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Hello again, cosmic starchildren aboard Spaceship Earth! Penguin Pete back again with another PharmaCBD product to review. Last time we covered the edibles. This time we’ll cover their 3.5 gram bag of delta 8 flower.

I did rank PharmaCBD tops for potency and quality in my 4-brand delta 8 hemp comparison video.

Because I am a sloppy reviewer, I finished this product off before I remembered to take photos. But you can still see it in the video.


  • Top-notch potency
  • Stayed fresh
  • Tasty and true to strain
  • Delightful aroma


  • Bit stemmy

Suggestions: none

Delta 8 THC: 31.1%

My eyes watered as I read the packaging. Having casually dropped a nug into my grinder without checking this factoid first, I pondered how far delta 8 THC had come in its short career. Only in about 2020-ish had delta 8 come to the fore and risen in demand within the market. At first, I’d barely had the time of day for the stuff, plus all the other alt-cannabinoids that have been coming out. Then I’ve been watching potencies get higher, and been amused with the effects.

Even now, I was used to delta 8 being pretty weak. But I had never before had 30%+ delta 8, certainly not applied to a rather feisty hemp strain that had been cultivated with love. This stuff was reorienting my orbit. Compare to the finest and most potent D9THC marijuana flower strains we tried on our Nevada tour. Even there, for full-THC flower in one of the top rec-legal states, the percentages of D9THC run 22%, 24%, some as high as 26%. So maybe 30%+ of any alt-cannabinoid is going to hit heavy.

PharmaCBD turns a page in cannabis history

But really, I have noticed these changes in the alt-cannabinoid market over this past year:

  • far higher potencies
  • a wider variety of alt-cans
  • many more possible combinations between alt-cans

As I pointed out in my old rant about the galaxy of cannabinoids coming out, cannabis can now be considered a designer drug. When a new cannabinoid gets introduced on the market (there are some 100+ more yet to isolate, concentrate, and test), its effects might be muted at first, or cautiously applied. But more than anything, commercial production of legal hemp has taken only a few years to leap over the standard you would find in, say, the 1990s.

I’m just pointing this out to say: Expect higher potency products that are still federally legal. And PharmaCBD hemp flower is one of those brands that marks a little turning point in the US cannabis market.

So, on to Sour Space Candy!

I tried their 3.5 gram delta 8 hemp Sour Space Candy. The packaging for this is a ziplocked baggie with a moisture packet inside, so the hemp was fresh. True to the strain name, the aroma is sweet and zingy, like you’d expect out of a sourball candy. The flavor was mildly tart, smooth to smoke out of the trusty water pipe. The perfume aroma lingers even on the empty bag.

The potency, of course, was dynamite. Along with the 31.1% delta 8 THC, there’s 8.4% CBD and then you have the Sour Space Candy terpenes, heavy on the myrcene, mild side of terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene. These enhanced the overall effect. Considering the lineage of the Sour Space Candy strain, which is high CBD but low THC, using it for a fortified delta 8 strain is a prudent idea.

You can still tell that you are having hemp, not full-D9THC marijuana proper, but the distinction is getting narrower. No matter how strong delta 8 is, it still has a different kind of “stoned” to it, one that feels more energetic, with less brain fog and couch lock. I really have to rate the effects here as comparable to regular marijuana strains. Comparing delta 8 hemp to regular weed has previously felt more like comparing wine to whiskey, whereas now the comparison is more like gin to vodka. Both equally potent, but noticeably varied in effect.

PharmaCBD Delta 8 Hemp is highly recommended

If you’re in the market for a legal delta 8 hemp that packs the biggest punch possible, you owe it to yourself to at least try PharmaCBD’s unique take. There is a steep quality ramp between the gas-station hemp and the highest end where PharmaCBD sits.

Since I’m a daily user myself, I always have one designated “daily smoker” flower. That brand remains Botany Farms for now, but I could start alternating with PharmaCBD. I put PharmaCBD as a tie or a tight second place to Botany Farms, which should tell you a lot!

Find PharmaCBD here. Readers, you have the floor in our comments or in our lovely forum.


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