Heavy Hitters Vape Review : 2.2 Gram and 1 Gram Cartridges

Heavy Hitters 2.2 Cartridge Review
Design Quality
Oil Quality
Number of Puffs

The Heavy Hitters Vape is a product others are sure to copy

The Heavy Hitters vape cartridge revealed an outstanding wax cartridge in almost every aspect, especially size at 2.2 grams. I took it to the test driving 6 hours to Los Angeles from the Bay Area with three other friends. We had all hit it during the drive and barely made a dent. My friends and I meet up with two other friends in LA for a Halloween Rave. I was astonished at how many hits I was able to get from this cart, it felt like it was never going to come to an end. Everyone who saw this cartridge for the first time had a wow reaction and couldn’t believe the size of this cartridge. I will go in depth on the cartridge and its makeup in this Heavy Hitters vape review.

Update 01/22/2019 – Geoff: After a recent trip down to MedMen San Diego and a full gram testing of Heavy Hitters Malibu OG, I have some differences in feedback from the original post. Overall, I do find Heavy Hitters to be one of my favorite cartridges. The puff count, however, doesn’t last as long as I would hope. No doubt the difference between a 2.2 and 1 gram cartridge plays a part. Oil flows smoothly to a coil heating element and if you take strong hits, it’ll vape up fast. I don’t mark it down that much for this because it gives huge hits. Another update since this review was first done is fakes are everywhere now. Check out our in depth post on fake Heavy Hitters for information on how to spot fake and real carts.

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Design and Quality – Performance is great but the Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridge build isn’t perfect

You can accomplish some huge vape clouds from this cart. I have no major complaints using the Heavy Hitters vape during my review. At first, this cartridge was flawless. However, towards the end is when I experienced its flaws. I was trying to unscrew it from my vape battery when the glass started to spin instead of the cart from the battery.

Heavy Hitters Malibu OG Cartridge
Heavy Hitters Malibu OG 1-Gram Cartridge

Only after removing the mouthpiece I was able to remove the cartridge from the vape battery, I guess it had released pressure that allowed me to unscrew the cart from the battery. Also, I did drop this cart a couple of times and the glass finally decided to crack. Fortunately, the cartridge was emptied when the glass did crack.

Geoff: With the 1 gram cartridge, the only issue I see is due to the design. Many cart manufacturers use the same style with the wide element housing at the bottom. They have small holes which allow the oil to seep through to the coil. As you near the end of the cartridge, however, a good hit or two gets trapped. It sticks between the glass and the element housing where there are no reception holes. Other than that, the 1 gram cartridge is durable. The tube is glass so it can break, but it would have to be a hard blow.

Heavy Hitters cartridge breakdown shows a ceramic rod & coil without any glue

After testing the Malibu OG cartridge, I was able to tear the thing apart to see exactly how it works. Below is a video of the breakdown of the cartridge.

Starting from the top, the cart has a round metal mouthpiece that isn’t easily removable. I would not call the Heavy Hitters cartridges refillable. The tube is glass as you can see from the earlier pics as well as the one right here.

Heavy Hitters Cartridge Breakdown
An Obvious Glass Tube, Metal Receiver, & Ceramic Rod & Coil

The inside air tube is metal as is the housing that covers the coil at the base. The base uses the small filter holes which I’m not a big fan of. There’s always some oil at the end that can’t seep through. A rubber seal holds the inside tube and the coil housing together. When pulled apart it shows the coil and rod sitting in a small rubber cup.

Wires feed off the rod and coil at either end and touch down inside the activation plate. No glue is present in the cartridge that I can find. This is the same style of heating element that shows in the Mario Cart review. It is safe and sound, produces big hits, but can vape the oil up fast.

Strength – Heavy Hitters 2.2 Cartridge Reveals Strongest vape cartridge in 2017 so far

Heavy Hitters provides very potent cannabis extract in their cartridges. I am always looking for a wax cartridge that can give me an experience closest to a dab. Heavy Hitters is the only cartridge that has gotten me close to that dab experience. Some vape carts are weaker than smoking regular bud. One huge hit from this vape cartridge will have you feeling an instant head change and might have you coughing. I only needed one to two big puffs to need enough to reach my peak. Plus you got 2.2g to go of wax in there.

Heavy Hitters Malibu OG THC Percentage
Heavy Hitters Displays The 83.41 THC Percentage On The Malibu OG

Geoff: I must agree with the assessment that Heavy Hitters uses strong, quality concentrate. In the original review, it’s the OG Kush and we don’t have any percentages. Unfortunately, the Heavy Hitters website doesn’t provide this information either. The bummer is that we would have been able to compare strains. On the package of Heavy Hitters Malibu OG, it states a THC level of 83.41% and zero cannabinoids.

Heavy Hitters is one of the strongest vape cartridges, in my opinion. There are certainly cartridges out there that deliver a stronger effect than the Malibu OG. A good example would be the Brass Knuckles Jack Herer. That Jack will knock you on your back.

Taste – Very delightful natural flavor of the flower

The taste of this is honestly the most natural and closest to flower that I’ve experienced with a wax cartridge. The ceramic disc that heats up the high-quality cannabis oil definitely plays a huge factor for such a great taste! Heavy Hitters vape cartridges taste the best among any other carts I’ve tried. I would rate it higher than Brass Knuckles and Americanna. The first cartridge was so great I decided to buy another one right after getting back from the Rave. I was able to try the Bubba strain too for this cart, but the taste on the Bubba was disappointing.

Geoff: I’m pretty sure I’m a virgin when it comes to puffing the Malibu OG flower. Obviously, I can’t report on accuracy to strain from any kind of personal experience. When puffing the cartridge, I can taste a very fruity flavor and some research reveals its source. Malibu OG has hints of hibiscus which come through loud and clear in the Heavy Hitter’s cartridge. I’m not a huge fan of flavored concentrates or even super fruity herb strains. If you are. you’ll probably love the Malibu.

Value – Great price for such a high-quality product considering the size

The Heavy Hitters 2.2 vape cartridge cost me $110.00 with tax from a cannabis club in Hayward California called Kaliflowers. It’s important to note that this product originates from Southern California and has only barely reached the Bay Area this year. Its definitely great for events such as festivals, raves, or family gatherings. It can also be very cost effective if you split the cost with a friend during an event. Let’s break down the price of this cart. This cartridge Basically cost $55.00 for 1.2 grams and $22.50 for a little more than half a gram. You’re going to save money with Heavy Hitters without sacrificing any quality. Comparing it to the Lucky Vapes cartridges at $30 a half gram, Heavy Hitters vape cartridges are a deal. They allow those who want to buy their wax cartridges in a bigger capacity the ability to do so and save.

Geoff: There are some savings if you buy the 2.2-gram cartridge instead of the 1-gram cart. At MedMen, the Malibu OG 1g cart goes for $60.00 plus taxes. My best advice when buying the name brand carts is to look for deals in quantity. Many dispensaries I visit feature decent savings when you get 2 or more of the same brand. Honestly, $60.00 for a gram cart isn’t cheap. It’s the going rate, but it gets expensive with taxes when you go to a legitimate place like MedMen.

Efficiency – Huge puffs from start to finish until all the oil is gone

Heavy Hitters vape
The Heavy Hitters 2.2 gram cartridge is pretty big.

Each hit taken from the Heavy Hitters 2.2 gram cartridge is flavorful and potent. I was able to enjoy this with 5 other friends of mine frequently taking huge hits from this cartridge all weekend during a rave. I shared this dab pen with many other people at the rave. They were shocked to see how big this cartridge was. During this whole time, the cartridge never leaked even though it was hot during the day in the nineties.

Geoff: For myself, efficiency is kind of a balance between how well the cartridge vapes and how long it lasts. When a cartridge hits really hard, that is it gives out huge clouds of vapor, it makes sense that it goes down quick. This is the case with the Heavy Hitters carts. Take it easy on how hard you vape them because you’ll still get a good hit. It’s a smart way to make your cart last a little longer. Heavy Hitters Malibu OG is potent enough that smaller hits will still deliver strong effects.

Ingredients – Solventless cannabis extract

heavy hitters lab results

We must be thankful for those who go out of their way to help spread awareness of unhealthy cannabis-related products. An article was recently released online that reveals how bad quality control for prefilled vape cartridges is in California. Numerous cannabis flowers and prefilled vape cartridges were purchased randomly by the writers of the article and tested by Steep hill labs in Berkely California.

Heavy hitters are included failing a lab test with Steep Hill Labs. Heavy Hitters claims they care about the highest level of quality possible, they test their products by three different companies. Currently, there aren’t any tough regulations in California as there is in Nevada and Colorado. They’re vape cartridge companies that conduct lab test with those that have lower testing standards than other companies.

Until they’re regulations in place, vape companies can pick and choose who they test their products with that do not test efficiently. Heavy Hitters have their cannabis extract tested by SC Labs, Steep Hills, and CW Analytica. Its quite comforting seeing a vape cartridge company taking extra precautions with their products, however, let’s not forget these vape cartridge companies can also pick the products they want to be tested. It’s much more effective when somebody randomly comes into a dispensary and buys products randomly for the best lab results. After Brass Knuckles cartridges came back with questionable testing, this is especially true.

Malibu OG Batch Tested By CannaSafe

One of the reasons we are getting our cartridges from legitimately licensed dispensaries is the quality of the oil. We want high quality but that also means pure from pesticides or other additives. I can’t argue with the questionability of a Heavy Hitters dirty pesticide test. I can, however, say that the Malibu OG cart from MedMen has a test date and batch number from CannaSafe. The package also comes with a seal, proving its no tamper integrity.

Number of hits – Outstanding amount of hits

Never have I experienced so many hits from one wax cartridge. I took so many hits I lost count, but I can assure you it was more than a few hundred hits. Being able to share this with 5 other friends for a whole weekend and still have some left over is an accomplishment for this vape cart. There is no other cartridge that can come close to how many puffs we got.

Overall feelings and thoughts about this wax cartridge are very positive. During this review, I discovered my new favorite vape cartridge in 2017. This is by far the best dab cartridge money can buy. A friend of mine who only likes to smoke on actual herb is now buying this cartridge after trying it. It’s more smooth than smoking actual cannabis and also much stronger.

Geoff: This is the main point I disagree on, though I”m not expressing disappointment. It may be tougher to tell how long a 2.2-gram cartridge lasts in comparison to a 1-gram cart. Perhaps the 2.2-gram carts have a different coil, though it doesn’t sound like it. I’ve had cartridges whose oil vapes slower and still gives big clouds. Not quite as large as Heavy Hitters, which is why I’m not marking it down. But to say the oil lasts as long as other carts, I don’t believe is correct.

Brands we would recommend over Heavy Hitters

Since this was originally posted, we have reviewed a lot more cartridges. Here are some of the brands we would recommend as better than Heavy Hitters, that are also available in California: Airo Pro, Select Elite, Korova, Kurvana, Justdab, and stick e vape.

For info on where to get Heavy Hitters vape cartridges, check out their store locator.


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  3. Nice i live in Deming New Mexico and woould love to Purchase 2 heavy hitters Helps Good WITH pTSD and Can in joybin familly functions!!!!


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