Today we’re revisiting Vivimu, certainly one of the top if not de facto only sources for bulk cannabis altnoid concentrates. In our coverage of Vivimu in the past and the general consensus we hear around the cannabis industry campfire, we’ve drawn a couple of conclusions: This is not the company to go to for end-consumer processed products, but as a bulk concentrate distributor Vivimu has become quite popular among dabbers. This time around, see our review as more of a report card on how Vivimu is doing these days.


  • Potent products
  • Great tastes
  • Easy to work with
  • Lab tested


  • $50/gram for live resin
  • Feels like they’re doing the bare minimum

Recommendations: I’m pretty sure Vivimu never intended to become the USA’s extract supplier, and they’re busier than ever. Maybe expand more to meet demand so the orders aren’t so, ah, rushed?


Vivimu THCA Live Resin Wedding Cake

There isn’t much to show for images, as is usually the case with a bulk distributor. The tiny smear I received in the glass jar was apparently one single gram of wax, which has gotten even tinier since I had to sample it for review. Take my word for it, the golden dot in that jar is good stuff.

The resin was indeed live, a soft, pliable wax that was easy to work with. It has a consistency of whipped butter, a deep amber color, and a tangy, floral aroma. Dab this stuff at a medium temperature, less than 450F, so it doesn’t burn too fast. The taste is sweet and fruity, with just a touch of herby hemp flavoring. The effects are a solid buzz lasting hours, euphoric and relaxing. It’s everything I would expect in any live resin wax, while the fact that this is THCA is doubly impressive to pull off.

My only caveat is the price. On Vivimu’s site, this is listed as $49.99 a gram. I searched high and low, and every other live resin I could find was at least under $40/gram. $50 for a gram of wax, even top-of-the-line wax, is prohibitive. So I have no qualms with the quality, but I mean even check prices for some of the notoriously expensive dispensaries and you’ll find live resin for far cheaper. To be fair, this seems to be the most expensive gram on Vivimu’s site, so maybe it’s a one-off.


Vivimu CDT-Infused Delta 8 Distillate Blue Dream

On the other end of the price spectrum, the syringe there is a gram of clear delta 6 distillate with CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes) infused. I wasn’t expecting a syringe, but that would be useful for filling cartridges. Not having an empty refillable at hand, I just loaded some into a trusty eRig and vaped away.

True to its strain, the Blue Dream has a floral scent and tastes of a berry-like flavor that is – to me – almost like I was vaping a mild perfume, but it was not harsh or overpowering. The effects are again potent, but super-calming. Even though delta 8 usually energizes me more than its cannbinoid counterparts, the Blue Dream entourage effect was so sedating that a few puffs had me as good as glued to the chair. One thing for sure, this stuff makes stress vanish, replacing it with gentle white noise that will put you to sleep a few hours later.

And what do we see for a price on the distillate? $5.99 per gram! Conversely, this is some of the cheapest delta 8 distillate I can find, though there seems to be a general crash in the delta 8 distillate market. Delta 8 seems to have fallen out of favor this year since THCA came out.


The One That Got Away…

Finally, even though the packing slip clearly states the third item, that item was missing and so we have to declare a miss. We were going to review some water-soluble delta 8 isolate, which I was looking forward to experimenting with in beverages and edibles. Alas, even though its visage tantalizes us from Vivimu’s site at $17.99 for a 3.5 gram jar, such joy was not ours to have. However, its omission could be simply due to not being in stock at the moment of fulfillment. We reviewers are last in line after customer orders go out.

SO! Bottom line: Good quality, uneven prices. Vivimu remains a great bulk distributor, but they’re also running thin on competition and hyper-focused on just running a tight lab. I applaud that, but it kind of leaves the end consumer missing the extra treatment we’d be getting from some outfit like Rave Exotics.

Readers, share what’s new in your dabbing world? talk abotu Vivimu or other bulk extract suppliers here in the comments or in our sticky, waxy forum.


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