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Design and Build Quality
Oil Quality
Number of puffs

Plug Play vape cartridges are only available around the Los Angeles area. This is not your typical vape pod cartridge system. Plug Play pods contain premium THC oil. It only takes one puff to experience an instant head change. The pod design provides a superb vaping experience backed with a lot of strength. Doing this Plug Play vape review was a consistently strong dabbing experience. Vaping is very smooth, and the pods are capable of emitting big vape clouds.

Update: March 8, 2018: Plug and Play has relabeled their brand to Plug Play vape

Recently, Plug Play made our best cartridges California list!

Design and build quality of Plug Play vape cartridges are brilliant!

plug and play vape pen
Plug Play vape pen 500 Mah battery

These are ceramic heating based pods that make all the difference! Vaping performance is incredible! It feels closer to a dab rig more so than any other vape cartridge that I’ve tried. The ceramic heating gives a clean potent hit for each vape. The design of this vape pen conceals its THC oil pods for discreteness. Plug Play vape pods are very durable and resistant to breaking from drops because its made from plastic. No glass to crack.

plug play vape pen box
The back of the Plug Play vape battery box shows it is 500mah.

There were some minor design flaws in our eyes that kept this vape pen from being 100% perfect. They are taking the Apple approach and trying to lock its customers into having to buy their charging cable if it’s lost.

The Plug Play vape cable originally was not a standard micro-USB charging cable. Update 7/24/2018: Charger is now standard micro-USB. It used to have pins that magnetically snap onto the vape pen. The battery fully charges within an hour and last a couple of days of heavy use which is the benefit of the cable. Most of us probably would have preferred to see USB-C (aka Thunderbolt) being used here, which is the new standard on Android devices, and charges faster than standard USB 3.0.

In our Kandypens Prism review we found the lighting charging port to be a nice bonus. Its nice to be able to find a cable cheap and easy, even if it is not for your phone type.

Plug Play charging connection has three battery connection points.

Updated 7/2018 – Plug and play made the switch to micro USB charging connection.

Plug and play vape pen usb connection
Plug Play updated their charging connection to a micro-USB in July 2018.


Premium THC oil is outstanding and stronger than most.

The Plug Play vape pod packaging claims it pods are filled with grade A cannabis solventless extract. The THC oil is so thick that it does not move. The color of the THC oil is a beautiful gold transparent. This premium THC oil will set the standards for those lucky enough to try it. Those who are after THC strength are going to enjoy the many potent vape cartridge options available.

The strength of Plug Play THC oil is the strongest I have tried so far.

plug and play vape pod
Incredibly strong THC oil prefilled vape pods from

I underestimated the strength from Plug Play vape cartridges. The packaging states these pods average from seventy to eighty percent of THC content. What surprised me was these vape pod cartridges felt more powerful than others I’ve tried that reported higher THC amounts. These felt stronger than Stiiizy pods that claim they are 85% THC. Limonene and other parts play an effect here as well.

I was lucky enough to try four different strains from Plug Play, and they all had consistently high strength. What I liked about Plug Play vape cartridges is not having to chase after the THC. After two good hits I could get the full desired effects from the THC oil.

plug and play vape cartridge review
I tried out four different pods from Plug Play.

I was the biggest Stiiizy vape pen fan for the longest because of the THC oil strength proclaimed at 85% on average. When I first had Stiiizy last year, I remember the strength being out of this world. After being a loyal Stiiizy vape pen user, I notice the strength felt like it was getting weaker. Then pops up online an independent lab test on Stiiizy from Instagram user datdude41510 which revealed lower percents of THC found, only 68% of THC was detected in the lab test for the Stiiizy Hardcore OG strain.

I have refilled Stiiizy pods and found that Stiiizy overall is a pesticide free and good quality oil, but the strength really comes from the hardware and not the oil itself. Stiiizy has found its hardware match with Plug Play vape pods.

Plug Play cartridges has some delicious tasting recipes.

plug and play cartridge
The graphics don’t look great, but it’s the hit that matters.

Plug Play created the perfect blend of clean and potent THC oil with just the right amount of added terpenes. The terpenes are just a hint making it not overwhelming at all and leaving more room for potency. Plug Play vape cartridges are outstanding with Fire OG being my favorite among the four I tried. My second favorite was the Pineapple with a very refreshing hint taste of pineapples. The Apple Slushie reminded me of a green apple jolly rancher. The Strawberry Campagne vape cart was also very nice.  I found myself wanting more of as I came close to running out. I would buy all of these vape cartridge flavors again.

plug and play vape cartridges review
Plug Play vape is great for taking with on a hike.

Efficiently is on another level for prefilled cartridges and pods.

plug and play vape cartridge
Plug Play use ceramic coils.

There are no other vape cartridges or pods out there right now like Plug Play. The ceramic heating coils create smooth and potent hits similar to a dab rig. There is no burn on the throat from the vape from vaping Plug Play pods. It only takes one hit to feel a rush of THC transition you into being very high. The best example would be equivalent to smoking an entire joint of very high-quality indoor cannabis. The amount of time this vape cartridge system saves pays for itself. It just keeps getting better and better the improvement of vaping technology and ceramic heating coils were just the next logical step forward.

Number of puffs seem like a lot when you don’t need many.

The best thing about Plug Play is you do not need as much to feel medicated. I have a high tolerance and found myself needing only two full rips for a good quality session. Each puff will give a very strong effect so much that it’s almost unbelievable that it is coming from such a small device. A puff from Plug Play vape cartridges have much better airflow than other pods and cartridges I tried. It also had an excellent consistency for each puff without clogging like Stiiizy pods.

The Plug Play pods and vape pen are worth every cent!

This vaping brand offers the most convenience for vaping strong cannabis extract. The “Play” vape pen battery cost $20.00. The prefilled THC oil vape cartridges are called “Plug” and cost $55 on average for a full gram. We recommend this vaping set up for those who want an easy and the most efficient way to vape cannabis extract. The prefilled vape cartridges will keep you coming back for more! Let us know about your experience with this great vaping brand.

My number one recommendation before trying out Plug Play was the Stiiizy vape pen and their pods. I had spent well over a half a grand on Stiiizy pods as it became my number one go to for my every day vaping use. There always felt like something was missing from Stiiizy pods and I found that with Plug Play. It is yet to see if this will be an exclusive oil pen form factor or if we will see it come out with other oil types. Thanks for checking out our Plug Play vape review. See our Reviews page for more vape cart reviews.

Did you try the Plug Play? Questions? Comment below!

Plug and Play vs Stiiizy
Plug and play vs Stiiizy


  1. Can I use steeze cartriges with my Plug and Play wape? I have a Plug and Play wape but its very big problem find same cartriges for him in Europe.

  2. Awesome review man, on point! You and I are on the same wavelength on everything, even the stiiizy stuff. But it’s crazy how much of a full effect you get with this oil, and 2 big rips get you pretty medicated, even for those with a heavy tolerance.

    Keep up the great reviews!

  3. I haven’t tried plug and plays brand but i got 5 vfire carts and 3 out of the five broke. Just cracked and leaked all over. Would reconmend the other stlye of cartridge unless you enjoy stinky oily pockets. And today for instance having the pen completely not work beacase of the leaking. Ikrusher and the style of these carts are just too cheap and easily cracked. I could throw the other style at the wall and itd be fine.

  4. I guess my tolerance is really high, because it did not medicate me that much. Although, when I did an edible with 210,g I was high as you know what. I feel that I need a something extra with it to get the full effect.

  5. All I would like to know is where can buy the cartridges in bulk? I just got one and glad I didn’t get another kind. I want to switch from flower all together but the cheapest I can find is $52. I LOVE this thing!!! Any ideas?

    • Any replies yet..Im in the same boat..Bought tbr set up and the Fire OG. Cart..Now im kicking myself in the teeth for not buying all of them..Lmk

  6. I got a plug n play with a grape ape pod. The first 2 hits were ok and now it taste burnt. This is the worst thc oil I have ever tasted. I’m sorry I wasted 70 bucks on this pos.

  7. Ive had a one for about a month and the battery doesn’t seem to work anymore it doesn’t charge but keeps flashing white light any help?

  8. I rip it hard and long and I don’t even cough. I can take fat ass dabs though. I thought this pen would produce more vapor, unless I got a fake battery or do I just have iron lungs

  9. Have a massive tolerance. Only Select and ASCND have been the only go to’s. Then I found PlugPlay.

    Amazing oil and potency. I used to have to smoke 20-25 hits to get medicated well. Now 5-6 off plug play and I good. masterpiece og is my favorite, follower by Fire OG.

    Question, the exotic line… are they all the same strain with flavors added? Anyone know what strain that is. It’s odd. Good effect and 30 min later I’m tired and these are hybrids) just curious.

    But from someone with a huge tolerance – look no further than plugplay.

    Also – only buy from verified weedmap dispensaries. The fakes are out there already. I got burned once.

    The packaging should be wrapped in plastic, plastic cover over the middle opening and test data on the label. If it’s not wrapped, not real. Really getting sick of this fake nonsense. Esp in CA, where there’s non need.

    But $55-$60 a gram – can’t be beat.

  10. Anyone know what the fire og smoke smells like? Is it discrete or does it have a very strong weed smell/ Potent smell to it where someone would know automatically someone smoking weed or is it discrete where if u smoke it in a room, the smell isn’t noticeable at all??? (The smoke)

  11. Anyone know what the fire og smoke smells like? Is it discrete or does it have a very strong weed smell/ Potent smell to it where someone would know automatically someone smoking weed or is it discrete where if u smoke it in a room, the smell isn’t noticeable at all??? (The smoke)


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