Greeting, my precious cosmic blueberries! Who’s ready for some mind expansion as we plunge into the unknown depths of psychedelic experience and tasty smokin’? Join me, Penguin Pete, your Jester of Joints!


Penguin Pete’s Pop Hits of Pot is your guide to April 2022

A month which aligned Easter, 4/20, and Earth Day in the same week. Yeah verily, this is a greatly needed break for all of us innocent patients and potheads who just wanna chill with the dankest. We got a cannabis carnival going on out there on the dispensary scene for this year’s 4/20. Your humble blogger has smoked and vaped and huffed his way through mountains of distillate, edibles, and good ol’ country flower. Naturally you can imagine, if ever there was a 4/20 to blow out, it’s this year, right? Just feel that stress melt away!

Let me tell you first just how hard we work here at Dab Connection to bring you one of the most trusted review sources in the US cannabis industry. We smoke, bubble, vape, and chew our way through a whole bowl of THC edibles every morning for breakfast with milk and sugar. And we have flown the cosmos inscrutable and commuted with our ancestors. We smoke so much weed around here, Snoop can’t wait for our album to drop. I sort my nugs with a pitchfork for 4/20. Here’s one now, right before we tossed it on the barbecue:

OutCo Kush Mints / Do-Si-Dos Flower : potent and tasty!


If you didn’t know you were reading a Penguin Pete post, you sure know from the sloppy photography unlike our Hollywood-trained photographer Ben Chu‘s reviews.

OutCo‘s flower was our first stop on the Dabber Dasher express. These 2 weed strains are both from southern Cali. This is some potent stuff at 35% cannabinoids, giving a soothing, relaxed effect that mellowed your humble penguin right into the ol’ bean bag chair. But let the photos do some talking (sloppy though they be): Gaze upon this sunny bud of golden state dewy goodness, glistening with trichomes and a sweet, tasty tang. Let us be fair, this is potent punch with the Kush Mints THC giving it a kick like a mule. But more than anything, it reduced my stress to zero.

I had only begun my 4/20 2022 review shift (pity us, for we toil mightily for thy service) and sampled a rolled joint of OutCo flower. True to its effects, I was laid out in a state of couchlock, my mind not up to tasks more taxing than video pong. It’s a sturdy, satifying smoke, but deep Indica in breed, best left to when you don’t have stuff to do. And I still had more reviewing to do for 4/20! I steeled my resolve and soldiered on…

CBX Cannabiotics GM-Uhoh : Even more potent!


Good thing I was ready for the long haul, because CBX Cannabiotics has whipped up a concoction surely born of a mad scientist’s laboratory. This sneaky hybrid is a skunk bud. It smells dank and strong, with a musky and gassy aroma that promises to whack some sense into your noggin. This jar should just come with a hip hop soundtrack on Soundcloud and be done with it. Its punny strain name, GM-Uhoh!, was foreshadowing for the wicked trip I was about to embark on. This strain – GM-UHOH! – has a stupid name, but delivers a punch that will win your respect back.

The effects hit me like a true truckload of THC would hit anyone: I was stoned to the bone and this time less laid out, but not quite working in my present dimension. I assessed the pile of cannabis products waiting for my sample and appreciation. 4/20 is running over me like an out-of-control Mardi Gras float at this point, but dammit we’ll find a way to sort through this. I can still type, look there are keys! My keyboard is right side up and everything.

But thanks, CBX Cannabiotics! I must quote your “about” page: “a weed company with one specific goal in mind: to be able to provide their friends and family with the craziest weed they have ever seen or smoked.” I like a company who puts the work “crazy” right in their mission statement! GM-Uhoh is a skunky, powerful strain with an inspiring effect and juicy terpene goodness that soaks into your embrace like a welcome friend.

I had to hit GM-Uhoh one more time the next day for my morning wake and bake. Together with my morning espresso, a bongload went into my system like a fresh bowl of Wheaties. It put the tiger in my tank.

Verano Travelers series 0.3G disposable oil pen : Delicious, but gone too soon!

Verano should be no stranger to the august pages of our history of dab Connection reviews. We visited Verano’s Travelers line of oil pens way back in our archives, 2018, in a review by Javier Guzman (who has since moved on to further career aspirations). I added my 2¢ in an edited update on that page, but I will reiterate my findings here.

I am impressed with Verano’s enduring quality after all these years. That previous review was four years ago, and Javier’s findings were a mirror of mine. So kudos to Verano for sticking to their standards! The strain of Traveler’s pen I obtained was from an Illinois dispensary, but I lost track of the name somewhere in my THC-baked scribbled notes by now. I think it was Tangie. I tasted specifically the terpenes pinene or carene (they are close together, tree-based) and a hint of eucalyptol if I’m not mistaken.


The Verano Traveler disposable oil pen is an experience in smooth-vaping satisfaction. It has a rich flavor as if you distilled fresh squeezed pot juice with a process not unlike apple cider. It had a warm, rich, tea-like aroma and smooth hits. It’s mellow in the morning, soothing in the afternoon, relaxing in the evening, neither too strong nor too lightweight. Every drop of oil tasted as good as the first. The effects were not too couch-locky, but very mellow and soothing.

The Verano Traveler is a classy vape, the kind Cary Grant would enjoy while sipping a Manhattan, had he lived to see the technology.

BUT it is also still just 300 ml of oil, best for those who want quality over quantity. Hit it light and it will last a week, or hit it heavy for your fun day off. These Jupiter batteries are NOT meant to last for weeks! I see people comment all the time, “how come my oil pen battery died while there’s still oil left?” You did not vape it fast enough. Sorry, but it is a disposable at a reasonable price, and does everything I expect from an oil pen.


Interlude: Beaverdale Confections Munchie stop!

Cannabis like this, and sampling so much of it, tends to involve munchies as an occupational hazard. Normally your humble author is an almost-vegetarian salad muncher, content to satiate myself with herbs of the land. But once in a while, ESPECIALLY for 4/20, you gotta splurge on quality munchies, y’know? Yolo! So Penguin Pete personally commandeered the Dabber Dasher for the heart of his Midwest home stompin’ ground, central Iowa, to visit the magical hamlet of Beaverdale, Des Moines, at Beaverdale Confections:


Just had to give a shout-out for the best 4/20 munchies sustenance a stoner could ask for! These “pizzelle” deal-i-os are a kind of soft waffle-textured cookie, dipped in rich, deep Belgian chocolate! The gourmet marshmallows may seem off-beat, especially raspberry flavored, but once you try it you will see that this is how marshmallows are supposed to be done. BTW, I also got a roll of Necco wafers there, because I’m an old Generatioin X fart.

Well, let me tell you! This excursion fortified us well. True to my promises, we had secured the tastiest of sustenance and our cross-country adventure continued. And it’s good that we had prudently planned our itinerary, for the huge quantities of bong smoke hotboxing the RV windows would have choked a less stalwart soul. We were having trouble finding the road. Most especially we were distracted by the existential reality of driving on a road trip to sample pot, deconstructing the molecular components of the tar beneath our steel-belteds as we piloted our shaky voyage for yet more mind trips down the route 66 highway, shrieking at the flying monkeys in the sky in the hot desert sun.

Down a Rainbow Road straight out of Mario Cart, we arrived again in the twinkling land of edibles, in the heart of L.A., California, to sample confections of an entirely different kind!

Kiva Confections Lost Farm Gummies : Goblin’ Good!

This was the edible our mothers had warned us about:


The Minecraft zombie on my patented Penguin Pete bookshelf growled with hunger as he crept slowly towards the irresistible bag of delicious Kiva Confections Lost Farm edible gummies. “No! Bad zombie!” I shrieked, poking it away with my geeky Star Wars lightsaber (yes of course I have one). Alas, the zombie had munched through the bag like a cat pilfering treats, until we had but one left:


An unassuming edible from appearance, this confection closely resembles a Starburst fruit chew. Unwrapped, it smelled and tasted sweet and fruity, with a punchy taste. At 10MG per serving, the juicy strawberry chew promises a modest hit, not too heavy, with a full spectrum of live resin for an entourage effect.

The gummy was tasty and when its effects kicked in, my 4/20 holiday adventure was complete, with a tingling, persistent THC buzz to keep the mellow vibes going. Regrettably our greedy zombie beat us to most of this bag, but we may revisit the unknown parameters of Lost Farms again!

I have to pay extra kudos to Kiva Confection’s education resources. It’s good to see a brand that cares about public education and cannabis advocacy.

And now we turn the Dabber Dasher US nationwide tour over to Ben Chu, also in California, who did his reviews separately as listed in our main 4/20 2022 review and deals list.

Dabbers, Vapers, and Stoners: Stay Tuned for continuing 4/20 coverage!

By gumbo, let it never be said that we don’t work hard to research the United States cannabis industry to seek out the best for all you cosmic blueberries! Share your vibes and post your blazing hot takes here in the basic comments section or in our super high tech advanced forum.

4/20 cheers!



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