Here we go again with another installment of Pete’s exploration of the mushroom kingdom. With every cannabis company and their rapper spokesman diversifying into mushrooms too, it’s just about the right time for Galaxy Treats to throw their hat in the ring… But maybe this was too soon? Galaxy Treats is a widely-sold brand, and we have reviewed several of their products in the past with some mixed results.

THEREFORE: I’m willing to cut them some slack this time. I have to take their record into consideration because I scarfed a whole 7500MG bag and felt absolutely nothing, but there’s variables to consider. Galaxy Treats Moon Shrooms are listed on their site as $37.99 for the 10-count bag.


  • Very fresh and moist
  • Fine flavors


  • Did nothing, no effects

Recommendations: Find a way to get consistent potency in your product.



Dab Connection Reviews Are Aimed At Constructive Criticism

I’m just pointing it out every time, when we review things we really review them! We’re not a pay-for-play fake review site. We’re a consumer watchdog site.

So I’m trying to be fair because when it comes to Amanita Muscaria, we’re still in the pioneering days of the industry. We’ve only seen all this come on the market in the past year. The other fudge factor is that extracting muscimol from Amanitas is an inconsistent process, with a great variety in potency from one mushroom to another.

So far, we started with Amanita Regalis mushroom caps, because before I experience the gummy I want to experience the drug. Since then, we’ve been eating our way through about a half dozen varieties of mushroom gummy, and have only run across one dud, Smilyn, while Boom Boyz, Hometown Hero, and Minnesota Nice gave me measurable effects and Mushrom Lyfe at last came through with my first full Amanita trip – and I liked it!

I’m looking for those trips, or at least enough effect that a trip could be possible if I took enough. So I’m not trying to review for microdosing, because how do I conclude that it’s effective? Take 2 IQ tests a month apart around a 30-day regimen? So in testing Galaxy Treats I gulped down the whole bag, 7500MG. I am also getting to realize one tell of Amanita content: I always get a stomach rumble and gurgle for just a minute after taking any Amanita product (other users have also observed this). Twice I missed that, with Smilyn and now Galaxy Treats. Ditto, I felt no muscimol effects later.

As far as aesthetics go, these are great. Fresh, moist and tasty, the best you could expect from a gummy. And like I say, we’ve poked at a few Galaxy Treats products before and found they did something. So, having downed one bag, I have two more in front of me which I might try later; if the one bag was just a fluke, I’ll update this review with the new results. But even at that, two bags is a 300-calorie meal and one heck of a lot of sugar, and I’m a fat lil’ waddling penguin already.



Lab Tests Reveal Potency Mystery

I was overjoyed with my Mushroom Lyfe experience because it gave me an important benchmark to compare. After Galaxy Treats, I pulled up the lab test sheet from the obligatory Qr code on the package. For comparison, I pulled up the lab sheet from Mushroom Lyfe’s Purple Punch flavor too.

It’s a bit hard to see way down at the bottom on the Mushroom Lyfe’s sheet (top), but they list the muscimol potency per piece. Mushroom Lyfe’s gummies tested muscimol (the active ingredient in Amanita mushrooms) at 3.10 MG/serving (single gummy). Galaxy Treats’ gummies tested muscimol at 9.68 MG/serving. But Mushroom Lyfe put me on the moon where Galaxy Treats did nothing. That’s 62MG from the Mushroom Lyfe (20-count bag) vs. an alleged 96.8MG from the Galaxy Treats (10-count bag).

So either the Galaxy Treats were a dud, or else we can kiss our reliance on muscimol percentage as an indicator of potency goodbye.

As I say, Amanita mushroom products are brand new on the market and likely still have plenty of bugs to work out in the system. Most of all, I have heard that there is wildly variable potency from one mushroom to the next. With that said, this is still a quality control issue.

Psychedlics is Not a Game for Amateurs!

It is necessary that we’re going to have to come down much harder on mislabeled and misrepresented psychedelics in the future. That’s because they are a HARDER + HEAVIER drug than cannabis. Take the wrong dose of cannabis and you just got more stoned; take the wrong dose of psychedelics and die in a car accident when you unexpectedly start hallucinating on the freeway.

I will also charge that it is a very cruel and inconsiderate thing to play with people’s heads when it comes to psychedelics. Already I have Hitchcock’s violins from Psycho playing in my head with the suspense I’m experiencing every time I take mushroom gummies. Was it too much, was it not enough, am I tripping or just experiencing placebo, will I get burned? I am putting my life in the manufacturer’s hands – could they please return the vote of confidence and try to give a thin damn what they are doing? Amanitas are cheap and bountiful all over the Earth, it’s not a question of cutting corners.


Was It a Fluke?

We’re going to be trying another round of those Smilyn shroom gummies again, and may return to Galaxy Treats for another go later. Readers, how has your luck been with edible Amanita products? Find any bangers? Spread the spores of your knowledge here in the comments or in our mushy forum.


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