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Reviews of batteries from the perspective of oil pen users.
I think this was the best battery brand I’ve used for simply that reason. Great design, Great options. Great overall.
Cartridge batteries: You've seen them big and small, cheap and expensive, simple and complex. But you haven't seen it all until you've seen the PCKT Two system, which is both a bit pricier but also an upgrade to the...
The CCell M3 Plus is definitely a quality battery. It is pretty solid and sturdy. It has a variable power switch and is activated just by inhaling.
Howdy, vape cartridge fans! We're back today with the Doteco TargetX vape cartridge battery. The TargetX is a new model, almost a prototype, at this stage, and I'm informed that it will be an OEM product sold for third-party...
Welcome back, vapeheads, and we're going to explore the wide world of Dot Vaporizer, AKA Doteco (there is another company claiming that name for their domain). We will be looking at two very compact cartridge battery designs: the TIK10...
So perhaps, you are one of the vaping elite proselytizers trying to get your friend into vaping. The trouble is, you can't start with a cartridge, because they have no battery, or can't start with a battery because then...
If DabConnection has established itself in no other regard, it has made a name for itself in reporting on the fake vape cartridge epidemic. We have investigated dozens upon dozens of these bogus brands and it seems we haven't...
Yocan Lux is one of the better 510-threaded cartridge batteries as it is discreetly portable, extremely durable, and convenient for travel
Tronian Tautron battery is a very solid recommendation because it offers a solid yet discreet build, an ultra-portable design, great battery strength, and efficient performance for a low enough price.
UWOW Storm is a solid and compact variable voltage battery with an OLED display
Here we review the Tuatron Pitron vape battery. For a cheaper stick battery, it's good.
Here we review the Ooze vault extract battery, a very convenient battery that comes with a unique storage chamber. But the performance on it is mediocre and the wax tank didn't deliver the best hits.
Vessel currently has the best airflow on the market. Their original Vessel battery has stayed on our best batteries for THC carts list since the list began. There’s no denying there’s something special about the way the Vessel batteries...
We review the Airistech Mystica III battery, comparable to the CCELL Palm or Silo. It hits decent, but we have to grumble about the design.
We review the XTube 710 by VapMod, a THC vape cartridge battery which we find very affordable, but with a flaw in its button design.
The TOQi 510 uses a USB-C cable to charger, one of the first batteries we've seen with this feature and one of many innovations.
We check out the Vessel BASE, a dock-like charger for your Vessel CCELL cartridge battery. It carries on the Vessel tradition of elegant technology.
See why the Rover Case by Vessel is the best way to carry your Vessel battery, cartridges and wallet items on the go.