Flower Quality

Today we are gonna try out some of the Delta 8 flower from Vivimu.


  • Looks and smells good
  • Hits pretty smooth
  • Nice taste


  • Not that strong
  • Effects quickly fade away

Recommendations: Some improvements to the strength and effects of the flower would be great

vivimu delta 8 flower bag

Good look and smell

Immediately I noticed how good the Sour Space Candy strain looks and smells. This strain smells fruity yet dank before and after grinding. If I had to compare the smell to something specific I think a creamsicle would be most appropriate. It looks super appealing with lots of orange color mixed with light and dark green. The buds were pretty dense and moist out of the package. It was delivered with a vacuum seal so it retained its freshness. I am going to smoke this out of a bubbler I just picked up and see how it feels. 

The hits are pretty smooth

The Sour Space Candy hits pretty smooth in the bubbler. It still has a bit of that orange aftertaste as well. The high feels more centered in the head than the body immediately. And after a few hits, I can feel it but also definitely want more.  This gives the traditional feeling of smoking where I get the familiar smell I feel is missing with various concentrates. 

vivimu delta 8 flower

Not that strong

However, after getting to try the THCO distillate yesterday, I feel like this is just not it. It smells good and feels ok, but it is just not hitting me the way I want. I feel like I would need a lot more volume-wise to get my desired effect.

After repacking and smoking another bowl, I am feeling closer to the effects I was looking for. The head high is still pretty solid but I can feel it more in my body and in my perception of myself in space. I don’t think this strain has particularly strong pain relief effects as I have not noticed a very big difference in that. I feel less anxious than I was before I began the session, but I do not feel like the head high is euphoric or sedating enough to achieve what I was looking for either. I experience pretty intense social anxiety and my tasks going forward today still seem as daunting as ever.

I think this would be a really enjoyable strain if I had set out to smoke a large amount of flower at once, such as you would in a blunt. I think the smell would fill the room in the best way and the ability to sit with the smoke would enhance the experience. But in this case, I actually was trying to conserve by using the bubbler and that made this a pretty forgettable experience in my opinion. 

delta-8 flower close up

Concluding this review

The weed smelled, tasted, and looked great, but didn’t really achieve the main goal but so well. I also would like to note that the high seems to fade pretty quickly after it’s achieved. I do not know if the best results would be to smoke past the initial high feeling and aim for a really intense high quickly in hopes that it would last longer. Although fun, sometimes those kinds of highs can take longer to recover from or be particularly active during. And although I love cannabis products, I do not subscribe to the idea that cannabis has to make you lazy. I believe if you are using with intention and motivated to complete your task anyway, everything should work out just fine. 

In conclusion, this flower gave a pretty average smoking experience overall.

You can find out more about Vivimu products here

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