I’m not super huge into live resin or anything of the sort because I’m not a big dabber. As I mentioned in my Dr. Dabber review, I tend to stay away from anything involving rigs because they are too complicated. But, check out my Dr. Dabber XS review to see why I may start embracing the dab thanks to simple e-rigs. Anywho, in order to properly test out the Dr. Dabber XS I decided to indulge in some 4/20 sales and buy some live sugar resin by Grassroots in the Dilly Bars strain.


  • Long-lasting high
  • Great value (when on sale)
  • Pleasant taste
  • Decent amount of product


  • Lowkey effects

Recommendations: None

grassroots wax

It’s a lowkey high that’ll last you a couple of hours

Looking at resin is always weird to me because it’s in such a tiny container. Like, how is this little tiny waxy substance going to get me high? But oh, boy it did. The resin itself was a golden tone and full of crystals. It smelled pretty good too. Not super skunky, but an upbeat citrus/cannabis fusion. 

This resin is pretty high in potency but doesn’t get me super otherworldly when I take a couple of puffs. The dabs I’ve taken in the past have put me down for the count, but I was appreciative that I was still able to function while being sufficiently high. In fact, the high is pretty demure. Way more lowkey than I’d expect from a dab. 

I take 2-3 hits to get me right. Those 2-3 hits usually keep me high for a couple of hours or longer unless I get the munchies and veg out on food. If I eat then I lose the high pretty quickly and I’ll have to re-up again.

grassroots box

Great value; lasted a long time

This Grassroots sugar resin was a great value because I caught a 420 sale and Grassroots typically has some pretty affordable prices on a regular basis. CuraLeaf is one of the more cost-friendly dispensaries in Illinois, so even if it isn’t a holiday you can expect to catch some worthwhile deals on your cannabis products. 

The sugar resin has lasted a good amount of time. I still have some left and it’s been almost a month! 

grassroots wax close

Would I buy it again?

So, the big question: Would I buy the Grassroots Dilly Bars Live Sugar Resin again? Yep! But only if it was on sale again. It wasn’t too much to write home about it, but it was worth it during a promotion. Grab your own at your local CuraLeaf dispensary! 

You can find out more about Grassroots products here.

Have you tried Grassroots Live Sugar? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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