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The Javelina cartridge has great quality oil inside it. You can tell by its taste and by putting it on the right battery that it’s a good cartridge and they’re trying to make a quality product. The problem with the Javelina cartridge is on some batteries, it just doesn’t hit well due to the unique hardware. However, when you use the official Javelina battery, it hits exceptionally hard.

However, if you have a battery that will put it in the right settings, Javelina cartridge will give strong effects and it is a good quality cartridge. The strain we used for this review is Tangie Durban, a cross of two sativas, Tangie and Durban Poison.


  • Quality oil
  • Strong effects on the right battery (4.2 volts is optimal setting)
  • Very efficient


  • Some batteries don’t hit as well on this cart

Recommendations: Glass cartridge body would be nice.

Licensing Information: Tragar Inc 404R-00257/404-00627

UPDATE 5/13/2020: We re-tried the Javelina cartridge with the Javelina specific battery and and found it to hit waaaay better.

The Javelina cartridge hits awesome with the Javelina battery

Javelina cartridge packaging
Javelina has this standard safety box design on its packaging.

The review on this cartridge is similar to the result we have on the APEX RemPen cartridge. Both carts are from CO. It seems more common in CO for companies to divert from your standard CCELL and ALD hardware.  CCELL is used in AiroPro, Select Elite, Cannavative, Cookies, and Roots plus many more. ALD makes Stiiizy and Plug Play vape hardware.

In CO, like what we have found on the APEX RemPen cartridge, they chose to use some other non-standard type of hardware that looks like its better but really isn’t.

We later tried the Javelina cartridge again with the official Javelina battery, and it hits awesome. Harder hits than any of the other batteries we tried, plus this battery rips in general on other brand carts as well.

Build quality and design are good: Hits strong on the official battery.

The Javelina cartridge has a good design when it comes to efficiency. The rest of it is not so great. It’s too thick to fit on some batteries, and on top of that, it doesn’t really work properly unless you have the right battery. The proper range for most cartridges is 3.7 to 4 volts and many work fine on a pull draw.

However, the Javelina cartridge seems to perform best at 4.2 volts. We probably could go a little bit higher but we don’t want to push it and possibly burn it out. Plus at 4.2 volts it gives a hit that is close to what you will get from a CCELL cartridge.

It even performs better on their own stick battery. I am assuming the higher range of that battery is around 4.2 volts.

The Javelina cartridge hardware hits hard at the right settings and with the right battery.

The hardware on this cartridge just doesn’t work out that well. The oil quality on this is awesome as we discuss below but changing this hardware could make the Javelina one of the best THC vape carts available.

It’s overall a good cart because the oil is so good, but CCELL or another hardware setup would hit harder even when you got the right settings for the Javelina cart. Although not the most efficient, this oil on a Dart or Uno pod would be excellent.

Oil quality from Javelina is top-notch

Javelina Cart
Oil stayed the same color after hitting it for a while.

Javelina claims that it is a refined distillate and it definitely tastes like it is. Throughout the duration of the cartridge, the oil quality stayed consistent and color changes were very slight, unlike what happened with Brass Knuckles where there was more prominent color changing.

Only when it got to the very very bottom and we were really vaping it hard to the last drops, it will look like the oil quality might have changed.

Overall, there’s nothing to complain about the oil quality for Javelina, in fact only things to praise. The oil quality overall is excellent and it lives up to the quality that we’ve come to expect from CO cartridges.

Not strong on some batteries, but change the battery and it’s great

The Javelina cartridge on a YoCan UNI Pro battery
We’ve set it on 4.2 volts in a YoCan UNI Pro battery and it delivered great hits.

When you vape a Javelina THC cart on most standard batteries, it really not going to hit that good. I tried it on the SteamCloud EVOD, which was also variable, but it did not perform well. I tried it on a standard pull draw batteries and the hits were not strong either. Not until I put it on the YoCan UNI Pro did I get really good hits out of it and when I set it to 4.2 volts. I did not have my Vessel battery with me for this review, but I bet that one would do well also.

At 4.2 volts on YoCan UNI Pro, this cartridge hits great and it’s very strong. However, you have to judge the cartridge out of the box. for most people, they don’t have different batteries lying around to try out. Most people are going to have a standard eCig battery or something like the CCELL Palm or Silo, which won’t even fit the Javelina. Mod battery users will like this cart.

I should add that you should probably get the official Javelina battery with this cartridge. That guarantees you will get strong hits.

Taste is awesome on the Javelina cartridge

Back panel of the Javelina cartridge's packaging
The total THC level of Javelina is 83.20%.

The Javelina cartridge uses real cannabis terpenes and does not have any artificial flavoring. It does taste excellent, even if you’re on a battery that doesn’t work properly with it, it’s still going to give out a great taste. Absolutely nothing to complain here about the taste. I would put this on the top 15% of the good-tasting cartridge out there.

Javlina hardware is efficient

Javelina on a YoCan UNI Pro battery
Efficiency on the Javelina cartridge is great because of how the holes were designed on the bottom of it.

The way that the holes are placed at the bottom makes the Javelina cartridge very efficient. The holes are long and sideways. They’re placed very well. Can’t complain about efficiency here as far as actual oil getting out of the cartridge.

The only complaint that I have for efficiency is that if you are using a battery that doesn’t just do well with this cartridge, you will not get an efficient hit because every hit is not that hard.

Number of puffs are good

The number of puffs is really good no matter what battery you use. On a weaker battery, it’s gonna last much longer. On a stronger battery, at least you are getting a very significant puff per draw. Overall, the number of puffs is good either way.

Value is excellent

The value on the Javelina cartridge is good if you have the right battery to pair it with. It was $40 plus tax in a licensed Colorado shop. There are other options in CO with the same price that already have better hardware, but if I have the right battery Javelina is something I would pick up again.

Weighing awesome oil, great taste, and when paired with their battery it hits awesome, I would put the value at excellent. If you already have the right battery and you have seen this review and you already know how to get the right battery for it, the value will go up to above average since the oil is really good and it is a strong cartridge. Hitting this cart on the wrong battery would give a worse value.

Concluding our Javelina cartridge review…

Javelina cartridge packaging
Javelina is a great cartridge when paired to the right battery.

Overall, the Javelina cartridge is great or not so great depending on the battery you have to pair with it. If you are reading this review before buying it, make sure that you have a battery that can adjust to 4.2 volts, and that’s how you’ll get the best hit out of it. Or get the official Javelina battery and you are certain to get awesome hits.

To know more about Javelina Extracts products, you can visit their website here.

Have you tried Javelina cartridges before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? We’d like to hear them in our forums!


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