Here we give you the places to get the cheapest CCELL hardware. Palm, Silo, and cartridges are all here. We teamed up with DCAlchemy, an authorized CCELL retailer, to bring you the lowest prices on the internet for CCELL hardware. They gave us a coupon code to give our readers that gives you the best price on the internet. For items they do not have in stock, we find the lowest prices for you and post them here. This page will be continuously updated.

Our Cheapest CCELL list will be constantly updated as new products arrive

As DC Alchemy stocks up more and gets our readers even lower prices, we will be adding more items that beat eBay’s pricing. Some may be from eBay or other sites. We always will list the lowest price on the internet for any CCELL products. Any codes listed on our site, including “DABCONNECTION” are non-affiliate. We do not receive any commission and instead ask retailers to give the readers a better discount. Tell your friends about our site and spread the word!

Cheapest CCELL cartridges: DC Alchemy – 2 for $12 shipped

cheapest ccell cartridge

Use coupon code DABCONNECTION at DC Alchemy and get 2 CCELL cartridges for $12 shipped (M6T05 0.5ML versions).

DC Alchemy’s rates on bulk CCELLs seem to be the cheapest we could find on the internet. 100 ceramic tips for $249.99 and 100 wood tips for $259.99. On eBay we found some for less, but the pictures do look off and we are not sure if they are authentic. A lot of them mention “C-CELL type” but do not contain the words authentic.

Cheapest CCELL Palm: DC Alchemy – $17.49 shipped

cheapest ccell palm

$17.49 shipped with coupon code DABCONNECTION at DC Alchemy but it’s currently out of stock.

Cheapest CCELL Silo: DC Alchemy – $18.99 shipped

cheapest ccell silo

$18.99 shipped at DC Alchemy.

Use coupon code DABCONNECTSILO to get that price. Thanks to DC Alchemy for hooking up our readers with the lowest possible price and let us avoid eBay with no warranty or support.

Cheapest CCELL Dart: Vape Parts Mart – $33.96 plus shipping

$33.96 with coupon code VPM15 plus a few dollars shipping that varies by location at Vape Parts Mart but it’s currently out of stock.

The VPM15 code works sitewide for 15% off.

Found a better deal on CCELL products?

If you find a better deal, let us know by posting a comment below or mention it in our deals forum!


  1. I saw how a guy asked to post his cartridges to tell if they were real or fake. I have a few too I’d like to post but don’t know how. It seems, even the real ones have 4 holes on inside and 2 by the threads as well as the fake. Maybe they are getting better at making them look real. I have one Smart Cart, and plenty of dank vapes ( all empty) I have one Chronic Cart I got lost night called sundae driver. I’m pretty sure this one is real. A guy I know got 2 Krush carts-lime strawberry I believe, which he loves but looks white on the bottom. The other was a Wedding Cake and he said you could smell it and it tasted terrible and he got sick. I just want to know down to a T how to spot a fake as I have read all the ways to tell, but I’d like to send my pictures

    • Authentic CCELL cartridges will always be labeled/etched. This labeling/etching is located on the bottom of the cartridge near the 510 thread. It will always be labeled CCELL, or the Distributor logo or name (Jupiter for example), as well as a batch #. There are other more discrete ways to tell such as the 510 pin design etc, but that requires you to remove the pin itself. Look for the label call outs and batch #’s, and go with a licensed brand. Hope this helps, and vape safe!

    • I’ve been buying from them for years and i have only received genuine CCELL Products. yes they also sell their own brand of carts ( that are just as good as ccell in my opinion ) but i believe they are an authorized reseller.


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