This guide on making your cartrdiges last longer is inpired by an original video by Jordan Brown gives us vape pen tips on how to make your THC and CBD vape cartridges go the extra mile. 

Tips to Make your THC & CBD Oil Cartridges Last Longer

THC and CBD vape cartridges can be expensive. We hope this guide helps you get more life out of the oil in those cartridges. Looking for the best cartridges? Check out our best of California and best of Nevada lists. If you have any comments or other suggestions please comment below! You might also be interested in how to swap oil between cartridges.

#1 When you vape, make sure that you are inhaling the vapor into the lungs

THC/CBD absorption does not happen well if you let the vapor sit in your mouth. You can absorb some of the THC with the lining of your mouth, but it’s not as efficient if you inhale it down to your lungs.

How to inhale your vapor
Make sure to pull the vapor into your lungs.

#2 When you inhale the THC/CBD into your lungs, make sure you inhale deep and hold it there so that your lungs can fully absorb the THC or CBD

Your lungs have a certain capacity in how quickly it can absorb THC and CBD. Make sure that when you vape, you hold your breath for around 5 seconds before releasing. To know that you’re doing it correctly, when you exhale, there should be limited vapor visibility. Also, the harder you pull the vapor into your lungs will effect how much THC/CBD you absorb as well. 

#3 Switch off between oil and flower

Whether it’s smoking flower or vaping oil, your body reacts depending on how you consume your THC and CBD. When vaping oil, you are consuming much more THC in a hit than you would with flower. Some people like switching between flower and oil so that they maintain their tolerance levels. Brown tells us that he hits his vape pen in the morning to ensure that he is getting the desired dosage.

#4 Be aware of the temperature you’re vaping at

Many vape pens have different temperatures settings. It’s important to know the right temperature to hit your oil at. Different THC cartridges evaporate at various temperatures producing different levels of high. Experiment with your settings and find the sweet spot that works for you. It is advised that you start low and work your way up to higher temperature. It is a possibility that you may be producing too much vapor for yourself in one hit.

#5 Leave your cartridges in a cool and dry place

Where you store your vape cartridges matter. Brown tells us that THC and CBD cartridges tend to evaporate passively if left in a hot environment. That the tend to evaporate from the top of the cartridge.

cartridge storage
Ensure that your cartridges are stored in a cool place.

#6 Always keep your cartridge up right

 The THC and CBD oil tends to stick on top of the cartridge and stay there. You want to make sure that your oil is always contact with the heating element of your cartridge. Think of it as a bottle of honey. If you do not keep it up right, it’ll harden in the corners preventing you from getting all the honey.

#7 Be mindful when your vape pen is on/off

Depending on what kind of vape pen you have, some activate when you inhale or with a button. Know how sensitive your button is and ensure that nothing is making contact with it.

#8 Use an efficient battery for cartridges

Using a mod or regular eCig battery is not always the most efficient way to hit cartridges. Sometimes they hit too hard or airflow is just not optimized for carts. Our top choice for cartridges is the Vessel battery. The Vessel is pricey but the airflow is optimized for vape carts. It hits the best on standard 510 carts (including CCELL) out of the many batteries we have tried. Make sure to check out our Vessel Brand coupon page for the lowest prices on Vessel products.

The next best batteries are cheaper and made by CCELL. Those are the Palm and Silo. Besides the Vessel, nothing hits CCELL carts better than these two, and CCELL carts have become the industry standard. Jetty Extracts, Roots, Select Elite, and Sunday Goods are all using CCELL Cartridges. The Palm and Silo will not work with carts from Rove, Kynd Pure, and Cannabiotix. See our cheapest CCELL products page for info on where to get the best deals on everything CCELL.

#9 You can sometimes recover oil from “empty” cartridges

Your cartridges might look empty, but sometimes there’s more in there you just can’t see that easily. Unscrew the tops and tape them upside down to the side of a shot glass, with the open side pointing down into the glass. Make sure to tape the carts closer to the top of the glass. Let the carts sit upside for a few days. You might find a decent amount of oil in their. You can then fill the cartridge, either a new one or reusing one, by putting the oil into a syringe.

Get the most out of your cartridges

We hope our tips help you get the most out of your vape carts. As we come up with new information and techniques we will add it to the list. If you have any suggestions please comment below or post in our forum.


  1. I’m glad someone got around to educating these folks because I didn’t see this comment til dead last. I’m new to vaping rec, but I’ve done my research on what it does anatomically short/long term. This shouldn’t be held, or, if you will, “hold”ed, within a lung. Just don’t. Otherwise, use the medical webs better, and/or ask a doctor guys.

  2. When its vapor and 100% (or very near) active ingredients, anything you expel is wasted… when its smoke, if you hold you do damage from non active ingredients

  3. Is the dont hold it thing true? I always feel I get way higher when I vape inside because I try to hold it until no smoke. I am super curious about this now because your statement makes sense and my lungs suck and I’ve been holding hits for 30 seconds fur 20 years….

  4. When storing vape carts, long term, should you place them mouthpiece up or down? I’m getting 6 months worth and storing them in my basement, in a desk drawer! I made a holder for them out of a 2×4! I drilled holes in it slightly bigger than the cartridge!!! Works great!!! So Mouthpiece UP or DOWN???

  5. DONT HOLD IT!!! Your lung actually absorb the thc in milliseconds, you just feel higher because of the lack of oxygen to your brain. On top of that, it’ll make you cough much more, and it’s worse for your lungs. Just don’t hold it!


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