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This week we will take a look at the ViVANT Vault SE. The Vault SE is a special edition flask 510 threaded battery for oil lovers that claims to combine the advantages of both the VAULT and VAULT mini. The Vault SE comes in a small box along with 2 510-threaded magnetic connectors, one longer and one short, a USB-C Cable, and one quick guide instruction booklet. Let’s get into it!


  • Great taste on both settings
  • Discreet and portable
  • Updated build with USB-C Charger
  • Customizable


  • The low setting isn’t worth having
  • Not great for .5g Cartridges because the longer magnetic connector insert wouldn’t work properly

Recommendations: Some improvements to the magnetic connector would be great.

vivant vault se battery lineup

Elegant and ergonomic design 

The ViVANT Vault SE flask has a curved design that fits nicely into your hand, filling your thumb’s natural curve. Black is always a classic look and the placement of the button and corresponding heat levels on top make this battery sleek and stylish. 

vivant vault se

Maintains great taste on both settings, so who needs low?

The Vault SE has two power levels, low (red light) and high (green light). You can cycle through these settings by double-clicking the sole button on top of the Vault SE. The low setting might be geared toward those looking to savor the terpene flavors without getting too stoned. After using this battery for a while, I found it was kind of a waste using the lower setting. The high setting still has a good flavor and after it gets warmed up, you can blow some big billowy clouds. I didn’t return to using the low setting after initial testing, but at least there’s always the option to take it slow for those looking for lighter hits.

vivant vault se battery box content

Modernized build

The Vault SE is a USB-C charging battery with a built-in 350mAh battery. I have thrown out all of my old micro USB batteries and cords and I do not miss them at all, they are obsolete. The Vault SE features a magnetic connection for 510-threaded oil cartridges. There are two inserts of varying lengths for differently-sized cartridges. The problem I ran into was that I was using a 0.5g cartridge that required the longer insert to be able to put your lips to the mouthpiece, however, I could not make this connection work. There was a small booklet for instructions, but I still couldn’t get it to fit properly. The smaller insert along with a 1g cartridge worked perfectly without having to find a finicky fit. Everything slid in easily and hit nicely. 

vivant vault se battery unit

Discreet portability 

The Vault SE measures 43mm X 60mm X 15mm and is 11mm in diameter. The Oil Level is easily viewed via a stylish cut-out in the flask over the cartridge only on the backside. The heat levels are button activated, however, the Vault SE does have an auto-draw feature, so you can take it out and hit it quickly without your companions being any the wiser. 

vault se specs

Add your logos for sleek personalization

One cool feature of the Vault SE is that there is a good-sized area left blank for you to customize. Aside from the ViVANT logo along the bottom of the front side, there are no other markings. The cut-out where you can view the oil level is only on the back side, so you have a nice little area on the front to etch in a logo of your business or whatever Fandom you want to represent. 

vivant vault se battery box

A solid battery for those that prefer the flask design

Other than the problems I had with the larger magnetic connector, this is a really good battery. I didn’t like the low setting, but it always worked and the high setting more than made up for what I was missing with the low setting. The flask design looks and feels really cool, but I prefer to be able to get at the thread of the cartridge in case there’s an issue. I will concede that this is the best discreet flask I have tried. I always have problems getting the others to hit properly and although I had the same problem with the longer magnetic connector, the short one worked effortlessly.

You could even still the .5g cartridges, but just barely and it wasn’t as comfortable as the longer 1g cartridges. If you like the flask design and don’t mind the $29.99 price tag this is a good buy. It’s well-built and looks cool especially if you decide to customize it. 

You can find out more about ViVANT products here.

Have you tried the ViVANT Vault SE Battery? Let us know in the comments or on our forum


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