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Here we are, one day after elections – shout-out to Maryland and Missouri for full-rec legalizing cannabis! And here we also are, in the middle of Cartridge Week. This is where your Present Author, not much of a vape enthusiast, gets to review five brands of vape cartridge / oilpen brands. So far this week we had two stinkers, but today’s selection makes up for it!

The iDelta8 Obsidian disposable oilpen is a tasty and satisfying vape, enough to win over a vape Scrooge like me!


  • Delicious taste!
  • Smooth vaping!
  • Great effects
  • Charge port
  • Decent price point


  • The tiered-potency bit is innovative, but a bit confusing

Recommendations: You’re doing everything right as far as I can tell.


Hit-To-Draw Oilpens Rock!

As vapes go, I don’t know why everybody isn’t on the disposable oilpen standard already, rather than this cartridge and battery system. A good self-contained oilpen, like the iDelta8 Obsidian, works like a magic cigarette: just puff it! No buttons, no haptic feedback, just draw at will. It’s ready whenever you are, and when you’re done, you can set it down and forget it. It’s downright decadent. More things should work this way.

The iDelta8 Obsidian is the last word in discreet, compact, convenient hardware, with the kind of simplicity I wish I could find more often in cannabis products.


Smooth, Great-Tasting Oil!

The strain they sent me is Raspberry Kush, of which I am a huge fan. It is not one of those sweet, choking strains of which I have been complaining of late. It’s a hearty and robust berry flavor with an earthy undertaste, still squarely on the cannabis terpene spectrum. This pen hits super-silky, so you can drag a deep puff. Raspberry Kush is the kind of flavor that would go well with a glass of Sherry and fireside conversations. Whatever the internal temperature is set to, it’s perfect, never vaping hot.


Great Potency and Effects!

The Obsidian mixes four altcans: Delta 8, delta 10, CBN, and THC-P. Not only that, but the PureCBDNow website (our supplier for this round of reviews) lists three different tiers of potency and price. So the range is:

  • Silver – $34.99
  • Gold – $39.99
  • Diamond – $44.99

The difference in potency is how much THC-P is in the formula. With the THC-P absent, it’s filled in with more delta 8. When you get the top potency, that’s a higher THC-P/delta 8 ratio. I got the Silver version, but I have no complaints about the potency regardless. So, let’s break it down:

  • Delta 8 – Usually more invigorating, but here paired with 2, possibly 3, heavier altcans
  • Delta 10 – Feels more sluggish and sedating than delta 8
  • CBN – The “sleepy time” altcan, very relaxing
  • THC-P – The latest trendy cannabinoid that’s supposed to be stronger than THC

The sum effect of the oil is very couch-locky, super relaxing, and great nighttime sleep aid. I chose this product to be my emotional support vape while watching election night results, and it got me through just fine. Nothing bothered me. I am thinking of formulating Penguin Pete’s rule of altcans: any four altcans in combination are indistinguishable from THC.

The head from the iDelta8 Obsidian lasts a good long while with just a few puffs, yet it’s so enjoyable you might find yourself hitting it just for the taste.

The iDelta8 Obsidian is a Great Disposable

I know that disposable oilpens have been around for a few years now, but it seems like I barely get to try one. For some reason I have not fathomed, I seem to have better luck with the oil in disposable oilpens, which half the cartridges I try seem a step down in oil quality.

The iDelta8 Obsidian is a sophisticated disposable for those of us who appreciate a solid oil product. I will look for the chance to sample the rest of the Obsidian line. If their quality is consistent, I might have found my new favorite oilpen. Find the iDelta8 Obsidian here.


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