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Today we will take a look at Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago.… Sorry, we meant Russian Assassin Boyz, the creators of some of the most currently popular strains in the Los Angeles area, such as Bearlato, Wonka, Lockjaw, Kremlin OG, and Irene. In addition, they have recently collaborated with Traditional, which is also a medical & recreational dispensary located in Downtown Los Angeles. Currently, they only have an Instagram and official apparel website, although you can find their products on Weedmaps. For this review, I will take a closer look at a couple of their signature strains.


  • Exceptionally smooth taste
  • Excellent potency
  • Powerful medicinal effects
  • Amazing flavor
  • Mid-range prices


  • None

Recommendations: A Boveda humidifier packet would be appreciated.

russian assassin boyz packaging

The slick, flashy, and retro 80s style packaging is unique

In terms of presentation, I really dig the slick, flashy, and retro 80s style packaging for Russian Assassin Boyz. Its red and blue colors with its arcade video game-like font caught my attention. What also caught my eye was their logo, which has a sinister-looking bear wearing a Russian hat in front of a marijuana leaf.


Anyways, I picked up two different strains for this review, one Sativa, and one Indica.

rab wonka close up
RAB Wonka close up

The heady effects of Wonka felt mostly cerebral, alert, and energizing, which felt perfect for creative tasks and activities

First, Wonka aka Willy Wonka is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross between Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth. This strain won third place in the concentrates category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. The look of Wonka is mostly light green highlighted by darker purple undertones with long bright orange pistils. While the appearance is Sativa-like, the nugs are mostly dense, much like most Indica strains. The skunky aroma of Wonka is sweet, piney, and floral. The taste of Wonka is similar to its aroma with sharp notes of lemons, earth, and fuel, especially after the grind.

The Sativa dominant effects of Wonka felt mostly cerebral, alert, and energizing. The daytime effects felt perfect for creative tasks and activities. This strain is intended to treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD, cancer, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, headaches, appetite loss, nausea, and stress. The total THC % of Wonka is 31.29%, the total CBD % is 0.10% and the total cannabinoid % is 31.77%.

rab bearlato close-up
RAB Bearlato close-up

The body-heavy effects of Bearlato felt calming, relaxing, and uplifting, which felt ideal for evenings and nighttime

Next, Bearlato is an Indica dominant hybrid cross between Rainbow Sherbet and Runtz. However, not much else is known about this strain, other than its parentage. The look of Berlato is mostly darker green with burgundy-purple undertones with similarly long yet brownish-orange pistils. The musky aroma of Bearlato is sweet, earthy, and skunky with notes of citrus, berries, and diesel. There are also notes of mint and pine after the grind. The Indica dominant effects of Bearlato felt calming, relaxing, and uplifting. As a result, the more intense body-heavy effects felt ideal for evenings and nighttime. The total THC % of Bearlato is 27.64%, the total CBD % is 0.24% and the total cannabinoid % is 28.18%.

rab bearlato label
RAB Bearlato label

While Wonka felt best suited for creative tasks and activities, Bearlato felt best for relaxation and sleep

The retail price for the Russian Assassin Boyz flower is usually sold for $49-50 per eighth. Although I enjoyed the flavor of Wonka, I preferred the Indica-dominant body-heavy effects of Bearlato slightly more. Both strains felt potent yet very smooth and not at all harsh, whether it’s using a pipe, a bong/rig, and/or any dry herb vaporizer. The overall quality, freshness, and price range of Russian Assassin Boyz are comparable to Source Cannabis, Maven Genetics, Cream of the Crop Gardens, Viola, and Utopia Cannabis.

rab wonka label
RAB Wonka label

Russian Assassin Boyz has some of the best mid-range flower eighths available in the recreational market

So, here’s the final round: I would highly recommend Russian Assassin Boyz for their exceptionally smooth taste, excellent potency, amazing flavor, and powerful medicinal effects. The gently uplifting Wonka is the perfect daytime strain to spark some creativity, physical energy, and mental focus. The deeply relaxing Bearlato would feel at home with some Netflix binge-watching* during the weekend. Although pricier than other lower-priced budget brands, this brand isn’t quite as expensive as the flower eighths from Alien Labs, Cookies, and TedsBudz. You can find most Russian Assassin Boyz flower eighths and concentrates through Weedmaps.

* ED NOTE: Perhaps the Rocky franchise?

Have you tried Russian Assassin Boyz? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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