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Kabunky Krumble is a crumble and house brand of Nevada Made Marijuana which has dispensaries located in Laughlin and Las Vegas.

kabunky krumble banana pudding cannabis weed marijuana crumble nmm nevada made marijuana laughlin
Kabunky Krumble Banana Pudding

Extract Quality: Impressive crumble

This turned out to be some pretty good crumble and Kabunky is one of the rare brands where I like their crumble more than their shatter. Taste and smell are good. It does not seem like there is any leftover plant matter in this crumble.

Strength: Good compared to other crumbles

The strength of the crumble is good. It came in at about 69% THC  which is fairly decent for a crumble.

kabunky krumble extracts crumble banna pudding cannabis weed marijuana nmm laughlin
Krumble Kabunky contents

Effect: Good amount of energy

The crumble is energetic. I added it to a joint and it made it last a long time and the effect was pretty good – energetic with a clean feeling.

Taste: Better than most crumble

Taste was good. This was some of the better tasting crumble that I have had before.

Kabunky Krumble Banana Pudding extracts crumble marijuana weed cannabis nmm lauglin
Kabunky Krumble Banana Pudding

Smoothness: Some of the smoothest crumble I have tried

The crumble was very smooth. Of course in Nevada there is no butane leftover. If you’re used to crumble having butane in it – this is extremely smooth.

Value: Can’t beat the NMM specials

It’s not that great of value at the full price but when they have the sale on crumble days at their dispensaries then it is a really good value. At $20 a gram, you can really beat the other prices in Nevada and actually it’s even good compared to California prices.

Concluding our Kabunky Krumble extracts review…

In conclusion, the Kabunky Krumble turned out to be pretty good especially for the price on the special days. With these kinds of deals you can’t go wrong.

You can learn more information about Kabunky products on their website here. Check out our review on the Kabunky cartridge and see why it made our best cartridges Nevada list.
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  1. You guys there are no terpenes in that stuff. For $30/g you can pick up MPX cured resin, Deep Roots live or AMA at Dispensary NV on Gibson or Decatur. They have some kind of sale on one of them everyday THC is worthless without the terps. I have been saving mucho dinero on the text deals from these guys and I stay far away from junky Kabunky.

    • We had it in the past and it was not so hot, but this last one seemed like it improved. It is possible I just got a good batch that time, but either way resin is better than crumble. What you are mentioning seems like a better deal, most of us are just used to such high prices on that stuff. Most anyone would rather get cured resin for just a bit more though. Do you happen to know if they have AMA syringes for $30?

      Thanks for commenting this going to check that place out this week.


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