Smilyn is a name brand in cannabis products well-known to our frequent readers. Among several reviews by our staff, we’ve covered everything Smilyn from vapes to edibles, while so far I have just done one Smilyn review, covering some edibles a while back. Compared to other cannabis edibles brands – legions of which line the shelves of every dispensary and a few vape shops besides – Smilyn has always taken a back seat with me, and I’m afraid they haven’t improved much now that I revisit them. But here we are with Easter rolling into 4/20, so I’ll put on the bunny ears and review them with an open mind.

Full video breakdown of the Smilyn edible line-up here.


  • The chocolate bar was the best
  • THC edibles are at least effective
  • More consistent packaging than last time


  • Bottom-of-the-barrel quality standards
  • Mushroom gummies were a dud in terms of effects
  • D9/CBG gushers were like chewing an eraser

Recommendations: Work on the freshness or inventory rotation.


The Chocolate Bar Was the Best of the Basket

At 150 MG of Live Resin THC, the chocolate bar comes in 15 squares you can break off for exact dosing. This chocolate bar was good enough to make me wonder how it came from Smilyn. The effects are potent at the 60mg I tried. I could feel the live resin and entourage, in a happy warm glow that lasted all evening. The candy is S’Mores flavor, if you’re wondering what the little white things are, that’s marshmallows.

The candy quality itself was pretty low, but considered passable for American chocolate. If you’re asking what the deal is with American chocolate, has your answer. Basically the US standard for chocolate is well below European regulations. This is the same chocolate grade you’d find in a Dollar Tree hollow bunny.

Anyway, if this was just about the chocolate bar, it would rate at least an 8/10 from me. As long as I have live resin THC effects, I don’t expect Willy Wonka.


The THC/CBG Strawberry Gushers Were Gross But Effective

These have a combination of delta 9 THC and CBG, a niche cannabinoid with mild effects but gives me a tingle of mental stimulation as I mention in my altnoid guide. Generally I’m a CBG fan. In terms of effects, these seem to be close to the potency as labeled, so a couple of these is equal to about 60mg of cannabinoids, half of that only mildly psychoactive. It gave me about what I expect in effects, albeit they are decidedly not the full spectrum.

As candy itself though, I almost wanted to send them back. They are purported to be strawberry gushers, see, with a description that suggests a liquid center. Well, they must have dried up by the time they got to me. Furthermore, these were not any kind of gummy texture, but a pallid and chewy substance halfway between a candle and an eraser. Only a dim ghost of strawberry flavoring, a red stain, dwells at its long-dead heart. They taste like a second divorce. This is a great way to regulate your dosage so you don’t take too much at once. You have to weigh whether having a nice buzz for a few hours is worth choking down four of them in a row.

The Strawberry Gushers get my rating of a flat 4/10, starting from a 5/10 for being “oppressively mediocre” and then taking an extra point off because how do you get cannabis gummies wrong in 2023?


The Happy Mush Mushroom Gummies Had No Effect

Finally, we get to the new kid on the block, and an experience in my continued mushroom explorations which I had to check out once. The bottom line, these had no noticeable effect for me. Recall back to the Boom Boyz Amanita Regalis caps review, I at least felt an inkling of mushroom trippiness, but at a microdose of around 1.75 grams of dried caps boiled into tea. Investigating the reports of others tells me that for truly tripping, I may need to get up into the 10 grams range.

The Happy Mush gummies say they are “350mg” per piece, but I don’t know if that’s active ingredients or just bulk mushroom material. At 12 pieces per jar, that makes the whole jar 4200mg. I ate 6 in one sitting lasting over a couple hours: Taking a couple and then sat patiently waiting, took a couple more, etc. Zip, zilch, zero effects! They are notably devoid of euphoria for having the word “euphoric” right on the label.

In terms of edible quality, these are best compared to dried-out strawberry chews. But that’s beside the point of not accomplishing objective one in the first place. Overall, these would get 1-4/10 rating from me. However, I’m not counting this as a fault because we have some considerations for the factors:

  • Mushroom edibles are still in the experimental stage
  • *I’m* still in the experimental stage when it comes to Amanitas
  • I might have an insane tolerance to muscimol
  • Everybody’s experience is different
  • Might still have some use as a microdose supplement

From the general consensus I gather in the fungus-friendly reaches of the web, I hear that most users agree that mushroom gummies from any brand just don’t cut it, and I’m better off with the caps. As I say, I wanted to try the gummies as a control experiment against my caps experience.

Smilyn Needs Some Quality Control

Back in my Munchies Week Gummy Ranking video, I ranked Smilyn at the bottom of the competition, while still contending that they’re at least passable sometimes. I am disappointed to report that my ranking hasn’t changed. This degree of consistency is unusual in the cannabis industry, so I had hoped they’d improved. I’m not the only reviewer here to give Smilyn mixed reviews, either. So sometimes, like with the chocolate bar, they at least meet expectations, but when Smilyn fails, it fails with a crash.

Readers, find out the menagerie of Smilyn products here, and then drop off your thoughts on Smilyn edibles here in the comments or in our pan-lifestyle-acceptance forum.



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