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Design Quality
Ease of Use

Brass Knuckles vape pens are setting the industry standard for high quality prefilled THC cartridges. Learn why this has become my second favorite cartridge to buy in this in-depth Brass Knuckles vape pen review.

Design Quality of Brass Knuckles Vape Pen

UPDATE August 9, 2017: Based on testing performed by @clean_meds_cali, Brass Knuckles may contain some toxic materials. See report picture below:

Brass Knuckles testing
Brass Knuckles testing shows it might contain harmful chemicals.

The packaging is very nice, its nicer than any other I’ve seen. Brass Knuckle’s offers top of the line quality. The mouthpiece was designed to allow the perfect amount of air flow for a very pleasant hit and major clouds. Compared to other traditional mouthpieces this one seems to have better airflow. The Brass Knuckles vape pen logo on the mouth piece looks great, but it might take away from discretion. You get pure flavor with these cartridges. I learned during this Brass Knuckles vape pen review that this company does in fact focus on creating a better product than any other on the market. This cart did have its flaws which we will go through below.


brass knuckles vape pen
Brass Knuckles vape pens are the prefill you want to buy, you can vape ever drip unlike other disposable vape pens like the Bumblebee which wastes a lot of concentrate.


Ease of Use on the Brass Knuckles Vape Pen

Throw on standard 510 threaded battery and it’s ready to go. Open the Brass Knuckles vape pen package and screw on the cart to get started, that’s it. I am hitting this with a variable voltage battery that allows me to go as high as 4.7 volts. I am using this cart at 3.0 volts for smooth refreshing big clouds. These carts can go as high as 5 volts. Go too high and you might burn it out! Be careful if you are running these on a mod battery. Make sure you have the correct settings.

Strength – Brass Knuckles Is Potent

la kush brass knuckles cartridge review

As of right now, these are some of the strongest prefilled cartridges available with a minimum of 80 percent THC. These feel more potent than other prefilled cartridges that claim they are 80.00% THC content. Jack Herer turned out to be the strongest among the three strains I tried in my personal experience. I purchased Jack Herer twice thats how much I enjoyed this strain.

Efficiency – Some Failures, But Overall Pretty Good


I had 1 of the 4 carts malfunction, so Brass knuckles vape pens are not perfect. It started crackling and sizzling and gave me the most bitter burnt taste. The dispensary I purchased this cart from gave me a free replacement right away. Even after one of these carts not working correctly I can still highly recommend these after going through three different strains.

Lots of Hits, Some Stickiness

I can say with confidences that each 1 gram of Brass Knuckle will give you a minimum of 200 hits. I always took big hits from the beginning to the end which is why I highly recommend this cart for its consistency. Oil stuck to the top of one of the prefilled cartridges and I could not vape it. This might have been a bad batch. I had to put a lighter underneath the stuck oil to melt it down. Other prefilled carts more consistently had this problem compared to the Brass Knuckles vape pens. One-third isn’t too bad, nothing major to be upset about but just a little inconvenient. One critical discovery in this Brass Knuckles vape pen review is it’s easier to vape every last drop of concentrate, while others made it difficult and even wasted a lot. I did not get as much of a crap taste towards the end of this prefill cartridge either.


Very sleek and small makes this cart is easy to take with you anywhere. The packaging it comes with makes it easy to travel with in case you need to store it away for later. Portability here is also going to tie into what battery you use. Use a mod battery and it’s a little less portable. Use a small 510 battery and its ultra portable.


The taste is very flavorful and enjoyable. There is a hint of artificial flavoring, but the flavor of the strain is also noticeable. My absolute favorite is the Grape Ape! If you like the taste of sweet grape kool-aid, then the Grape Ape Brass Knuckles vape pen prefilled cartridge will be your next favorite vape. I approve of their almost perfect cocktail of THC with added natural terpenes. It has a more pleasant taste than every other prefilled cart I’ve tried. I have yet to try the Moxie cartridges, but have heard those have excellent taste as well.


I paid $55.00 each for a gram of Jack Herer, Girl Scout Cookies, and Grape Ape from my local dispensary in California. All the cartridges lasted me five days and provided over 200 hits each. That’s only eleven dollars a day to stay medicated all day and night. I praise the Brass Knuckles for making a great tasting a product that is more economical and very high quality than their competitors.



Overall: I Would Recommend a Brass Knuckles Vape Pen

The improved features this prefilled cart has over others had me extremely satisfied. Xzibit, the founder of this product, has stated on the youtube channel Between Two Strains, “Everything that we disliked about all the other carts on the market we improved on and put it into Brass Knuckles.” This statement is accurate which I learned after trying this out for myself. I highly encourage others to try this cart out as will. Brass Knuckles does indeed solve many of the problems of previous carts from other companies.


  1. Very surprised on the toxicity stuff. Did not expect that from a company supposedly backed by xzibit. Has Brass Knuckles had an official response to it yet?

  2. Where do they get the terpenes? All cannabis derived or not? I heard the Grape Ape is artificial candy flavor like tasting. I bought a Jack Herer BK and it tastes amazing. But that doesn’t mean it contains terpenes from Jack Herer plants. The terpenes might have other sources, perhaps natural or artificial, all mixed up into a ‘profile’. I hope that is not the case. But the way the BK cart oil flows so easy it leads me to believe it has other ingredients I would be upset about. I’ll email them.

  3. Hey there, question for you? What would be most effective for pain? I suffer with huge amounts of horrific pain 24/7 365 days a year! I love to be up, energetic Etc versus the latter however with my health it is almost next to Impossible!

    New to this Vape stuff LOL 🙂 thank you so much I appreciate any kind of feedback I can get!

    • Indica is usually most recommended for pain, but it is not as energetic. You may want to try an Indica Hybrid strain as it will not be as tiring as a full Indica. When you are at your local shop ask the budtender which strains are on the different vapes they have, most places will have both types.

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