Bare Pods GoPods, from the creators of BareWoods, are THC pre-filled carts compatible with any Juul Battery. Although we enjoyed the taste, the atomizer was very weak it was hard to enjoy the high. We also could not tell for sure if this is a real brand or not, since there are other Bare x J Pods in different states.


  • Has an amazing taste
  • Smooth hits


  • Weak atomizer
  • Bad hardware
  • Possibility of it being a fake

Recommendations: Provide lab results and upgrade the pod itself.

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

BareWoods is a well known company, but Bare Pods GoPods remain a mystery

BareWoods have become a popular brand, known for selling pre-filled backwoods, merch and pods. Although these Bare Pods GoPods say to be from them originally, there is little to no information to be found on them. With that being said, there’s no saying how legit these pods actually are. Looking for something better and in CA or NV? Check out our best lists for cartridges for California and Nevada.

Furthermore, I found that BareWoods only show product J Pods rather than GoPods, according to WeedMaps and their official Instagram. We are currently waiting for their response to confirm the legitimacy of Bare Pods GoPods. Until than, we are unsure and this raises some suspicion as to how legit they are, but either way this review will help people decipher if Bare GoPods are even good on their own.

bare pods gopods and j pods
They seem almost identical, yet different in packaging and hardware.

No lab results to be found

Unfortunately, there are no pesticide test to be found with these GoPods or BareWoods in general. Because of that, we can’t be too sure what’s in the distillate or if it has any artificial flavors. Being a well known brand, hopefully they update this and upload some lab results soon.

Bare Pods GoPods give a satisfying taste but weak hits

bare pods packaging
Seeming official, the packaging does come in a clean and neat look.

Unpacking Bare Pods seemed to look authentic and very unique. They are all .6 ML (Grams). The only thing is that none claim or say any sort of THC content. Its instructions say to puff 4-6 times before activating and getting good hits, but every hit always came out light. Even though they didn’t leak on me, each hit was too light, making it difficult for me to get high.

Bare Pods Jack Herer has a mellow, smooth and natural taste

bare pods gopds jack herer
Having a smoother taste, Jack Herer does leave a piney and fairly minty aftertaste.

Jack Herer did give a natural, somewhat piney taste to it and did have a strong gold color to it. Based on the Jack Herer weed strain, I personally liked it a lot and enjoyed the high and taste. On the other hand, because of how weak the atomizer is, I rarely got good rips off it. Everything else was great about them, from the oil quality to the taste. But it was hard to enjoy it with the light and faint hits it gave.

Pebbles Cereal also tastes sweet and great, but again weak hits

bare pods pebbles fruity
With this cereal strain, it also tasted smooth and not harsh at all.

Likewise, I also enjoyed Pebbles Cereal as well but couldn’t enjoy or get high with its light hits. I am pretty sure it is based on (or supposedly based on) the Fruity Pebbles OG strain. This is very unfortunate, for these pods really are tasteful and convenient yet difficult to even feel a buzz. Another thing with this particular flavor is that the oil gets very dark. At first, it seems to have a decent strong color. Not too dark nor too gold. After smoking it consistently, the Pebbles Cereal oil got darker and turns into a nasty gold color. This could be for the reason of the atomizer burning the oil unevenly, but regardless doesn’t look too satisfying.

bare pods gopods oil quality
Shown above, you can see how dark the oil got halfway through the pod. This only happened with Pebble Fruity.

Oil quality seems potent on both flavors

bare pods gopods oil quality
One of the best quality feature from Bare Pods GoPods is the oil quality itself.

With both flavors, I can say both of these pods do have a nice and strong oil color to it. Jack Herer does have a cleaner color and doesn’t burn nor turned dark. As with Pebbles Fruity, it does have a darker color to it. Unlike the old Dank Vapes Fruity Pebbles, this strain as dark. But because it’s a cereal strain, I see why it has a darker color than usual. Only thing with that ism as mentioned earlier, it gets darker and darker as you go through it.

Bare Pods GoPods give a smooth and fascinating taste

Both pods really do give a smooth and tasteful hits. Furthermore, the taste wasn’t too strong nor harsh at all, and they tasted exactly like they claimed. Neither tasted too strong, funny nor as if it had artificial flavors. As for Jack Herer, again it was a nice tasting ,natural and somewhat piney/minty. Pebbles fruity as well gave a smooth and savory taste, just like the cereal itself.

Very efficient, but only because of how light each hit is

These pods may have been efficient throughout the whole pod, but just because of how light each hit gives. Due to the atomizer, it burned the distillate slowly, which may be a good thing for some people. But personally, I prefer thicker and stronger hits so I can get higher quicker and easier.

An inside look of Bare Pods GoPods: The ceramic core is too big for the wire

bare pods gopods atomizer
Show above we disarmed Bare Pods Gopods. The ceramic coil explains why each hit was so light.

At first glance, before disarming, you can’t see anything within the atomizer because of how it’s covered. After we disarmed this pod, we found that these pods use a ceramic coil with a very small wire. Because of how the big the ceramic atomizer core is, this caused each hit to be too light and weak. Ceramic coils for cartridges should usually come with a small coil and a larger wire. These pods have too big of a coil and a tiny and thin wire wrapped inside. Take a look at the CCELL core below for comparison.

ccell core
A much smaller core means more heat and harder hits.

The CCELL core is probably 1/5 the mass of the Bare pod core. That’s why CCELL’s hit awesome: they heat up way easier because of less ceramic mass. Again, not necessarily a bad thing if you prefer lighter hits. But for all you cartridge fanatics, you probably won’t like how light this Bare pod rips. This does makes it difficult to get high at all if you have a tolerance.

What if my Bare Pod is leaking?

This is a major problem with most Juul compatible pods. Our other reviewer Bert found his to be true in his Hempod review. Some pods can’t withstand the density of oil and starts leaking either on the bottom or mouth piece. If this happens, the best thing you can do is change the pod and move the oil from one pod or cartridge to another.

Although there isn’t much you can do to fix it, you can do a few things to prevent this from happening. First off, do NOT keep the pod in the Juul for extensive periods of time. This will cause it to slightly drip out from the bottom of the pod. Also, these pods should be sealed with the piece of plastic already provided underneath the pod itself. If you break the seal or leave it in warm temperatures, this can cause it to leak. You can also prevent this by removing your Supreme Pod while charging your battery.

Bare Pods GoPods vs Supreme Pods

bare pods vs supreme pods
After reviewing both carts, we do have to say we prefer Supreme Pods Over Bare Pods. Supreme G Pods did hit way better and more effective.

Both of these pods really taste amazing, yet the way they hit makes a huge difference. Unlike Bear Pods, Supreme Pods do have positive lab results out and contain no pesticide. Apart from that, Supreme Pods do give a thicker and dense hits. 

With the atomizer, Supreme Pods do use a quartz coil, rather than ceramic. Therefore, we prefer Supreme G Extracts just because of how satisfying and thick each hit gives, although better ceramic atomizer setups can give a more satisfying hit than both. Perfect example is the TH2 series by CCELL.

supreme pods vs bare pods gopdos
Supreme Pods do have a better and stronger atomizer than Bare Pods. Also, the wire with Supreme Pods is a lot thicker and longer.

Overall, Bare Pods are good but would be better with different and upgraded hardware

To conclude, although we enjoyed the taste, we recommend Bare Pods GoPods to upgrade their coil. They would be a lot more enjoyable if each hit weren’t as light nor weak. Apart from that, there really isn’t much to be found about Bare Pods, specifically GoPods. I honestly ended up moved the oil halfway through the pod into a CCELL cartridge. This ended up giving a lot more thicker and effective hits.

Also, as mentioned in the beginning, we only found J Pods online on their Instagram and WeedMaps. This does raise some suspicion as to their legitimacy and authenticity. We did contact them, but haven’t got a reply yet. We’ll update this as we find more info, but for now we still are unsure how legit these officially are. If you really want Juul compatible pods, check out our post on THC Juul pods and fill your own with good distillate or pick one of the other brands to try out. 

What was your experience with Bare Pods? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!


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