mintz is worth the hype!

First up, I tried the Jealousy Thin Mintz, which was Leafly’s 2022 Strain of the Year and a combo of the Jealousy and Thin Mint strains. After trying it I can definitely see why it’s got all the hype. This hybrid is the perfect mesh of relaxation, clarity, and euphoria. 

Effects: After a couple of tokes, I was happy and high but still had enough alertness to be a little productive. I also felt extremely relaxed, so this is a game changer if you’re a fellow person who struggles with an anxiety disorder.

Taste: It smells and tastes very earthy. Similar to a pine cone or freshly cut wood. I thought it was a smooth taste and smelled pretty good.

Potency: It’s a nice potency at 28.35% cannabinoids.

93 boyz flower

Jet Fuel will knock you all the way down (in a good way)

Jet Fuel is the crossbreed of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel. This sativa is heady and super potent. This is a great strain for a night of eating and laughing with friends.

Effects: A couple of pulls and it’ll get you right. This one made me feel energetic, but I was also super stoned, so although I wasn’t sleepy I was definitely couch ridden until I ate some munchies to even me out. 

Taste: It tastes grassy and earthy. It can be a bit of heavy smoke, so expect to cough a couple of times. Especially, if you’re asthmatic like me. 

Potency: The potency of this is super high at 32.59% cannabinoids. 

93 boyz cart

The Super Donutz Gas Tank (Vape Cart) is strong and smooth

Next, I tried the Super Donutz Vape Cartridge, which 93 Boyz cleverly calls a “Gas Tank.” The design of the cartridge isn’t anything to write home about. It’s got a plastic piece with a metal thread and can fit into any standard battery. 

Effects: This hybrid strain is OG Kush and G-13 strains put together. I felt a strong cerebral high after just three pulls. I felt relaxed, but alert, and was able to get things done being buzzed.

Taste: There isn’t a super noticeable taste. It has the typical vape taste that most carts have, which can be good or bad depending on your preference.

Potency: The potency is super high at 81.18% cannabinoids. 

93 boyz pre roll

The Lotto preroll smelled like heaven and flowers

I’ve never smelled a strain that smelled so gorgeous. I know most people like their strains to smell super skunky, but I love a pretty-smelling strain. The Lotto smelled like a bed of flowers in heaven. If I could get a perfume replicated in this fragrance then I would. It also tasted great and provided a great buzz.

Effects: This is a great mid-day strain to use. I smoked this and still remained focused enough to write this review. I didn’t get the munchies either, so if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, but still enjoy a toke, this is a great strain to try. 

Taste: Just like the smell, this strain has a great floral taste mixed with a slight tinge of citrus. It’s a very smooth smoke with minimal if any coughing. 

Potency: This one isn’t super potent at 18.95%.

93 boyz about

Concluding this review

Between contributing to good causes and just having all-around high-quality products, 93 Boyz is officially my go-to strain. Everything I tried met or went above my expectations. Check your local dispensary for this brand; you won’t be disappointed!

You can find out more about 93 Boyz products here.

Have you tried any of their products? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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