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IMPORTANT UPDATE: THCO (and its isomers) are now banned by the DEA. Unlike the majority of cannabinoids, THCO does not naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Furthermore, THCO is an acetate, and acetates have been shown to be harmful when vaped. We at DabConnection do not recommend products containing THCO.


Wild Orchard Hemp Co. should be a brand name very familiar to our frequent readers. Before, we’ve reviewed their D9THC Gummies, their HHC oilpens, their delta 8 flower, and their prerolls of same. And for the most part, we’ve had good things to say about them and they seem to be a widely respected brand. But, as fate would have it for our Cartridge/Oilpen Review Week (my least favorite assignment), the products I got to review were definitely of high quality, but stumbled on one detail that may be no fault of their own: Apparently, THC-O doesn’t do a thing for me.

It might be quicker to get through.

We are reviewing both the Delta 10 THC-O 510 cartridge, and the Delta 10 THC-O 510 disposable vape pen.



  • Great tasting oil!
  • Hits smooth, no harshness!
  • Both cartridge and disposable vape pen work perfectly
  • Vape pen recharges
  • Full lab tests
  • Reasonable price


  • Weak effects! (attributable to THC-O variability?)
  • Slightly off taste to the vape pen with a medicine element

Recommendations: Either double-check your THC-O process or consider some other cannabinoid in the front row next time. You had better luck with HHC.


Every Vape is an Adventure!

Here at DabConnection, we do out best to help consumers navigate this maze of altcans, terpenes, isomer this and acetate that. We are in the pioneer days of not just the non-THC cannabinoids, but the entire cannabis industry itself. Given that it’s not even federally legal yet, it is commendable how far we’ve all come. So, when a major brand like Wild Orchard Hemp Co. puts out a dud, and it’s a new cannabinoid on the market, it makes more sense to suspect the cannabinoid.

BUT… We went through this kind of uncertainty about HHC just months ago. THC-O might be one of those beasts that only works as an edible on Tuesdays when it’s raining and the rest of the time you have to dab it while facing east.

So, when reading this review, keep in mind that alternative cannabinoids are not an exact science yet. We’re in the wild west trying out random hooches from outlaw gardens.

What Was in This Vape Exactly?

Wild Orchard Hemp Co. is very conscientious about testing, and I easily found their lab sheets for both products.


OK: First, the box label has me confused. It says (or seems to intend) “delta 10 THC-O.” However, up until now I’ve seen delta 10 and THC-O treated as separate things. We also know that the “delta”s are isomers while the “-O”s are acetates. Now: Does this mean that we have an acetate that is also an isomer, an isomer of that acetate, or an acetate of the isomer…?

Then we get to the lab sheet and I’m even more confused. Now it’s “delta 8 THC-O Acetate.” Next down is our old familiar delta 8 THC, and those two are the most prominent cannabinoids. Next after the obligatory trace of CBD, we have the trailing cannabinoids in percentages too small to worry about. But this is my first time anywhere seeing “delta6a10a-THC.” I mean that I read lab sheets every day for this gig, and have never seen that particular cannabinoid before.

In any case, whatever cannabinoid is the most abundant here, it doesn’t do anything for me. Reportedly it doesn’t do anything for a bunch of other people, if I read my altcan Internet forums right. I didn’t even feel the delta 8, not that 29% of it is going to make much difference. I felt the terpenes more than I felt any cannabinoids here. Like I was vaping CBD, if even that.


Everything Else About Wild Orchard Zangria Was Awesome?

“Zangria” is Wild Orchard Hemp Co.’s in-house strain/oil formula. They sent along two container products for it: the 510-threaded cartridge (again with that bulky tank circumference so they won’t fit socket vapes), and a perfectly practical disposable vape pen. Both were full spectrum.

Both vaped beautifully. The oil is basically earthy-floral with some mango-sweetness, and some body to it, but not chokingly sweet. I described the cartridge as a mild butterscotch taste. The vape pen is like the cartridge’s oil, but added another taste that was either an antiseptic or medicine taste, possibly a holdover from the THC-O processing, or maybe some carene slipped into the terpene mixture.

I like that Wild Orchard Hemp thinks to print the terpenes right there on the box! There are so many things to like about these products, it is a shame about the weird cannabinoid misfire.


Is THC-O Just Bunk?

Or was this “delta 10 THC-O” or even “delta 8 THC-O”? Readers, as always, feel free to chime in below in the comments with your THC-O experiences. What altcan mishap have I encountered here?

On the other hand, if you have had better experiences with delta 10 THC-O, as perhaps some people report, then these Zangria items might suit you. At the price of $29.99, they are reasonable. We’re going to have to “To be continued…” this one and see what other exploration of altcans turns up. Find Wild Orchard Hemp Co. products here.



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