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This week we will take a look at the Yocan STIX PLUS. The STIX PLUS comes in a simple yet stylish packaging and is available in different color options. The STIX PLUS is a refillable oil pen aimed at those looking for a discreet pen design as well as those of us Yocan refers to as “flavor chasers”. Let’s take a look at what the YOCAN STIX PLUS gets right and see where it misses the mark.


  • Cheap yet durable
  • Leak-proof and portable
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Solid build/various color choices
  • Ceramic coils
  • Long battery life


  • Leak-proof storage is slightly larger than the usual 510-threaded cartridges
  • No way to tell if it’s charging

Recommendations: It would be nice if the button lit up while charging

yocan stix plus unit

Only $14.99 and it’s actually decent?

The people at Yocan were kind enough to send two batteries perhaps to showcase the color selections they offer. This was nice, but what really excited me was the quality of the battery. At $14.99 and coming from China, I expected a pen you use and lose or eventually stop working. Maybe a loose charger connection, anything to justify the cheap price. I was pleased to find that Yocan Stix Plus had a nice weight that felt substantial and sturdy without feeling bulky or too heavy. The button clicks satisfyingly and doesn’t feel like it’s misaligned or made of cheap material. I was impressed.

yocan stix plus batteries

Full-Flavored Vapor

The YOCAN STIX PLUS features a leak-proof reservoir, called independent storage, that is perfect for on-the-go vaping. The storage is transparent so you can easily tell how much material there is left in the cartridge to avoid burning your coils and suffering from bad-tasting vapors. The cartridge also works as a mouthpiece to provide users with a tighter airflow, allowing less air into the chamber to let more of your select oil concentrates into the vapor. This is all to help you experience better-tasting vapors with fuller flavors. While the main ingredient in the full flavor comes from the ceramic coils, I can say that I used other cartridges as well and the flavor was still noticeably better than other pens I’ve used, though not quite what it was when loading oil into the leak-proof storage. 

yocan stix plus unit

Ceramic coils

The Yocan STIX uses an advanced ceramic atomizer that claims to help you experience better-tasting flavors every hit. The idea behind this is that with the use of ceramic components, your oil concentrates can steep and will be absorbed by the ceramic in the atomizer. Ceramic is porous, so it can absorb the oil as it heats up which allows the vapor to retain a fuller flavor. This is supposed to result in better-tasting hits, and I can attest that it does. Until the very end of my cartridge, each hit was tasty and smooth. It should be noted that you’re exchanging the denser vapor production for the taste, but what’s the point of big clouds if they taste like burnt toenails? It should be noted that the ceramic coils are in independent storage and are not in play when using store-bought 510 threaded cartridges.

Discreet portability 

The Yocan Stix can fit in most pockets without any bulge, making it perfect for the discreet smoker. The provided Leak proof oil storage is slightly bulkier than store-bought 510-threaded cartridges but no wider than the battery itself. The battery of the Yocan Stix Plus Vaporizer is 3.34 inches long, 5.04 with the provided Leak Proof storage, and only 0.55 inches in diameter.

yocan stix plus box

Multiple heat settings

Below are the corresponding heat levels.

  • Red Light: Low Setting
  • Green Light: Medium Setting
  • Blue Light: High Setting

The  Yocan Stix vape pen has 3 preset temperatures which provide you with a good range of heat for oils of varying viscosity. The 3 temperatures offered by the Stix pen are Low, Medium, and High, and can be toggled between by using the power button. The Yocan Stix features an elegant and simple one-button design which makes using this pen nearly fool-proof. And if you forget, the instructions are right on the box. Since one button controls the power, temperature, and activation, this pen is perfect for those new to oil pens.

Switching Through the Temperature Settings

  • Power the Yocan Stix Vaporizer on by rapidly tapping the power button 5 times.
  • You can check if the correct steps have been performed to turn on the Yocan Stix Vaporizer by looking at the power button itself, it will blink or flash to tell you it’s powered on.
  • Tap the power button 3 times rapidly to select heat settings.
  • Release the power button to allow the selected heat setting to take effect on the Yocan Stix Vaporizer.
  • Double-click to pre-heat. Double-click again to stop the pre-heat

Leak proof storage

Yocan boasts that the Stix vape pen is manufactured to be leak-free. This means you should not run into any issues with the Stix vape leaking your precious oil into your pocket. I recommend leaving the Stix pen with its cartridges in an upright position, as a rule, to ensure there are no leaks when in extremely hot or cold conditions, on a plane, or when utilizing the pen with another cartridge aside from the one provided. 

Long battery life, but is it charging?

The Yocan Stix Plus has a long battery life. I finished 2 full-gram cartridges on one full charge. The one drawback, though a minor one, is that when charging there is no way to tell that it is aside from trusting the USB-C connection from the pen to the power source. It would be nice if it lit up for peace of mind, especially if you are someone who has a finicky or broken charger. Aside from that I was surprised and pleased by the life of the fully charged 350mhz battery of the Yocan Stix Plus.

yocan stix plus box details

A reliable and affordable battery

Are you are looking for a solid oil pen at a cheap price? One that may not be the flashiest or highest quality, but will get the job done. The Yocan Stix plus surpassed my expectations in all the major categories. When an oil pen is affordable, it’s usually purchased for function and value, rather than quality. With the Yocan Stix PLUS, you can have the best of both. Are there nicer oil pens? Sure. Are they as cheap or cheaper? Probably not. The range of colors, the discreet design, the quality of the build, and the results when you start smoking are all reasons to purchase the YOCAN Stix PLUS.

Loading the Yocan Stix Vaporizer

  • Select your favorite e-liquid and set it aside.
  • Take your Yocan Stix Vaporizer and hold the mouthpiece which serves as a pod, this is where you’ll be holding and loading your materials.
  • Turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise, this will allow you to remove the pod/mouthpiece and take it apart from the actual Yocan Stix Vaporizer battery. Removing the mouthpiece reveals the base connector that covers the bottom part of the pod/mouthpiece system.
  • Unscrew the base connector to access the opening of the pod/mouthpiece.
  • Load desired amount of e-liquid onto the pod/mouthpiece. Note: Make sure to turn the pod/mouthpiece upside down when filling it with e-liquids. Keep in mind to allow a little space as filling the pod/mouthpiece with e-liquid right at the brim can cause your e-liquid materials to spill or overflow once you connect the pod/mouthpiece back to the Yocan Stix Vaporizer battery.
  • Keep the pod/mouthpiece in its upside-down position. Likewise, the battery should be turned upside down when connecting it to the pod/mouthpiece. Screw the battery and the mouthpiece back in place. Note: make sure that you do not over-tighten the threads as it may damage them and cause them to be loose altogether.

Vaping with the Yocan Stix Vaporizer

  • Make sure that the Yocan Stix Vaporizer is fully charged and properly loaded before vaping to achieve the best results.
  • Once loaded, hold the mouthpiece close to your lips and prepare to draw.
  • Press and hold the power button and at the same time, the Yocan Stix Vaporizer generates vapors, inhale and draw from the opening of the mouthpiece.
  • Repeat this process as necessary or as the e-liquids are fully consumed.

yocan stix plus box details-2

Care and Maintenance of the Yocan Stix Vaporizer

The Yocan Stix Vaporizer was made with few parts making it a robust and rigid device. Likewise, having fewer parts make it easy to clean and maintain. To clean your Yocan Stix Vaporizer, follow the steps below.

  • Turn the vaporizer on. Five clicks will turn it on and five clicks turns it off.
  • Remove the pod/mouthpiece by unscrewing it from the battery.
  • Turn the Yocan Stix Vaporizer upside down.
  • Perform a burn-off by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. Repeat this process twice or thrice. This will cause any residue on the ceramic coils to melt or evaporate.
  • Let the vaporizer cool down.
  • Wipe off the Yocan Stix Vaporizer and the parts with a dry paper towel and reassemble.


The Yocan Stix Plus is a refillable oil pen and can be refilled multiple times. It is recommended to change the cartridge of your Stix pen after every couple of fills or when your oil flavor begins to change.  Design, Works for thicker oils.

You can find out more about Yocan products here.

Have you tried the Yocan Stix Plus battery? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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