Here we go through how to change cartridges. This method works for THC and CBD oil vape carts. Good option for a broken cartridge or when you get good oil with poor quality hardware.

Check out where to get theĀ cheapest CCELL cartridges. They are our top recommendation for new blank carts if you need them. Once you have swapped carts, you should check out how to make your vape cartridge last longer.

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  1. It is NOT recommended to refill your existing carts unless using the oil that was specifically made for the empty cart. Different consistencies of oil, and temperature that the specific battery requires the oil to be heated to can potentially ruin your new cart while also removing some of its flavor profile.

    • What do you mean by the oil being made specifically for the empty cart? Basically 90% of what is out there is CCELLs, and as with other brands too, they all take distillate/live resin/co2 and even interchangeably/mixed

  2. I’m having the hardest time trying to get the top off of the stiizy cartridges to refill…I’ve watched your videos and I’ve tried and tryed……What am I doing wrong…HELP PLEASE…
    I’m a bit elderly but I know I can do this….


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