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Welcome to our concluding post of Cartridge / Oilpen week, where yours truly, Penguin Pete Trbovich, gets pelted with vape oil to review all week. I have not been sparing with my criticism, naturally. Today’s brand is Blue Moon Hemp, with two disposable vape pens. One D10, delta 10 oil in “Blue Dream” flavor, and one Supermoon, a concoction of delta 8, delta 10, HHC, and THC-O. Both of them rate “so OK they’re average.”


  • Decent tasting oil
  • Decent effects
  • Nice packaging and presentation
  • Rechargeable
  • Temp setting


  • D10 / THC-O is getting less thrilling with every hit
  • Potency could be ramped up
  • Let’s keep up with those lab tests

Recommendations: I know Blue Moon Hemp is capable of better. at this point in the cartridge / oilpen game, I’m inclined to say “go big or go home.”


More Than Once in a Blue Moon…

It is perhaps fitting that we close out Oilpen Week with a brand which is perfectly capable, but does not escape any of the drawbacks of the oilpen medium. Again, botanical terpenes that taste sugary and artificial. Again, a mishmosh spray of altcans without too much guarantee of the exact formula you’re getting. And again, nice presentation in packaging and build quality, to present some more oil that is exactly like 100,000,001 other vape pens out there.

Who can even care this far in? There are infinite vape oil brands out there, because the frenzy about vape pens out there at this point is self-feeding. I am morally convinced that vape pen fans do not care about reviews. The black market vapes outsell everything legal. Even the top vape pen manufacturers barely bother with lab tests as a formality, and always just for potency, never safety measures. I have never in my life inhaled off a vape that was as good as the crummiest flower I’ve smoked. Vape oil is stuck in the “Saturday morning breakfast cereal” range of taste, with no other flavors allowed.

Let’s face it, kids. This was never about cannabis. It was about inhaling vaped sugar.



Two Varieties, Similar Effects

Both come in a box with plastic interior wrapping. Both oilpens are rechargeable and have button controls.

  • 5x on/off
  • 3x change temperature (green blue red)
  • button hold to draw

The D10 Blue Dream has a deep, dark sweet taste, sort of like a berry type concoction, but at this point my unhappy taste buds have tasted nothing all week but cloying sweetness and nauseating artificiality, and I am so numbed to oil that I’d barely register its flavor.

The Supermoon brings back the splintering tangy sweetness of limonene, (50% of the vape oil market at least) to overwhelm any chance at actual taste but make my lungs cave in if I do any more than careful kitten sips. I’m tired of everything tasting like a Jolly Rancher.

Both have similar effects, which, after all are provoked by similar ingredients. The delta 10 is a more pronounced effect, with a sedating and sluggish head space. The Supermoon, though it tries to invoke the entourage effect with its cannabinoid assembly, really doesn’t feel like much more than a watered-down delta 10.

Bear in mind, I carefully manage my tolerance and have abstained from anything but the oil this week. For these to come along at the end of Vape Week and still be almost too weak for me to feel it, probably says these wouldn’t test high in potency.



We need less oil in cannabis

Blue Moon Hemp has a wide offering of products, and seems to be yet another company focused on producing 50-state shippable products, with altcans an extension of that strategy. They make flower, extracts, edibles, topicals, and more, and I’ll bet every one of their products will thrill me more than an oilpen. There’s nothing specifically *wrong* with Blue Moon Hemp’s D10 or Supermoon pens, it’s just that they blend together with the 200,000,002 (the number doubled since the last time I typed it here) brands of oil out there.

You could sample one cartridge per day and never catch up with the thousands of brands launched each month. Brands almost don’t matter anymore in vape oil. I’m beginning to think that vape fans deliberately avoid brands that are not proudly displayed at the dive gas station on the slummy end of town. Clearly, the deluge of artificial candy flavors is triggered by demand. I don’t think most vape oil fans even know or care what a cannabinoid is. All they will tolerate learning about a cart is “it has my favorite cartoon character on it” and “Bob my corner plug says they’re from Cali and they’re legit!”

At this point, why even bother trying to produce good oil? Nobody will notice. Vape oil is the Nickelback, the White Claw, the Ugg Boots of the cannabis industry.

Blue Moon Hemp Knows Its Market

At a price of $29+ change from either of these, they are a fair price for a disposable oilpen.

So like I say, there’s nothing wrong with the oilpens, they’re just dead center average for the vape oil market. This is why vape oil does not belong in the cannabis market. Since when is cannabis BORING???

Find Blue Moon Hemp Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pen 1 Gram here.

Find Supermoon D8 | D10 | HHC | THC-O Blend Disposable Vape Pen |1G here.



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