This is our motto at Dab Connection: complete coverage! From the well-stocked cannabis paradises of Las Vegas (covered by Miles of Paradice in a Pot fame), to a dippy little backwater like Des Moines, Iowa (that be me), we bring you the most complete picture possible of the North American cannabis industry. So today for show ‘n’ tell I brought house flower from The Despensary. This goes 3.5G for $40, quite reasonable.

Check the full video review of Gary Payton THCA flower here.


  • THICK, skunky aroma!
  • Potent as all get out – got me higher than anything I’ve smoked in months
  • Decently fresh
  • Finally, an altcan that works!


  • Not your most productive bowl

Recommendations: Keep it quiet or Kim Reynolds will ban this too.

This Weed Hits Like a Truck!

THCA is, after all, the natural precursor to D9THC. That’s the molecule that is converted into THC during decarboxylation (decarbing). Normally THCA is converted into THC during the curing of the plant, or in preparing extracts and edibles. However, plain olf fire just so happens to decarb THCA nicely, and since there’s no federal restrictions on hemp having THCA, that makes it Farm Bill legal.

So obvious, it was staring us all in the face.

My guess is that they remove the THCA from the plant material, cure it, then spray the THCA back onto the herb as a distillate or something. The result is virtually identical to your standard D9THC weed. Even closer to a full-on flower than delta 8.

I can notice a slight difference. For one thing, I’ve had strains of D9THC that had a less intense buzz than this stuff. So it feels just slightly different, like a fortified wine. The buzz carries a bit of foggy-headedness, uplifting but also “duh!” Even though it’s a hybrid, it tends to lay you out anyway just stoning you out. It lasts a good long time, too. I’m actually smoking a smaller-than-normal bowl of the stuff and it still keeps me zoned for hours.

Don’t go by the quantity in the bag, BTW. These are the last photos of the nugs before they get marched to the grinder.

The Aroma Is Classic

Gary Payton strain is noted for high caryophyllene and some pinene. The result is a potent, musky aroma that could not smell more skunk-like if there was an actual skunk in the bag. The smell is so loud, you wouldn’t want to blaze this in a less relaxed setting. Me, I have the benefit of living in the sticks; I can hotbox the whole house and nobody cares. But I wouldn’t try smoking this strain in a hotel room because the standard towel across the door just isn’t going to block the smell with this one.

The taste is more of an earthy, piney smoke, nothing very distinguishing. It’s also smoother than the equivalent delta 8, or at least this batch seemed so.

Concluding the review…

The Despensary wins my “empty bag” vote for Gary Payton THCA flower, because I have about smoked the lot by the time of publication, and it was an outstanding performer from start to finish. It’s got a great, perky effect, plenty of giggles, and euphoric. It’s super for recreational use; but a bit brain-foggy for a daily smoker. I’ll be trying more of their house flower whenever I can get there.

This is one bag of grass that gets my top recommendation, and you all know how hard I can be to please. It is also refreshing to have another altcan contender on the table after THCO faded from the scene. I have also so far tried altcans that were purported to be “stronger than THC” only to be let down. But this THCA really delivers on that promise.

Readers, share your thoughts on THCA, altcans, house flower, Gary Payton, or flying saucers. Here in the comments below or in our smokey forum.



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