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The CCELL Palm is the battery recommended for use with CCELL cartridges, which have become the standard for 510 threaded prefilled oil carts, but they also work with most 510 threaded carts. Here we review the CCELL Palm in its entirety after prolonged use. Overall, we found it to be a very reliable vape cartridge battery that outperformed other pull draw systems, particularly on  CCELL cartridges. If you are looking for something a little more compact with identical performance, check out our CCELL Silo review.

Design is effective for oil use on the CCELL Palm

ccell palm
The CCELL Palm design is great for prefilled THC oil carts.

The battery made by CCELL comes with two magnet connectors to connect cartridges. These magnets look different than the ones I have used previously as they have a little grip on them. I tried these magnets on other batteries as well and they do seem to work. On some batteries you need to loosen it a little bit to get airflow going well, but I still found this easier than switching magnets.

Build Quality is excellent, I dropped this vape battery a bunch of times

ccell palm battery front
The build is strong and protects carts when you drop it.

I dropped my CCELL Palm at least four times with a glass cartridge inside. Never had any issues at all! This cartridge is placed in the battery, preventing the cartridge from breaking. Nothing felt loose or jiggly in the CCELL Palm like I have seen in some cheap quality batteries. Build quality is top notch on this device!

Battery Life and Charging: CCELL Palm is pretty standard

CCELL Palm battery charges with a micro USB and a cable is included. So far we have not seen a vape battery with a USB-C charging port, but that may be coming soon.
The light blinks while it is charging and goes solid when the battery is full.

I distributed my use on the Palm through a number of cartridges. I do believe putting that to a ratio of one single cart, you probably can finish about 60% of a half gram cartridge before you need to charge again. So two charges and you should get through a half gram no problem.

CCELL Palm vape battery has a great hit strength for a pull draw

ccell palm battery
Easy to see how much you got left.

I typically pick up a pull draw battery as my go to. During this CCELL Palm review, I ended up using it as my main battery and still am at the current time. It easily fits all the cart sizes I have tried so far.

The Palm hits especially well on authentic CCELL cartridges

On every other cartridge, the Palm vape battery worked well as expected. It shined substantially when connected to an authentic CCELL cartridge. Combining these two together gives you a very strong hit! See the video below.

Using the same cartridge on my commonly used push button battery did not yield as big of a hit as the pull draw CCELL Palm.

CCELL Palm batteries are usually about $25, but a lot cheaper at DC Alchemy

At Nevada Made Marijuana in Laughlin they are $25 and slightly cheaper with a medical discount. I saw a Select Oil version at NuWu for $30. Online it seems to be $24.95 at most stores, but DC Alchemy gave us the coupon code DABCONNECTION. Use the code and you can now buy it here for $17.49 shipped. Cheaper than eBay and from an authorized CCELL reseller! Keep an eye on our cheapest CCELL products list for other great deals on CCELL hardware.

ccell vape battery
Overall, the CCELL Palm turned out to be a great vape battery.

In conclusion, the CCELL Palm has become one of my favorite battery. It hits exceptionally well on authentic CCELL cartridges and still good on other ones.


  1. I ordered two of the c-cell cartridges the rainbow color I’ve had them less than a week they have both stopped working I’m not understanding why I got them for my godmother I would like to know what I need to do about getting Replacements or my money back but my mother said she would rather have Replacements cuz she really likes the way they’d hit smooth I just think maybe she got a bad batch please hit me back as soon as you can have a kick-ass day

    • Thanks for commenting! However we do not sell anything on our site but just hit the site up where you got them and request a replacement

      If for some reason they would not if you paid with credit card you might be able to claim a credit card warranty on that hopefully it works out!

  2. bought ccell palm and cartridges. wasn’t sure if other prefiled carts would work on palm. it does work with the 510 threads.

  3. Anyone try the Palm with For The People 1000mg cart? It says no chemicals or additives so they said it can thicken up and benefits from a battery that has preheat cycle.

    • Yes looked it up and actually I tried the same cartridge style on the Cannabiotox vape cartridge review. Pretty sure made by same company or it is a clone so same applies. Rove uses it as well.

      Does not work with the Palm. The Palm does not work with anything top airflow I have found out.


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